Best Seismic Audio Speaker: A Helpful Guide to Choosing One

For every musician, there’s nothing as frustrating as low-quality sound, more so during an event. Having a reliable sound setup makes performing flawless, as there is no much struggle and excellent clarity. Poor sound is really annoying to the audience.

The kind of sound system for performance also varies depending on the size of the venue. Concerts held in large arenas require super powerful sound equipment. Even if you are planning an event in a medium-sized room or on open grounds with not a large audience, having a quality sound system is still important. However, it doesn’t have to be overly intensive in regards to scale.

It is also essential to invest in a sound system that will last, as some of the speaker units currently in the market are susceptible to burning and breakages. You don’t want to have a substandard set of speakers that will require repairs and maintenance now and again.

Also, the choice of cables and splitters for use is really important. Just as with speakers, by getting high-end connection accessories, you will save money and avoid unnecessary frustration.

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My name is Chad, and I’ve been drumming in bands for the last twenty years. I’ve utilized a lot of equipment for gigs and studio rehearsals. In this seismic audio review, I’ll be covering one of my favorite seismic audio speakers ideal for a drummer, and some cable and splitter options.

The Best Speaker, Splitters, and Seismic Audio Cable Review

Having played in hundreds of gigs over the years, I have come across and used many audio systems in different scenarios such as live performances and studio recordings. Some experiences have been remarkable, while others came the exact opposite. Let’s look into the specs of some of my favorite audio system components featured in this seismic audio review.

1. Seismic-Audio-SPEAKERS-SUBWOOFERS – Efficient Seismic Audio Speakers

Seismic Audio is among my favorite audio equipment brands as their products have never disappointed me. Though the manufacturer hasn’t been around for decades like it is with some of the big names, Seismic Audio company is one of the biggest sound market leaders. It is popular for the ingeniously designed high-end sound equipment.

A wide range of factors prompted me to pick these specific Seismic Audio speakers and subwoofers bundle. When it comes to longevity, quality of sound, efficiency, and also pocket-friendliness, these speakers and subwoofers got it all. The sound package comes with two PA speakers and two subwoofer units.

Each of the speakers measures 15 inches with a 350 watts RMS. They also have 700 watts peak rating each, and this allows room for use with different amps with varying power ratings. The horns and drivers are made of titanium, and this augments not only longevity but also the sensitivity of the speakers each having a 96 dB rating.

Each of the woofers has an 8 ohms impedance and a frequency response range covering between 45Hz to 20KHz. The units offer some flexibility for input options as each features two ¼” and a pair of Speakon inputs. The speakers have a 2-way crossover, which is vital in ensuring clarity of the output. Another essential factor that contributes to the efficient portability of the units is the recessed design of the metallic handles.

It is not overly difficult to carry the speakers around as it happens with many other speaker units that have poorly designed handles. Therefore, they often strain hands, causing a lot of discomforts. The metal material of this item used for the handles ensures durability.

Also, the PA units can be placed on a surface or elevated using tripod stands, as each unit has a pair of stand ports. The panels are made of plywood, and these contribute to the awesome sound quality produced.

One of the most conspicuous features of the speakers is the full metal grill, and this not only makes for sturdiness but also presentability. Taking a look at the passive subwoofers, each of the pair measures 18 inches, has a 500 watts RMS, and a peak rating of 1000 watts. Also, each has a frequency response range of 30Hz to 500Hz.

Similar to the PA speakers, the subwoofers have an 8 Ohms impedance and a sensitivity level of 98 dB each. The PA speakers can be mounted on top while the woofers units are designed to be stationed on level surfaces.

Also, each of the base units has a pair of ¼” and two Speakon inputs. For a set of speakers retailed at their price range, I find this Seismic audio system second to none in regards to the sound quality produced and durability it serves. It is a set of products that I would recommend any time to any drummer. Let’s check the advantages and the drawbacks that come with these Seismic Audio speakers:

Seismic Audio - Pair of 15' PA DJ Speakers 18' SUBWOOFERS PRO Audio - Band, Bar, Wedding, Church
5 Reviews
Seismic Audio - Pair of 15" PA DJ Speakers 18" SUBWOOFERS PRO Audio - Band, Bar, Wedding, Church
  • SA 15's have 15" woofer. 350 W RMS - 700 Peak. Titanium Horn. 8 ohms. 45Hz - 20KHz.
  • Sensitivity 96 db. 2-way Crossover. 5/8" Plywood Front Panel. Two 1/4" & Two Speakon Inputs.

  • Characterized by awesome quality sound
  • Units are sturdy and durable
  • Speakers have a wide range of response frequency
  • Units have recessed handles, making carrying comfortable
  • PA speakers feature a 2-way crossover essential for high-quality sound
  • External amplifiers are needed because the units are not powered

2. ART S8 Eight Channel Mic Splitter – A Time-Proven Audio Snake Splitter

ART company has been redefining performance with the launch of new audio products since its inception and over the years. The manufacturer works with the needs of musicians in mind. I have, over the years, discovered their affordable solutions that deliver unmatched quality, tone, versatility, and reliability. The ART S8 Eight Channel mic splitter is just but one of such creations that have transformed the delivery of comprehensive quality.

The splitter is ideal for various settings such as live performances and studio recordings where mic balanced lines level inputs require multiple mix locations. Also, it also features balanced XLR inputs and three balanced XLR per channel, ensuring unrivaled excellence.

The ART S8 Eight Channel mic splitter is also extreme in wide frequency response, thus, expelling the feedback dilemmas. For drummers who play live music in a fixed setting, the splitter is equipped with reversible rack ears for added flexibility.

In settings where a lot of power is used, the splitter comes handy, fortified with eight high-performance transformers. To minimize power consumption, ART S8 Eight Channel mic splitter delivers in extreme low voltage insertion loss, thus, conserving energy.

The splitter also features a 29 dB attenuator pad reducing signal power without distorting its waveform on each input. Real-time soundtracks are also well-minded as the splitter supports passive interphase.

The splitter is also fitted with a ground-lift switch to eliminate unwanted hum or buzz and prevent current flow along with the cable shield amid two devices. The splitter has low-balanced impedance levels, increasing its ability to drive very long cables.

It is thoughtfully designed and easy to wiring. Now, I don’t need to unplug a splitter from one mixer and plug it into another one. The splitter directs outputs pass phantom power from the main mixer for use with the condenser microphones. Thus, no AC adapter is required. Here are some good and bad points of this product that I find important to highlight:

ART S8 Eight Channel Mic Splitter
29 Reviews
ART S8 Eight Channel Mic Splitter
  • Split 8 balanced low impedance microphone signals into sixteen
  • Each channel has one direct output and one transformer-isolated output

  • It is sizable for efficient portability
  • An expansive range of frequency response
  • It is made to last
  • Can be used in multiple settings such as live setups and studio recordings
  • Characterized by low latency levels
  • It is considerably expensive compared to competitor products

3. Hosa SH-6X2-30 Little Bro’ Sub Snake – A 6 XLR Sends, 2 1/4″ TRS Returns Equipment

Hosa is another pacesetter in the audio systems market. Hosa SH-6X2-30 is the resourceful connection equipment that any drummer would love owing to its efficiency and convenience. By considering its low price point, this snake splitter cable is one of the best there is in the market.

The snake split cable is designed for use both on stage and in the studio. Its compact design and high-quality industrial cables make the unit durable, and it is ideal for a touring drummer or for indoor use. It features six send XLR connectors, with which the drummer can send audio signals from various drum pieces to a mixer.

Also, the item features a pair of ¼ return jacks meant explicitly for headphones, therefore, allowing the drummer to listen to the sound conveniently as the mixer processes it. The return jacks can also be used in different scenarios as balanced sends. Another cool thing about this snake cable is that it has a small stage box with dimensions of 11 by 3 by 11 inches. It means that it requires little storage space, and your stage won’t look cluttered.

One of the factors that enhance its durability is the positioning of the side-entry jacks. Thanks to this design, strains on mic cables are significantly minimized. If you’re on a budget but still looking for a reliable snake cable, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hosa SH-6X2-30 to you. Let’s have a look at a summary of the positives and drawbacks associated with this snake cable:

Hosa SH-6X2-30 Little Bro' Sub Snake - 6 XLR Sends, 2 1/4' TRS Returns - 30 Feet
92 Reviews
Hosa SH-6X2-30 Little Bro' Sub Snake - 6 XLR Sends, 2 1/4" TRS Returns - 30 Feet
  • Compact design has six mic sends and two Multipurpose balanced TRS sends.
  • Makes an excellent drum snake. The 1/4-inch sends can be used as a headphone out, or for sending line out signals from a drum module

  • It comes at a pocket-friendly price
  • Features a mini stage box, thus, easily portable
  • The design minimizes strain on the connectors
  • It is a great option for use in small gigs
  • It is reliable and efficient
  • It features considerably short cables
  • It has a limited number of channels and return jacks

4. Hosa ProConex Bro’ Sub Snakes Xlr x 8 – A 25 Feet 8 Channel Snake Cable Item

The Hosa ProConex Bro’ Sub is another snake cable model manufactured by Hosa. It is also a budget sound connection piece of equipment, but that does not mean there’s a compromise in regards to quality.

It features a generous eight channels, making it a great option when working with bandmates. The side channels are ideally positioned to minimize the strain of microphone connectors. Owing to the sturdy stage box, high-quality connectors, and industrial cables, this piece of equipment is designed to last.

It features eight send connectors but falls short when it comes to returning jacks as the model does not have any. It has considerably long cables measuring 25 inches, and these are ideal for a medium-sized stage or studio.

With dimensions of 12.3 by 10.6 by 2.8 inches, this snake cable has a convenient size both in regards to storage and portability. Also, it makes it easier to manage the stage. The factor that I consider essential is the low latency level of this unit. You won’t experience noticeable delays in your signal.

If you’re not in a position to spend much on a high-end snake cable but still want a great product, this snake cable is one of the best options. I would recommend it to all drummers. Let’s have a look at some of the great features worth a thumbs up and the disadvantages that come with this snake cable:

Hosa ProConex Little Bro' Sub Snakes Xlr x 8 - (25 Feet) (Black) (8 Channel)
259 Reviews
Hosa ProConex Little Bro' Sub Snakes Xlr x 8 - (25 Feet) (Black) (8 Channel)
  • Perfect for the stage or studio
  • Compact and pro-quality

  • It is offered at a bargain-basement price range
  • It is built for longevity
  • It has a compact design for enhanced portability
  • It has low latency
  • It features high-duty connectors 
  • Does not have return XLR ports

5. Seismic Audio SACB-8x4x25 8-Channel XLR Snake Cable – A Multicore Audio Cable

Seismic Audio’s expertise extends beyond speaker units as they also manufacture high-duty snake cables. Seismic Audio SACB 8-Channel snake cable is the connection equipment designed to last long. It features eight send XLR ports and four return lines, each uniquely marked using numbers or letters for easy setting up and grouping.

The unit features a metallic stage box made of hardened steel, making it able to withstand extreme outdoor environments. Also, it has a compact size measuring 10.75” by 3” by 2.75” weighing just 7 lbs. This allows for easy portability and efficient storage as it does not require much space.

Another factor that significantly contributes to the quality of this product is the shielding on each pair of connectors. The essence of this is well-pronounced when it comes to noise elimination other than enhancing the strength of the connectors for durability.

The unit utilizes circuit board technology used in the stage compartment, and this significantly contributes to the efficiency of the product in regards to networking with connectors. The snake cable can be used during tours or in enclosed settings where it can be permanently fixed.
With the return XLR connectors, it is convenient to link the cables with most amplifier models owing to the connector’s compatibility. Again, it can also be connected with most mixing consoles with XLR input lines without having to improvise with convertors.

The most incredible part of it is that the unit is offered at a very affordable price, considering the incredible performance it serves. I would recommend this snake cable to all drummers. Here are the cool things and the drawbacks of the unit:

  • It has a hardened metallic stage box that is built to withstand extreme handling
  • Features both send and return XLR ports
  • It has a compact size for easy portability
  • Shielding of connectors has been done to cancel out noise components
  • Numbering is done on the stage box for efficient tracking and grouping
  • Features a limited number of return ports

6. Seismic Audio SACB-12x4x50 12-Channel XLR Snake Cable – A Good Audio Snake Splitter

Another model of the Seismic Audio SACB snake cables series is the SACB-12x4x50 12-Channel cable. It is a high-duty product made of a strong stage box and high-performance connectors, which have been shielded in pairs to enhance noise resistivity and ensure the cleanness of signals. It has twelve send XLR ports and four return ports.

This unit has a strong metallic stage box as well, with every connector port uniquely numbered or labeled by specific letters for easy identification during connection. Also, the unit features a color-coding that helps to differentiate connectors during grouping.

Another factor I love about this snake cable is the shielding applied to every pair. This is critical as it helps in maintaining the integrity of the signals by inhibiting noise components from leaking into the cables.

Measuring 8” by 13” by 14”, the unit is easily portable and takes little storage space. The cable has a generous length of 50 feet, and this is convenient for use at medium-sized stages. Also, it can be used in multiple settings, whether for a live performance stage or in a studio during recording sessions.

With the convenient design, a drummer can carry the snake cable around while on musical tours or permanently fix it in a studio. This snake cable is the essential equipment for any drummer. Let’s look at the advantages and cons of this cable unit:

  • Features both send and return connectors
  • Numberings used on the stage box for easy identification of connectors and ports
  • High-performance conductors used for enhanced longevity
  • Features shielded connector pairs essential for noise reduction and signal integrity enhancement
  • It is somewhat cheap
  • A limited number of return connectors

7. Seismic Audio New 16 Channel XLR Send Splitter Snake Cable – Time-Tested Seismic Audio Cables

The SA 16 channel XLR send snake cable is another awesome connection product by Seismic Audio company. As it is with most of their snake cable models, this specific unit is designed with longevity in mind. It has a strong steel stage box and high-quality cables that can withstand extreme outdoor handling.

Its usability is very efficient as it has unique color coding and a numbering system that help to differentiate ports and connectors. Also, this splitter snake cable has mesh hangers, and these minimize strain during bending.

I love the fact that the connectors use XLR ports design, as these are compatible with most amplifiers. The shielding applied on cable pairs is essential in maintaining the clarity of the signals transmitted. Let’s consider the positives and drawbacks of these audio cables:

Seismic Audio - New 16 Channel XLR Send Splitter Snake Cable with Box - Two Trunks 15' and 30'...
12 Reviews
Seismic Audio - New 16 Channel XLR Send Splitter Snake Cable with Box - Two Trunks 15' and 30'...
  • Model # SATSS-16x1530 (Splitter Snake Cable) 16 Channels
  • Two Trunks - One Fantail is 15' long and the other is 30' long. Both have XLR Male Connectors.

  • Features a sturdy metallic stage box for durability
  • Numberings and color codes used for ease of grouping during setup
  • Mesh hangers used on the connectors bundle to minimize strain
  • XLR inputs and outputs used are compatible with most of the amplifier units
  • Connector shielding used minimizes noise interruption and ensures clean signals
  • Features short trunks, so it won’t fit large performance settings

8. Seismic Audio – SARMSS-24×1530 – A 24 Channel XLR TRS Combo Splitter Snake Cable with 15′ and 30′ XLR Trunks

The SARMSS-24×1530 24 Channel splitter snake cable is highly efficient equipment designed for high-duty performance. It is one of the best seismic audio snake cables that I’ve used so far.

The stage box and the connectors both have XLR ports, and these make it possible for the unit to be used with most amps. As it is typical with most Seismic Audio snake cable models, this unit has pairs of cables shielded to facilitate clarity of signals.

High-quality connectors and cables have been used for this item, coupled with a hardened metallic stage box to enhance the longevity of the unit. Another awesome feature with this split snake cable is the unique labeling of every XLR port and the fantails. With these, it is easy to connect and group cables according to channels.

The most predominant factor that I would consider a downside to this unit is that there are no XLR return ports. Other than this, the SARMSS-24×1530 24 Channel snake cable is the efficient equipment that will serve you for a long contributing to high-quality sound.

I would recommend it to all drummers. Here are lists of the negatives and the awesome factors associated with the cable:

Seismic Audio - SARMSS-24x1530 - 24 Channel XLR TRS Combo Splitter Snake Cable - 15' and 30' XLR...
4 Reviews
Seismic Audio - SARMSS-24x1530 - 24 Channel XLR TRS Combo Splitter Snake Cable - 15' and 30' XLR...
  • Model #: SARMSS-24x1530
  • Rack Mountable 24 Channel Splitter Snake Cable

  • Uses standard XLR connectors, making it ready to use with most amplifier units
  • Features shielded cords to preserve the integrity and clarity of sound signals
  • High-quality chords and sturdy stage box for enhanced longevity
  • Features uniquely labeled fantails and stage box, facilitating ease of grouping
  • Color variations conspicuous with cords in the snake cables bundle allow for easy grouping
  • No returns as there are only send connectors

9. Radial ProD8 8-Channel Passive Instrument Direct Box – A Passive 8-Channel DI with Custom Transformers

Radial ProD8 is one of the best quality splitters you will find in sound equipment stores today. It is characterized by high performance and impeccable reliability.

By looking at its specs, the unit has redundant inputs, and these are essential when connecting a backup system. Also, one feature I want to note that is unique to this product is the reversible rack ears. The rear panel can be racked as the front panel, and vice versa.

Also, this unit is designed to handle intense dynamics. This comes in handy when connecting output sources. Thanks to the design and size, the splitter is easy to carry and store as it does not require much storage space.

Considering that it has ¼” insert ports, this splitter allows for loop functionality in each of the channels featured. Again, the unit is a little expensive but would be great equipment for every drummer to have. Here are the ace factors of its design and the drawbacks:

Radial Engineering ProD8 Eight Channel Rackmount DI
1 Reviews
Radial Engineering ProD8 Eight Channel Rackmount DI
  • "Eight Radial DIs in a high-density rack format Redundant input connectors for main and backup inputs Custom Radial transformers for linear performance Designed to handle highly dynamic sources Rack ears reverse so either panel can face front DA-888/ADAT 8-ch performance DI Live touring, recording, rentals Permanent installs, theaters, halls"
  • Redundant input connectors for main and backup inputs

  • It features redundant inputs, which allow for incorporation of a backup mechanism
  • It has reversible rack ears allowing for changing between the front and the rear side panels
  • It is built to handle intense dynamics for enhanced output sources
  • Supports loop for each channel owing to the featured ¼” insert ports
  • It can be used in multiple settings, including studios and live gigs
  • It is quite expensive

10. Behringer Black S32 – A Remarkable Digital Split Snake System

Behringer is a household name and a market leader in as far as sound equipment is concerned. The Behringer Black S32 is one of the best splitters in the market today, as it is crafted to offer high-duty performance coupled with longevity. Using snake wires in place of single chords comes with numerous advantages.

The S32 splitter made it to my top sound connection accessories for several reasons, the first being the preamps specifications. The equipment features 32 XLR inputs with 32 microphone preamps that can be custom-programmed for remarkable output quality.

Also, it has 16 analog XLR ports which serve as outputs. They have been stereo-balanced for an encompassing sound sensation. Other high-quality features present in the unit are the AES50 network ports.

Each of these is characterized by Klark Teknik’s SuperMAC networking functionality that facilitates minimized latency levels and efficiently low jitter effects. Another thing why this splitter is one of my best is because of the Ultranet connectivity functionality with the Behringer P16 monitoring system.

In case a drummer would need to listen to themselves or use any in-ear application, this functionality would come in handy as it can be used for in-ear applications. During live performance settings and also in the studio, I have occasionally connected some digital inputs with the audio system, thanks to the pair of AES-3 ports on the S32 splitter.

Another factor I want to comment on about this piece of equipment is the durable metallic design with handles made of fortified metal. With the handles of the item, it is not only easy to carry it around but also safe. It weighs just under 13 pounds and has medium-size dimensions of 14 by 16 by 11 inches that make for easy and convenient storage.

Now that we’ve checked out the specs, let’s have a look at the likable factors and the downsides of the S32 splitter:

Behringer, USB, Black (S32)
56 Reviews
Behringer, USB, Black (S32)
  • 32 Midas-designed, fully programmable mic preamps for audiophile sound quality
  • 16 analog, servo-balanced XLR outputs

  • Features programmable microphone preamps for superior output signal quality
  • The AES50 connectivity ports are designed with KLARK TEKNIK’s SuperMAC functionality to facilitate noise and latency minimization
  • It can be used to link a PA system and a number of digital inputs
  • Has ultra-net connectivity essential for in-ear applications usage
  • It is durable, thanks to the sturdy design and high-quality components
  • It is pricy

Which’s Your Favorite Sound System Set?

It is crystal clear that if you want quality sound, you must invest in a good quality sound system. At least that’s what a good gig or recording session calls for. I have taken you through the best products I’ve used so far in these seismic audio reviews. I want to mention that I’ve had an opportunity to use sound equipment manufactured by other brands as well.

If you want an averagely priced set of speakers with subwoofers, then the Seismic Audio PA speakers and subwoofers are an ideal pick. Again, if you do not have plans of getting an external amplifier, you can go for Seismic Audio-powered speakers.

The choice of the splitter will depend on the number of pieces you have on your set and the number of mics or instruments you intend to use. However, here’s my suggestion, go for a splitter with more inputs. It will be of help for you just in case a situation shows up when more inputs are needed. That time, only the drummer happens to be the one who can save the day.

In case you are looking for a sound system for large venues such as auditoriums, array speakers are always the best. You can have a look at the leading Seismic Audio array speakers. Let me know if you want to read my Seismic Audio line array review next time. I hope that these seismic audio speaker reviews helped you to choose the right equipment for your rehearsals and performances.

Chord bundles, longevity, low resistance, and latency are some of the vital factors you should take into consideration. Have you used any seismic audio speakers and equipment before? What features do you find the most important about them? Share some thoughts about the reviewed equipment. Also, I will be pleased to read about your experience if you’ve already used any of these items.

  1. FL10MP-PW speaker is a pretty solid choice for its price, nice to see it here. When I was looking for decent seismic audio powered speakers I got the exact stage monitor paired with four 500 watts powered speaker cabinets. Obviously you can get more speakers if you’re setting it up for a bigger stage for a more punchier sound, I recommend that.

    • Hello, Matt! Thanks for reading the article and for your comment.
      Seismic Audio FL-10MP-PW is actually a great choice for stage monitoring. These speakers have a great frequency response (65 Hz – 20k Hz) and sensitivity (96dB). I also enjoy the separate amplifier control panel with those sturdy knobs on the front panel. They make it super easy to adjust the monitors during the soundcheck. Stay tuned for more reviews!

  2. Hi, Chad. Thanks for covering this topic. Just recently I started working as a roadie and the first thing I noticed is that we always lack a decent seismic audio snake when setting up the stage. So thanks again for the article, from it I found out that 16 channel XLR splitter snake cable should be enough to cover all needs for the upcoming gigs.

    • Hello to you too, Gee!
      Nice nickname for a drummer, by the way. I’m happy that my piece helped you to find the gear you missed. Speaking of your choice, it’s really a universal solution that will help you cover the needs of 95% bands that come to your place or 100% of the bank you work with. It’s sturdy enough to survive tough touring schedules and works great with all popular amplifiers that may be offered by clubs on your tour map. The sound clarity of shielded cables is also perfect, especially if your band uses lots of radio transmitters. Have fun!

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