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A time comes in a drummer’s career when it feels like single bass pedals aren’t getting the job done as needed. At times, complex kick techniques are required, but this mono pedal is too constrained to deliver them. The thing is, the use of single bass pedals comes with some limitations. But the double bass units bring about such great flexibility, giving drummers room to define their kicks with ease and in an impeccable manner.

For those who visited this blog for the first time, welcome, my name is Chad, and I have been drumming since I was eight. There are many reasons why I find double bass pedals fascinating.

First, I have no better way of spicing up my kick patterns other than using these units. Considering that a drummer uses both feet playing, it becomes easier to increase the playing speed without exhausting stamina. Also, the versatility of executing complex kicks is facilitated, and this makes room for graceful playing. For rock and metal music drummers, a double bass pedal is a staple, period.

Double bass pedals give drummers great control and also enhance the power delivered to the bass kit. The result is a better and consistent kick sound. With the option of going for double bass drum kits, I prefer the double bass pedals owing to the ease of logistics. Also, it is way economical to make double bass pedal parts replacements than changing two bass drum parts. So, thinking of getting yourself a double bass pedal unit? You’re on the right track.

Best Double Bass Pedal for Faster and Graceful Playing

Since the rapid development of these ingenious drumming gears, there are hundreds of models in the market today designed by both household name brands and new market entrants. It might get overwhelming trying to find one that fits your needs, even if you are looking for something niché like the best double bass pedals for deathcore. The thing is, every pedal unit comes with a number of positives and negatives. It all depends on what you are willing to trade-off for the benefits offered by a specific double bass pedal.

Having played drums professionally for over 20 years, I have used different double bass pedal models, and I can say that I’ve developed preferences. In this review, I will be highlighting my favorite double bass pedals, and there are only eight of them that made it to the list. Check out the various models and their details below, and pick one that suits you most.

1. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain – One of Best Double Bass Pedals

Pearl is one of the renowned market leaders when it comes to the design and manufacture of exquisite drumming gear. Their Pearl P932 Demonator is one of the favorite units; I consider it a masterpiece. This double bass drum pedal has advanced original features as the manufacturers have undeniably displayed exceptional attention to detail in the design.

The P932 is a right-footed unit with a single chain that connects to the removable secondary cam of the twin pedal. The novel long-footboard featured facilitates enhanced stability, especially for big-footed drummers. Also, its design is costumed to provide a comfortable grip for enhanced control while playing, thanks to the independent traction grip parts. It is also imperative for the exertion of more force for the delivery of more power to the chain-driven cam.

This unit also features the ingenious Pearl PowerShifter which comes in handy in adjusting the pedal’s position for varying feels and power delivery. Another feature that makes the P932 one of my preferred pedal units is the brand’s patented interchangeable cam. This offers invaluable flexibility when it comes to the tunability of the entire system for better sound and control.

Honestly, this is one of the best double bass direct drive pedals I’ve used that offers drummers awesome customization possibilities. For instance, I have always adjusted the beater angle to attain the desired feel and amount of power depending on the type of music I’m playing. It worth noting that this unit provides an infinite allowance for adjustment.

The ingenious spring tension keepers play a significant role in maintaining the personalized adjustments when playing, as other pedals without this feature lose the precision to some degree. Also, the circular cam and the frictionless spring roller features contribute to a consistent feel that facilitates smooth playing. I’ve always found the pearl P932 very versatile, and I feel it has too much to offer for its competitive price range. Also, the assembly is not complicated, so it works ideal for tours where you have to move your gear a lot.

In regards to the design, the unit looks sleek, and would certainly fit in with most drum kits. Without a doubt, I would recommend the Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain double bass pedal any day, any time. Nonetheless, anything that has advantages will also have disadvantages to some extent. Let’s look at the good and the bad of this double bass pedal model.

Pearl P932 Longboard Double Bass Drum Pedal with Sprocketless Chain Drive , Powershifter Pedalboard,...
744 Reviews
Pearl P932 Longboard Double Bass Drum Pedal with Sprocketless Chain Drive , Powershifter Pedalboard,...
  • Perfect Circle Cam w/ Removable Eliminator-style Eccentric Cam
  • Demon Style Power Shifter Function Longboard

  • Facilitates adjustment of the beater angle
  • PowerShifter functionality to personalize the feel and define power delivered to the cam
  • Features a frictionless roller for smooth and effortless playing
  • Has efficient spring tension lock technology for maintaining customization precision
  • Offers great tunability
  • A little pricy
  • It’s a bit complex when integrating with electric kits

2. PDP by DW 400 Series Double Pedal – The Best Double Bass Pedals for Metal and Rock Music

PDP drumming gear brand is a novelty work of market leader Drum Workshop. Products by this company are characteristic of impeccable quality and sturdiness. The PDP DW 400 double bass pedal series, a twin variant of the 400 series single pedal, is another best-selling unit and a favorite among thousands of rock and metal musicians and bands all over the world.

This brilliantly crafted pedal unit features innovative parts that facilitate rhythmic drumming. Having gotten numerous opportunities to use it in gigs and practice sessions, I am gratefully putting this pedal in my top eight list.

With two pedals, it is easier and convenient for a drummer to define their playing style, as there is room for personal expression on the bass drum. The footboard is sleekly designed to offer unmatched comfortability for faster kicks and great control. Regardless of the size of the foot, this footboard has a standard design to accommodate the variations and still facilitate seamless drumming.

The unit also has two single-chain drives coupled with a single offset cam which have been ideally crafted to provide enhanced torque and flexibility. Its two-way beaters make the 400 series one of the most efficient double bass pedals, seeing that it has resourceful, built-in spurs and the kit key clip.

It also features an adjustable toe clamp for even greater flexibility towards fine-tuning your preference. Another feature that I found to be key in this unit is the spring tension adjustment functionality, which is essential in varying the torque of the entire system.

PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal
862 Reviews
PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal
  • 400 Series Single Chain Drive with Offset Cams
  • 400/500 Series linkage and universal joint

  • Features ingenious two-way beaters for enhanced playing speed
  • It has an adjustable toe clamp for personalizing the feel and power
  • Features a spring stroke adjustment functionality
  • Sleekly designed footboard for enhanced control and comfort
  • Assembly and tuning may be time-consuming
  • Integration with electric kits may be challenging

3. Deluxe Double Kick Drum Pedal for Bass Drum by Griffin – A Great Option for Metal Drummers

The Deluxe double bass pedal is an intricately crafted gear by Griffin to offer drummers unmatched flexibility and control. It is one of the best double bass pedals for metal drummers. I would say it’s one of Griffin’s masterpieces. I’ve found it to be a dependable and resourceful unit regardless of the situation or setting one is in.

The Deluxe double kick drum pedal has a sturdy design, thanks to the tough metal construction which ensures the durability of the unit. Also, the pedal offers great tension control as it is fitted with a triple spring adjustment knob. I loved this pedal from the start when I first used it, as it felt really smooth and effortless when playing.

The frictionless hinge facilitates the smooth turning of the drive and the cam. Also, the fast responsiveness of the reversible beaters is noteworthy. This facilitates playing high-tempo patterns with ease. I have used this pedal occasionally for three years now. I have never had to do any parts replacement as it has weighted double footboards, which enhances its sturdiness and longevity.

Again, this is not the kind of best double pedals that you would be playing as it slips around, making it difficult to kick comfortably. It has adjustable floor spikes which give it great stability even when exerting faster kicks. Another feature that enhances the constancy of the unit is the force clamp. This is resistant to wears, giving it greater longevity even when used for aggressive playing.

This double bass pedal has a spring tension rod that conveniently locks to inhibit unwanted movement of the parts during the performance. The possibility of adjusting the cam system is a key flexibility that made me love this pedal unit as it enabled me to determine the speed of the beater. This offers the drummer incredible control. Also, there’s no room for skidding of feet as the footboards have ideally positioned foot stops for a perfect grip.

Another incredible feature is the use of double chains to dive the shaft and cams. This contributes to incredible precision and control by the drummer when performing. The Deluxe double kick drum pedal is undeniably one of the units that offer great suppleness, and that’s why they are one of my favorites in their category.

With that said, I would recommend them to both novice and expert drummers. If you are a first-time user of these pedals, it’ll be a matter of experimenting and trying new kick patterns before you get used to them. Check the table below for their pros and cons.

Deluxe Double Kick Drum Pedal for Bass Drum by GRIFFIN | Twin Set Foot Pedal | Quad Sided Beater...
641 Reviews
Deluxe Double Kick Drum Pedal for Bass Drum by GRIFFIN | Twin Set Foot Pedal | Quad Sided Beater...
  • GET THE PROFESSIONAL SOUND YOU’RE LOOKING FOR WITH GRIFFINS BASS DRUM PEDALS: Are you looking to add some complexity to your double drum pedal beats? Then look no further than this robust, professional double kick drum pedal for your bass kick drum! A must-have drum bass pedal for jazz, rock, and metal players as well as aspiring double-pedallers, this heavy-duty, all-metal drum foot pedal offers an incredibly smooth drum action, making it most drummers’ #1 favorite today.
  • KEEP YOUR DOUBLE BASS DRUM PEDAL PERSONALIZED SETTINGS UNCHANGED: Featuring a double locking spring tension rod that ensures your personal tension settings remain unchanged, this pedal offers convenience and reliability. The quad sided bass drum beater gives you four levels of attack on each pedal, offering a great feeling This bass drum double pedal has triple spring adjustment ability and gets constant tension control, while the frictionless bearing hinge ensures smooth pedal action.

  • Double spring tension locks to maintain customized system settings
  • Has a robust metal build for enhanced longevity
  • Features resourceful foot stops to prevent skidding of the feet
  • Has an adjustable cam system for enhanced control
  • Incredibly responsive beaters for fast playing
  • It is considerably costly
  • Assembly may be daunting for first-time users

4. MAPEX P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 Series – Among the Best Double Bass Pedals for Affordable Costs

The MAPEX P00TW double bass pedal is another ingenious gear painstakingly crafted to bring about efficiency during a performance. This single chain pedal unit has novel reversible beaters designed to facilitate the adjustment of power to a softer punch. Noteworthy, it is one of the best affordable double bass pedals you can find in the market. The inclination of the cams has been defined to deliver maximum power and at the same time, produce a superior bass sound.

It also has adjustable spurs for adjustment of the cam angle. Its strong metallic design guarantees durability, therefore one doesn’t need to worry about doing a replacement really soon. I would say it is a pedal that offers more for less, delivering brilliant performance at a bargain-level cost. Again, you can use the retractable spikes to boost the stability of the pedal when performing on slippery grounds or retract them on coarse floors.

The adjustable spring tensions come in handy in facilitating the precision of the pedal once a drummer has tweaked the unit to their preferences. With the MAPEX 500 series, you don’t have to worry about readjusting your settings now and then to fit your drumming techniques. Also, the footboards have essential stabilizing radius rods that enhance the constancy of the unit even when playing vigorously.

  • It is easy to assemble
  • Offers great adjustability
  • Has a metallic string design for greater durability
  • It is considerably affordable compared to other competitor units
  • Challenging to integrate with electric kits

5. OffSet Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal – If You Are in Search of Left Footed Double Bass Pedals

With front-line technology, the Offset Eclipse double bass pedal is a resourceful drumming gear that offers unrivaled versatility. First off, the design is a masterpiece of its own kind, with most parts made of metal for enhanced sturdiness. The unit features a unique design compared to most double bass pedals, as the footboards are symmetrical to one another. It is comfortable and convenient for all players and can be used as a unit of lefty double bass pedals. The circular cams facilitate smoothness and enhanced speed during the performance.

The Offset Eclipse also features an adjustable chain drive for angle variation. This brings about an enhanced posture and comfort when playing. Also, the central positioning of the beaters augments the steadiness of the pedal.

One of the features I love most about this pedal is the ingenious quad drive springs, and these enhance performance by giving the unit high responsiveness and increased sensitivity. This means that a drummer will not struggle to exert much pressure on the footboard to get a harder and heavier sound.

Also, I liked the fact that I could alter the height of the footboard as this contributed to the efficiency of a pedal. Thus, I could determine the amount of power to be delivered by the beaters onto the bass drum. I must say that the Offset Eclipse Double bass pedal is one of the most reliable units I’ve ever used. Its parts are not prone to breakings, and so you can use them when doing your tours.

Without a single thought, I would recommend this pedal to drummers who are always on the move and individuals working on their skills. Let’s look at some of the notable advantages and disadvantages of the unit.

OffSet Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal
70 Reviews
OffSet Eclipse Double Bass Drum Pedal
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number
  • Offset double bass drum pedal with dual chain drive

  • It has a strong metallic design for longevity
  • Facilitates user enhancements for desired settings and control
  • A longer footboard with grips for enhanced comfort and prevention of skidding
  • Has an adjustable quad drive springs for greater responsiveness and accelerated speed
  • Can be used as a unit ofleft footed double bass pedals
  • Considerably pricy
  • It’s challenging to use with electric kits

6. Tama HP310LW Speed Cobra Bass Pedal – The Best Option for Speed Drumming

Just as the title suggests, this is one of the best double bass pedals for speed drumming. The Tama HP310LW is a high-performance drumming gear known for its speed and sturdiness. This notable double bass pedal is a drummers’ acquaintance, offering awesome reliability during the performance.

First, it has a smooth design that makes it seamlessly fit in with any drums kit brand. Whether using an electric or acoustic set, the Tama HP310LW is a dependable option you can use to attain the best groove.

I have used it several times mostly in my overseas gigs, and from the experiences, I had to add one of these to my drumming collection. The specific features make room for superb tunability with a custom design. It gives the drummer great control regardless of the type of music played.

If you are looking for a unit with great responsiveness, I would say that the Tama HP310LW is one of the pedals that offer this. Looking at the specific features, the Tama HP310LW has a double-chain drive which is efficient in delivering power to the cams.

You can calibrate the angle of the beaters to attain the desired position. This helps in finding the best angle to get the perfect stroke using less physical effort. The tension springs can also be adjusted to determine the power needed when making a beater stroke. You can use this for a smoother feeling or a resistance effect when performing.

The Tama HP310LW has a dual-sided beater that can be changed for different sound tones on the bass drum. Considering that this unit has a LiteSprocket, it is one of the lightest dual bass pedals, and this makes it easier to carry it around. A key feature of this unit is the recessed setting which enables the drummer to obtain a smooth drumming feel of the chain drive’s movement when making a stroke.

If you’re a drummer who’s always up and about for gigs, this lightweight unit will be a resourceful tool you’ll never regret having in your gear collection. Here are several pros and cons I’ve noticed about this pedal model.

Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal
114 Reviews
Tama Speed Cobra HP310LW Double Pedal
  • Long footboardRecessed settingLiteSprocketDouble-chain DriveSpring Tension AdjustmentBeater Angle AdjustmentDual-sided beater
  • Additionally, the smoother playing surface reduces friction between your foot and the footboard

  • The design makes assembling and integration with kits easy
  • Highly responsive beaters that enable smooth and precise performance
  • It has spring tension locks to ensure precision and control
  • Has remarkable tunability owing to the spring tension and beater angle adjustment allowance
  • It is conveniently lightweight
  • A little bit costly

7. Drum Workshop, Inc. DWCP3002 Double Bass Pedal – Considering the Best Double Bass Pedals for Metal Drummers

The DWCP3002 is a high-end double bass pedal designed and manufactured by Drum Workshop, one of the drumming kits space pacesetters. It is a kit that’s worth the bucks, as it delivers high performance and stunning tunability to fit all types of drumming techniques and music genres. The unit has a dual-chain sprocket. It enhances the stoking speed and the durability of the unit.

The design has a steel base plate, which makes it sturdy for long use. Again, the toe clamps are adjustable, and this facilitates enhanced comfort and control during performance. The cams are circular, and this gives the drummer a smoother feeling when playing, as there will be little resistance as a result of the design.

Noteworthy, the design of this unit makes it ideal for right-handed players, and therefore, left-handed drummers might find it difficult to integrate with their drum kit.

If you are looking for one of the best double bass pedals for metal music, the DWCP3002 should be one of your top options. It is designed to withstand aggressive movements typical for metal music drumming. I recommend the pedal to both learners and expert drummers. Here are the good things about the unit and also the negatives.

Drum Workshop, Inc. 3000 Series Bass Drum Pedal, Double (DWCP3002)
397 Reviews

  • Has a dual-chain sprocket for enhanced responsiveness and durability
  • The adjustable toe clamp and the two-way beater offer awesome tunability
  • Has a larger and longer footboard for great control and comfort
  • Has a sleek design to fit most drum sets
  • It is convenient to use for right-handed players only
  • It is considerably pricy

8. Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra Dual Kick Pedal – The Longboard Double Bass Pedals Worth Noticing

Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra is another high-end pedal unit, but one that is worth the expense as it demonstrates outstanding performance. Its place in my top eight double bass pedals is well-deserved besides being one of my most used pedal units.

The first incredible feature it has is the pedal anchor, which is fixed to the metallic frame. This little stabilizer part enhances the stability of the unit a great deal. The ball bearing and hinges used in the pedals augments the unit’s performance by significantly reducing friction and also inhibiting side-ways movement of the footboard. This ensures that the drummer is always in control.

The pedal comes with a hard-shell carrying case, making storage and logistics easier and convenient. This being one of the reasons why I love this unit, the carrying shell makes it ideal for moving around without always having to worry that it will get spoilt.

An essential feature of this pedal that gives it enhanced durability is the hinge guard block. This feature comes in handy in minimizing the friction produced around the hinge while at the same time augmenting smoothness.

It also decreases the stress exerted, therefore facilitating longevity. Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra has an improved stabilizer design, which enhances performance by minimizing the side-ways movement of the footboard during stroking. The purpose of the updated design is to improve the efficiency of the system.

Th HP910LWN Speed Cobra also features swivel springs which have been designed to minimize energy lost when adjusted to different angles. This design brings about smoothness during playing regardless of the set angle of the beaters. Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra also has a more efficient rocker cam that allows easier and faster set up, besides augmenting the performance of the pedal.

A distinctive factor of this rocker cam is that it is a Speedo-Ring, making it more efficient than other rocker cams used in other pedals. Also, the Cobra beaters are other ingeniously crafted parts designed to bring out the best sound a bass drum is designed to produce.

The rubber material used offers great resistance to tears during stroking. This also has lightweight, therefore giving the drummer less resistance when playing. The thick rubbered beater comes in handy if you desire a deeper and fatter bass sound. The strings used to offer resistance when exerting force, while at the same time providing fast rebound action during release. This is important as a drummer does not have to use a lot of force to make a stroke.

There is room for tunability of the springs as the coil can be augmented under the footboard to attain the desired smooth feel. Also, it is one of the best longboard double bass pedals. With it, playing becomes more comfortable as the drummer has a wider surface area to exert force. This is also important in preventing skidding when playing.

The LiteSprocket cam weighs much less compared to cams in competitor brands, therefore making the pedal weigh minimal. This makes carrying around much convenient. The Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra has a recessed setting, thus making it easy to play as one does not have to exert a lot of force when playing. This is ideal for great responsiveness and speed when playing.

All features in this pedal have been designed to ensure that the drummer experiences lesser fatigue, making it possible to play for a longer time. I should say that the Tama HP910LWN Speed Cobra double bass drum pedal is my favorite of the eight. Though it’s a little expensive, it’s worth the price range. I highly recommend it based on its high performance and great tunability.

The following are some of the benefits offered by the pedal, as well as its downsides.

Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal
64 Reviews
Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal
  • Long footboardsLiteSprocketQuick-Hook spring attachmentsFASTBALL bearingsCobra Coil return springsSpeedo-Ring rocker camsSwivel Spring Tight tension postAccu-Strike Cobra BeaterPara-Clamp II Pro3pc Hinged Guard BlockSuper Stabilizer DesignHard shell carrying case included
  • In the world of bass pedal design, speed and power had long been contrary qualities

  • It has convenient pedal anchors to enhance the stability of the pedal
  • Has a supper string for lesser resistance during the performance
  • It has a long footboard for better comfort and less unwanted side-ways movement
  • It has a recessed setting for faster recoil after release
  • May be challenging to use by left-hand players as it is designed for right-hand users
  • The most costly option among mentioned

What’s Your Favorite Double Bass Drum Pedal?

After reading through the best options among the double bass drum pedals, it should be easier for you to figure out which one will work for you best. It’s important to note that most of the high-end pedals offer great performance and are durable. However, this is not to say that cheaper pedals do not offer awesome performance.

Regardless of your budget, all of the double bass pedals I’ve highlighted above offer value for money. The difference comes in the tunability possibilities each presents, and this is what brings about the price gaps. Having used each model during my career, I can confidently say that they are critical pieces of drumming gear worth having.

Have you decided on a double bass drum pedal, or are you still comparing different models? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you’ve used any of them or have a different favorite, feel free to leave a comment below and share your experience.

  1. I would say that bass pedals shouldn’t be divided by the statement that some of it are better suited to a particular music genre. But from my experience, Tama are the best double bass pedals for deathcore and metalcore. I have two of these and can tell for sure that I’m not going to replace it until it falls apart.

    • This also applies to everyone who’s looking for the best double bass pedals for speed. Tama is a good brand, I’m also using a pair of these, Speed Cobras particularly. It is pricey though but you’ll love its fast recoil and stability. It’s also very easy to tune.

  2. Griffin and Drum Workshop are the best double bass pedals for metal I ever used in my short drummer career so far. I agree that Tama speed cobra is a great option too, but for me, these two I mentioned above just fits my playstyle perfectly.

  3. Nice review, Chad. I have a pair of Offset Eclipse and I can’t say anything bad about it. The set consists of symmetrical pads, which means that both can be easily converted to lefty double bass pedals and adjusted if needed. They are also great for drummers with big feet. Tested.

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