Best Cymbal Cleaner – Products That Will Give You Appealing Results

If you are a professional drummer, then you are aware of how important it is to clean your drum set frequently. Maintaining your cymbals is more important since it is what indicates that you are a good drummer.

The assortment of your cymbals and the budget you have are the determinants of the type of cleaner you will get. Nevertheless, you can always twist your budget to get the best product. The cymbal cleaner you decide to purchase should be well-suited to clean every part of your cymbal.

If you are clueless about what cleaning product to buy, then you’ll know it today. This article aims to give you guidance on what products to consider when looking for a top cymbal cleaner. I have vast familiarity with cymbal cleaners, and thus I have evaluated them in depth. I have reviewed their main features, how to use them, and the quality of the results they deliver.

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Top Cymbal Cleaners – an In-Depth Evaluation

You may find numerous brands of cymbal cleaners on the market, but all of them don’t apply to the kind of cymbals you have. Some are designed for particular types of metals, while some may not give you the cleaning results you desire. So, here are the top brands that you would never go wrong when you purchase them:

1. Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish – Cymbal Cleaner That Removes Scratches


This cleaner has an appropriately balanced formula that enables you to shine your cymbal effortlessly. It can be used to clean a variety of metals. Also, you can use the product to bring out the shine to any neglected metal as it has a unique strength.

Despite that level of strength, the item is still gentle if you want to use it for your routine cleaning. These unique features make this product a favorite polish for most professionals dealing with metals in different fields.

It is manufactured in the form of a paste, and as long as you have a piece of smooth cloth and just a small amount of elbow grease, you are good to go. You will have your cymbals looking all new and shiny again. Most people may dismiss the product as being specifically suitable for wheels, but the good news is that it can be used to polish any metal. However, take good care of your logos since the cleaner may erode them.

After applying the product, ensure you scrub it slowly on the cymbal with a paper towel. Then wipe off the excess paste, and you will be surprised by how shiny your cymbal will be. So, if you have stains on your cymbal that you want to remove before the performance day, try out this product and experience the magic.

It will enhance the tones and the rhythm of the songs you will be playing. If you are a professional drummer, then you know how important it is to wow your audience, and this can happen only with a clean drum set. Below are the main features of this item:

  • The cleaner has a long-lasting positive effect if used regularly. Therefore, you should clean your cymbal frequently using this product.
  • It removes scratches from metals. Your cymbal will be as good as new after cleaning it.
  • It works only on metals and surfaces that are not coated or plated. Therefore, if your cymbal is plated, then this would not be the best polish for it.
  • The product works on a variety of metals. This versatility is what makes it a good selection.

Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish - 10 oz
9,336 Reviews
Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish - 10 oz
  • Apply with a clean cloth and a little elbow grease for a shine
  • Gentle enough to use on a regular basis

  • Easy to use
  • Strong enough to remove all dirt
  • Leaves the surface shiny
  • Works on scratches
  • Versatile
  • Can remove logos if scrubbing is not done gently>

2. Zildjian Brilliant Finish Cymbal Polish – Perfect for Cymbals with a Brilliant Finish


The manufacturers of this polish are re-known since they also make some of the best cymbals. Therefore, it is not shocking that they came up with a perfect cleaner. They decided to create a cleaner that will maintain and keep your cymbals shining all through.

This polish is best for cleaning brilliant cymbals. However, it can also work well on other cymbals if they are not coated or plated with platinum or any other type of coating.

Unlike most cleaners, this one is produced in a paste or cream form. It is also easy to use since you just rub it with a cloth on the cymbal. However, you will have to use several clothes since they become dirty quickly. After applying the cream, wipe it off completely using a clean cloth to bring back the initial shine.

Additionally, always ensure the brand names, logos, or any important writing is covered since the cleaner is strong enough to erase them. All in all, if you have a life-changing performance that might open doors to your budding musical or drumming career, then you can use this product to polish your cymbals. The cymbals will not only become shiny but, moreover, the sound produced and the song rhythms will be properly articulated. The key features of this brand include:

  • The application of the cream is fast and easy.
  • It removes nearly all stains on the cymbal, including molds. That is why it is the go-to cleaner for a lot of drummers.
  • The product is mostly used on cymbals with a brilliant finish, and it makes cymbals with a dull finish bright and shiny again.
  • It comes in a 240ml bottle, which can be used to clean several times before the cream runs out.
  • The item may be used for both cleaning and polishing.

Zildjian Company | Brilliant Cymbal Polish (P1300)
755 Reviews
Zildjian Company | Brilliant Cymbal Polish (P1300)
  • One quick and easy application
  • 8 fl. Oz/250 ml

  • Tough on stains and dirt
  • Both application and cleaning are easy with this product
  • It performs both polish and cleaning functions
  • One bottle can be used multiple times
  • Removes logos and any writings on the cymbals
  • Not suitable for titanium or platinum plated cymbals

3. Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning – Best Affordable Cymbal Cleaner


This cleaner is majorly manufactured for professional drummers to clean cymbals by removing any dirt and smudge on the cymbals. Dirt like dust and smoke causes oxidation of the cymbals, which destroys the instrument. Therefore, to maintain your instruments, you need to clean them frequently with products such as groove juice, which works well on such dirt.

To use this cymbal cleaner, just spray it on the cymbal and spread the product with a piece of cloth. Then wait for it to soak in the dirt for 30 seconds. After that, wipe through the cymbal with a clean cloth and warm water to ensure everything is cleaned off, including the groove juice. After this procedure, you can dry them to ensure there is no moisture on the cymbals.

Additionally, it is advisable to clean your cymbals outside since, in enclosed areas, the odor could seem irritating. The product has some fantastic features, which include:

  • This item hardly ruins logos, but it is best to clean around the writings on the cymbals.
  • It is not necessarily used only on professional cymbals. Therefore, if your cymbal is a budget-priced one with a bronze sheet, then this cleaner will work best on it. If you are a beginner, and you have not upgraded to professional cymbals, you can still clean your cymbals with this product.
  • It is a wipe-off polish since you do not have to rub it on the instruments. The easy application is also enabled by the fact that the liquid comes in a 240 ml spray bottle, which makes it easy to apply the cleaner and wipe it off.

Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning (GJCC)
514 Reviews
Groove Juice Percussion Cleaning (GJCC)
  • Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner
  • Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner

  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Does not ruin logos and writings
  • It can be applied to both professional and budget-friendly cymbals
  • The product has a bad odor. Hence, it should be used outside

4. Music Nomad MN111– Acid-Free Cymbal Cleaner


All drummers want their cymbals to be shining and sparkling as they perform. Therefore, if you have a cymbal with a brilliant finish, then it is wise to clean it frequently using this product. Music

Nomad Company manufactures high-quality drum set cleaning products. It means that you can get a variety of items to clean both your drums and cymbals. How good is this one?

This premium cleaner leaves a layer on the cymbals that prevent oxidation from occurring. Therefore, there will be no room for the piling of dirt. Dirt is what leads to oxidation of the cymbal, which in turn affects the sound. Thus, sound production will always be perfect.

It also works fast to restore the shiny nature of the cymbals. Additionally, the product comes with extras, especially for the part where you can get a kit that cleans both drums and cymbals.

Therefore, you will have a shiny set of everything, not forgetting to mention the best sound production.

The cleaner is free from acid and hence works on a variety of cymbals. However, there is a reservation of using it on traditional cymbals unless you want them to shine. The cleaner is also a good selection since it will leave your cymbals looking new and shiny. You will even notice the positive change in sound variations and song rhythms. Below are other significant features of the brand.

  • There is no acid component.
  • It is used to polish, shine, and maintain the outlook of cymbals with a brilliant finish.
  • The product has a strong formula that works on any stain.
  • It contains properly mixed components that produce a nice smell.
  • It does not have strong and dangerous chemicals that may be harmful to the user.

MusicNomad Premium Cymbal Cleaner for Brilliant Finishes, 8 oz. (MN111)
160 Reviews
MusicNomad Premium Cymbal Cleaner for Brilliant Finishes, 8 oz. (MN111)
  • Cleans, polishes, and protects brilliant finishes (not for use on matte finishes)
  • Acid-free, pro-strength formula safely restores shine. Smells great

  • A nice smell
  • Acid-free
  • Leaves a protective layer
  • It can be used on various cymbals to polish and make them shine
  • Requires proper directions when using it
  • Removes logos and writings

5. Music Nomad MN210 Microfiber Drum Towels – Non-Linting Cleaning and Polishing Towels


From all the descriptions of the cleaning products above, it is clear that you will always need a towel to wipe through the cymbals or the drum set. Therefore, this towel is a must-have, especially if you perform frequently. Undoubtedly, your cymbals will be having a lot of fingerprints and dust accumulated on it, and with these soft towels, you will be able to clean your whole drum set.

The company upholds the production of high-quality products, and it is the reason why they have come with these towels that do not have hems on the edges to enable them to clean the set without scratching the cymbals or drums. Additionally, the cloth is lint-free. It means that when you are wiping, there would be no build-up of charge, which may damage the cymbals.

Besides, they can be used to wipe off any dirt or residue of the cleaning chemicals even before your grand performance just to ensure everything is perfect. Thus, if you want the perfect towel for your final touches, then you can get this product. Its key features include:

  • It can be used to clean both cymbals and drums.
  • The product is made up of 90,000 microfibers per square inch, which easily and effectively wipes off any sludge from the cymbals and drums.
  • They are sizeable, and hence can cover the whole drum when cleaning, which in turn results in uniform cleaning of the instruments.
  • They are not bulky, and therefore, you can safely put them in your bag and use the product when the need arises.
  • These towels have a soft texture, which also prevents scratching.

It is important to note that you will not be scrubbing your cymbals using the cleaners daily. There are some days when you will be using a towel only. So why not invest in a good one like this?

MusicNomad Edgeless Microfiber Drum Detailing Towels - 2 pack (MN210)
82 Reviews
MusicNomad Edgeless Microfiber Drum Detailing Towels - 2 pack (MN210)
  • 2 Pack 12" x 16"
  • Non-Linting, Non-Hemmed Edge will not Scratch Drums

  • Used to clean the whole drum set
  • The product is soft and does not have rough edges
  • It can be washed and reused
  • The towels should be stored carefully to avoid staining with things like hair due to their microfiber nature

Closing Remarks

All drummers want to get that standing ovation at the end of their performance. But with a poorly cleaned cymbal, you cannot attain this. Additionally, these instruments are quite pricey; therefore, they deserve proper maintenance. You want them to serve you for a more extended period to get value from the money spent. But with poor maintenance, these instruments easily get damaged.

To ensure perfect maintenance, first, you should get a cleaner that perfectly matches your cymbal to avoid disappointments and even poor cleaning of the instruments. From my analysis, I consider Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish to be the best cymbal cleaner. It can be used to clean a variety of metals. Also, it removes scratches and has a long-lasting positive effect.

Irrespective of the brand you pick, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. It will help you achieve the best results after finalizing your cleaning. Most cymbal cleaner’s soil clothes used to wipe them very fast. Therefore, you need to put in enough clothes for use when cleaning. As well, it is important that you have a microfiber towel for frequent dusting and cleaning of your instruments.

Nonetheless, cleaning your instruments frequently will ensure your drum set produces amazing sounds and tonal variations that will captivate your listeners to follow the performance religiously. Therefore, it is time to restore the shine that your cymbals had when you first purchased them, just make your best selection and get to work.

How often do you clean your cymbals? Which procedures do you use for cleaning? Do you always attain desired results? Leave a comment, please.

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