Best Drum Stick Holder Available on the Market

A stick bag may not always be a viable option when something happens. However, many brands manufacture some of the best drumstick holders in the music industry. Are you looking for a drumstick holder, which will grant you quick access to your sticks when performing? I have arranged some of my top picks of drumstick holders currently making a wave in the industry.

I am Chad, a professional drummer with twenty years of experience in the music industry. I started drumming at the tender age of eight years old. I have been blessed to play along with some of the best brands of drum skits. Imagine you are in the middle of a performance and your hands, unfortunately, tighten up. This is the worst experience you can ever have on stage, as a drummer. This could lead to dropping your stick.

However, with a high-quality drumstick holder, even when you end up dropping a drumstick rack, you can pick up a spare without messing up a performance. Also, when you rarely drop a drumstick, it can be handy to have a variety of drumsticks at your disposal.

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Top 5 Picks of Drumstick Holder


Check out my list of the best drumstick holders on the market. The drum stick holder is based on its quality and performance. I have used these drumstick holders throughout my career and have had my personal experience with each of them.

1. Vater VSHM Multi Pair – Drum Stick Holder

I can vouch for this drumstick holder after seeing Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Papers and my favorite drummer boy, Stewart Copeland of the Police. The VSHM comes with a unique clamp-style fastening system. It can further be adjusted easily by turning a knob. The depot of the drumstick holders is additionally adjustable for infinite angle alteration of the sticks.

A sign of an amateur drummer is when your drumstick holder falls off your cymbal stands. This does not necessarily happen to beginners as I have seen veterans also lose their cool due to this annoying act. With the VSHM, you can rest assured that your holder will remain tightly attached to your cymbal stands. This problem of dropping a drum on a stick, however, is common when it comes to other brands.

The Vater brand has earned its reputation over the years of its versatility and durability in its musical brands. You are assured that the drumsticks are straight and consistently manufactured of high quality. The clinging nylon tips also ensure that they do not fall off when performing a gig. Additionally, the products of the brand are all manufactured in the USA. The products are further toned and weighed to ensure they match the quality through computer analysis.

With years of experience as a drummer, I find it rare to drop my sticks, but there are always bad days. The holder, however, is created in a manner that can hold in place a couple of spar sticks with quick and easy access. The holder is attached firmly next to a vertical stand tube. A clamp, which opens the grip of the stand, tightly squeezes it and you can turn a knob to lock the entire hardware in place.

Due to the vertical positioning of the two stick holder tubes, each can be adjusted on its own to make you stagger while facilitating the stick picking. The tubes of the stick holders have a tension screw that holds them in place. You can use a drum key to loosen or even tighten them.
This accessory is what I like almost about the Vater brand. It is not very expensive but is manufactured helpfully and straightforwardly, which keeps the spare sticks in position. The last time I used the brand, I was performing at a function, and it went on well as practiced. There were no lapses or mishaps in the performance. I would go for the brand at any time of the day.

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  • Cost-efficient
  • Solid tubes
  • Easy turn knob
  • Does not fit well with all music hardware

2. Drum Stick Holder: Promark SD200 Stick Depot, 2 Pairs

This is undoubtedly among the list of famous holders, which I keep as part of my arsenal. I have seen various drummers use it on many world tours. My choice for the Promark SD200 is with the given option for attachment to different cymbal stands. This is very helpful, especially on stage performing a gig.

In addition, it is also flexible and adjustable. I prefer using this brand of drumstick holder since it has an angled positioning, which creates space for ease of placement and withdrawal when performing. The drumstick holster can also accommodate two pairs of drumsticks or even mallets. This is a preferred addition that serves as a reserve pack, especially during a gig.

Another helpful feature is the ease of picking and grabbing. This removes the occurrences of mistakes during moments when the drumsticks break or even slip. When I am shopping around for a drumstick holder, I always keep an eye out for one, which can hold all my requirements in one go.

Unfortunately, the holders are not accompanied by drumsticks. However, it can be used to perfect your craft when performing in front of a live audience.
The SD200 will additionally accommodate two pairs of drumsticks that can bear similar comparisons to the Vic Firth products. The difference with the model is that it can also hold up to four pairs. The clamp on the holder is, however, a disadvantage of the product. Sometimes it can be felt weak and tends to slip off when the drum skits are thick.

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  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Easy pick and grab
  • Attaches to any cymbal stand
  • Holds fewer picks

3. Vic Firth Percussion Holder – Drum Stick Caddy

Vic Firth hails as one of the biggest brands in the music world. The brand has evolved into the manufacturer of accessories that go along with the other drum fittings for other concerts. An added advantage is the easy access to the sticks when performing at a concert.

The last time I used the particular drumstick, I was curtain-raising for an infamous artist. At first, I was a bit undecided whether I would be able to pull it off without any mishaps. However, the caddy clamps, which are part of additional features, were able to hold in place all hardware and stands. This ended up being one of my memorable performances with a completely new drumstick holder.

It is essential for a veteran drummer to have the sticks by a side when performing. There were instances when my drumstick slipped and broke. However, with the Vic Firth Percussion holder, the performance was kept going without any interference.

Unfortunately, the durability of the holder can come into question when compared to the expensive versions of the brand. However, you can rest assured that you will get the most out of it tagged at an affordable price. The affordability of the drumstick holder makes it more convenient and accessible for veterans and beginners.

The Vic Firth has a solid tube that I feel is an essential feature in a holder. I own the same brand of holder, which can be tilted to an angle that I prefer. The jaw clamp is also helpful when I am taking it on and off the stand without necessarily disassembling the combination of the nuts, which I have seen in cheaper models.

I combine this holder with my Latin percussion setup and it fits perfectly when making a switch between the conga and going for the timbale and back. I have mastered the art of dropping one timbale stick while picking up another pair quickly. This has gone well for me on most occasions, and I have had a bad experience with the brand. I still feel this is a viable commercial option for professionals and beginners who are interested in learning the art.

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  • Easy access with stick caddy clamps
  • Adjustable jaw clamp
  • Easy access to sticks
  • Less durable holder

4. On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On: Drumsticks Holder

You can try out the DA100 if you want to place the eight pairs of sticks that are based on their thickness. It includes a clamp that can easily be attached to the stand of your preference. This is a much more convenient choice when it is compared to other holders on the market.

The extension arm is an added advantage due to the angle downward. This will provide you with the chance to remove the drumsticks with ease. Apart from the drumstick holder, it is accompanied by a neoprene, which makes it easier for cleaning and easy maintenance.

Another convenient addition to the drumstick holder is the C-shape mounting clamp that is compatible with various hardware and stands. You are guaranteed that the extension arms are placed at angles of 45 degrees for easy placement and removal of the sticks when performing.

I have a problem with the logo design, which I feel does not match up with the quality of the brand. However, the logo does not minimize the quality of the drumstick holder. It also features a highly placed eight-stick capacity. The cloth bag is appropriately fitted for this. I previously had some complaints of falling off the cloth bag, but I did not experience that personally.

I can disclose that the clamp is a bit small and may cause a problem when fitting with other hardware stands. This is especially when the stand is a bit thick. My experience with On-stage is, however limited. I feel that the brand could use small improvements with better innovation.

The fact that the holder can keep up to eight pairs of sticks within reach says a lot about the service from the holder. I know in most cases you will not need all eight pairs in one set, but it is always good to come prepared. You can also remove the cup holder from the hardware easily for cleaning purposes. Some standard terms reflected upon the holder are that it is affordable, innovative, and durable. You can never miss out on the On-stage stand products in any studio or showroom.

From a distance, you can tell that the quality is high. When you get to feel its touch, it does not give you the impression that it is going to fall apart. This is assured with the metal clamp, and the arm feels solid, which is a string. From my experience with the holder, I have not heard of cases of accidental bending of metal.

The clamp is also tightly held in place for mounting purposes, which I prefer attaching to my stand. This ensures that throughout my performance, there will be no slipping anymore. It can also work well when you have thin stands. Some brand leaves dents on the hardware due to friction, but this is an added advantage with the brand. When securing the hardware, you do not need to tighten it much.

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  • Tightly held clamp
  • Holds up to eight sticks
  • High quality
  • Does not fit thin stands

5. String Swing Drum Stick Holder

The String Swing drumstick has a unique clamping system that makes it a worthy purchase. The stick holder additionally has powder-coated steel together with a non-slipping pad, which is attached to the hardware in a few seconds.

You can feel the cheapness of the plastic tube that holds the drumsticks together. However, you can benefit from the added performance of the product. It does not come with any clamping mechanism that is replaced with only two steel arms that are suspended on their own to fit with any hardware.

What I like about the holder is the fact that it serves a lifetime. It can also fit into any drum set. I mean to fit into both electric and electronic drums. In case you are worried about the durability of the holder, it comes with a structural warranty to ensure you reduce your worries about safety and integrity. Your drumsticks will forever remain by your side.

Like a few other top-quality brands, the String Swing features non-skid padding. It is also black coated with heavy-duty steel that can be attached easily using a single hand while fitting into all music, mic, or cymbal stands which range from ½ to -1 inch in diameter. I feel that this is a great giveaway to all drummers out there. You can call it the cherry on top of the cake.

The holder has a long set of affordable accessories that includes a universal mount clip, designed to pin to any drum set pole. In case you are training your kid to follow your path, the String Swing can also be mounted on a drum set for kids. It can be attached easily, thus giving you the chance to pick up and store the drumstick in a matter of seconds. This can either be on tour or even in your home studio.

Reliability is a critical feature that I look for in a drumstick holder. I do not let the store describe the effectiveness or durability of the drumstick holder. I tend to rely on experience from other drummers when using this particular type of holder. Going by the comments, many drummers have a thing for the brand. I feel this is because of the high-quality accessories associated with the display systems and other musical hardware. Thirty years of service in the music industry is worth spending your last dime on.

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  • High-quality accessories
  • Highly durable
  • Bit costly

Why Choose a Drumstick Holder Over a Drum Bag?

The primary material of a drumstick bag is fabric. After a few years of service, you can notice that your stick bag will start ripping off. I used to have a stick bag, which I attached to my floor when performing. However, it started fading, and I could no longer use it.

My drumsticks started falling off the stage when performing, thus making a mess. However, for a drumstick holder, I made it of plastic material, which is much more durable. I would go for a plastic drumstick holder than opt for the traditional drumstick bag.

Another reason is the positioning of the drumstick bag when performing. It is hard to pick a stick from the bag without delaying the performance. That is why I prefer going to a drumstick holder any day.

Do you use a drumstick holder? What is your experience with the drumstick bag? When did you switch to a drumstick holder? What product do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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