Best Kids Electronic Drum Sets – Top 5 Models for Your Children

Responsible parents are always eager to extend the knowledge and abilities of their children. Music is a popular choice as it, according to many studies, develops cognitive functions, working memory, and other important skills. Drums, in particular, are a bit harder for parents than a guitar or a flute. Practice at home is important, and having one of the best kid’s electronic drum sets at home is expensive, not even talking about the space and noise.

Nevertheless, drums are the desired instrument as they develop motor skills more than other instruments do and have a positive effect on other skills. Electronic drum sets for kids are an interesting solution as they are relatively cheap and small. However, there are lots of models available, and choosing the correct one might be difficult. I have selected the 5 best kids’ electronic drum sets for this article, and there will be a buyer’s guide and an FAQ section further on. But before we start, I`d like to outline that the top pick is the PAXCESS electronic drum set. This is the universal set to learn drums or to try this instrument at home. It is compact and foldable, has all the necessary pads, and has a built-in earphone jack to cut off the noise.

5 Best Models of Kid’s Electronic Drum Sets


In this article, I am going to review 5 models. I did my best to make this selection suit both little kids with no experience and teenagers who are ready to enhance their skills.

1. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set-Top Pick

This kid electronic drum set is the best for parents as it is universal. It will entertain your kids, give them the option of trying drums, and will be a great tool to practice at home or even on a trip. It is foldable and very compact, which allows you to take it anywhere. It is also possible to connect PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set (the model RP-ED02-BG) to a computer and play games or produce music. I have personally watched several couples entertain their kids with this set, and they were exclusively happy about their purchase.

The main characteristics of PAXCESS RP-ED02-BG are as follows:PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set Roll Up

  • A. Built-in speaker with the power of 2*2W.
  • B. Playtime of 8-10 hours.
  • C. Charging time of 2-3 hours.
  • D. Total weight of 2.4 lb.
  • E. Dimensions of 17.32 x 11.02 x 0.24 inch.
PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set, Roll Up Drum Practice Pad Midi Drum Kit with Headphone Jack Built-in...
3,893 Reviews
PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set, Roll Up Drum Practice Pad Midi Drum Kit with Headphone Jack Built-in...
  • PORTABLE AND PROFESSIONAL DRUM: Paxcess electronic drum set includes 1 SNARE, 3 TOMS, 1 CRASH, 1 RIDE, 1 HI-HAT and 2 Foot Pedals play the sound of Bass Drum. This roll-up drum kit offers 5 Timbres, 8 DEMO Songs and 3 Rhythms, you can play different music styles. Kids can put this set in their backpacks when they go outdoor.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: This 7-pad practice drum set is powered by a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, up to 10 hours of playtime per charge. You will be able to take it with you anytime and anywhere even play outside.
8.8Expert Score

This kids' drum pad includes 1 snare, 3 toms, 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat, 2-foot pedals, 5 timbers, and 8 demo songs. There is an earphone jack built-in, which makes the practice silent and comfortable for everyone.

Easy to use
Sound quality
Value for money

  • The drum set is foldable and compact;
  • The price is relatively small;
  • The playtime of 8-10 hours is more than enough;
  • It is a universal set to try and develop basic drum skills.
  • It is not a professional instrument to learn drums.

2. VTech KidiBeats – Electronic Drum Set for Toddlers

KidiBeats is the selection for the smallest kids. Unlike the other entries on today’s list, this model visually reminds a toy instead of a musical instrument. It does not offer as many features as other models do, but it is the perfect children’s electronic drum set for toddlers from 2 to 5 years old.

The main characteristics of KidiBeats are:VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set Orange

  • A. Four game modes to learn music, alphabet, and numbers.
  • B. The package includes two drumsticks.
  • C. The toy has three drum pads and a cymbal with different sound effects.
  • D. The drums have built-in LED lights.
VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set, Orange
  • Kids learning toy has three drum pads and cymbal each with its own unique sound for sensory development
  • Toddlers can play along to 9 melodies in styles including rock, dance and pop; music toy teaches letters, numbers, and music
8.7Expert Score

The drum set will help your kid to be attached to music since the earliest childhood and will develop their basic musical skills. KidiBeats has 4 play modes, including Free Play, Letters, Numbers, and Follow-Along.

Easy to use
Sound quality
Value for money

  • The toy helps to develop a variety of skills;
  • It makes learning entertaining;
  • KidiBeats look very attractive for kids with its bright colors and LED lights;
  • The toy can be played with hands instead of drumsticks.
  • It is a toy for toddlers, not an instrument to learn drums with.

3. Alesis Compact Kit – Digital Drum Set for Kids and Adults

Alesis Compact Kit is a good alternative to our top pick. However, it might be more suitable for those who want to actually learn drums and have a similar experience with a real instrument. Compact Kit comes in two variations: 4 pads and 7 pads. The first option is more suitable to learn the bare basics of playing drums, while the second one offers more space for creativity and a more complex drum experience.

The main characteristics of the Alesis Compact Kit are:Alesis Compact Kit Portable 4-Pad

  • A. Four or seven velocity-sensitive drum pads (depending on the edition).
  • B. 70 electronic and acoustic drum voices and 10 effect voices.
  • C. Digital screen with notes and games.
  • D. A built-in earphone jack.
Alesis CompactKit 4 – Tabletop Electric Drum Set with 70 Electronic and Acoustic Drum Kit Sounds,...
  • All-In-One Drum Set – Ultra-portable 4-pad electronic drum kit with built in speaker and dedicated headphone output for private practice
  • Authentic Drum Kit Response – 4 velocity-sensitive electric drum pads ensure to capture every subtle nuance of your performance
8.5Expert Score

The digital aspect is also pretty good with Compact Kit as it is relatively configurable. There are lots of effects presets and a library of 50 playable songs built-in. The model also has an earphone jack, which is important for home practice.

Easy to use
Sound quality
Value for money

  • Lots of sound configuration options;
  • Velocity-sensitive drum pads;
  • Educational and entertaining digital features;
  • Great for learning the basics.
  • The tool is still not enough for learning professional skills.

4. Alesis DM Lite Kit – Professional Kids Digital Drums

This is another entry on the list from the Alesis brand. Despite the top pick being from another company, my personal experience with Alesis products was exclusively positive. DM Lite Kit is a much more professional tool than the previous items on the list as it is a pretty large collapsible kit with physical drum pads and pedals.

Connecting the drums to your PC gives you more opportunities.

The main characteristics of this set are:

Alesis DM Lite Kit Electronic Drum Set

  • A. The kit is pre-assembled and includes 4 drum pads, 3 cymbals, and 2 pedals.
  • B. The built-in coaching program allows kids to learn 30 songs.
  • C. The drum pads and the cymbals are LED illuminated.
Alesis DM Lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Collapsible 4-Post Rack
  • Complete 5-piece, 3-cymbal electronic drum kit
  • LED illuminated drum and cymbal pads enhance built-in learning features
8.4Expert Score

There are both aux and USB slots for connection in these kid electric drums, giving you alternative ways of playing this set. It has a built-in drum module that allows one to configure the volume and launch the coaching program.

Easy to use
Sound quality
Value for money

  • An experience close to playing real drums;
  • Lots of configuration options;
  • The great coaching program, integrated with LED illumination of the drum pads;
  • The kit is pre-assembled and collapsible.
  • The model is more pricey than the previous entries.

5. Roland TD-1K – From a Reliable Producer

If you are looking for professional electronic drum sets for children and are sure that your kid is interested in the instrument, Roland TD-1K is the choice for you. It is a comprehensive drum set that suits even adults. Roland is a professional musical brand I have had lots of experience with. This drum set is specifically designed by them to let the kids have a realistic but socially appropriate drumming experience.

It is the most expensive model on the list, so I recommend considering it only if your kid is already interested in playing drums. One of the best points about TD-1K is that the setup process is extremely easy and intuitive.

The main characteristics of Roland TD-1K are:

Roland TD-1K Entry Level V-Drums Kit

  • A. The set includes 4 drum pads, 3 cymbals, and 2 pedals.
  • B. The built-in drum module offers volume configuration, different play modes, and a metronome;
  • C. There is an earphone slot, and the pads are made of rubber to decrease the volume of home practice.
Roland TD-1K Entry Level V-Drums Kit with Rubber Snare Pad
  • Acclaimed V-Drums sound and performance in an entry-level set
  • Enjoy drumming in any musical style with 15 expressive drum kits
8.5Expert Score

Although the youth is now technically educated, I think the configuration of the first professional drums should not require knowing all the technical details.

Easy to use
Sound quality
Value for money

  • The kit is really easy to set up and configure;
  • It is a perfect choice for kids who already like drums and develop their skills;
  • The design is space-saving and noise-reducing.
  • It is the most expensive model on today’s list;
  • It might not be the best choice to try drums for the first time.

Electronic Drum Kit Buyer’s Guide

Man and girl play at Roland TD-1K Entry Level V-Drums Kit

No matter if you are looking to buy a model from this list or not, there are several pieces of advice I can give you on buying the sets. Taking into account the prices of some models, I think it is important to outline the important parameters for making a better choice.

How to choose the best kid’s electronic drum set?

There are several important tips I can give to make a proper selection. I will deliver them in the form of a step-by-step guide, but those are actually some things you have to keep in mind.

Step 1. Decide why you need an electronic drum set

It is necessary that the electronic drum set will match your needs. Buying a professional set for $500 just to let your kid try drums at home won’t be the best idea. Educational sets like PAXCESS RP-ED02-BG are cheaper and more entertaining. It is more likely that your kid will enjoy such a set and be interested in developing their skills further.

Step 2. Think of the space and the sounds

The second thing you should take into account is the noise level and space you can afford at home. If you prefer the practice to be silent and the set itself not to take much space, then choose a foldable or collapsible set and make sure it has an earphone jack built-in. The foldable sets are perfect for saving space and taking them anywhere, but the collapsible ones offer a more realistic experience, so you should figure out what is better for you before making the purchase.

Step 3. Ensure all the additional features there

The last thing to pay attention to is the additional features. Check for different play modes, the library of coached songs, the material of the drum set, and the other additional parameters that are important to you. All I have to add is that connecting the drum set to a PC totally enhances the experience as there are lots of learning and entertaining programs available. Most of the sets that offer USB connection to a PC are compatible with such software, so I strongly recommend making sure the kit has such an option.

How to teach your kid to play drums?

Learning music is very individual for each kid. Despite this being an article about electronic drum sets, the best way to learn drums is to take music classes. Professional teachers will take into account the individual skills of your kid and develop an individual approach to teach your kid the basics and more.

Electronic drum sets, on the other hand, are good for two purposes: catching attention and practicing at home. The first purpose is related to the entertaining features of the drums: small kids will definitely enjoy playing LED-illuminated drums with game modes more than a boring music lesson. If you want your kid to like music before learning, this is the perfect option. The second purpose I have mentioned is pretty obvious: more comprehensive sets will allow your kid to practice and learn at home. Electronic kits are cheaper than the real ones; they require less space and are more socially appropriate in terms of noise.

Kids Electronic Drums FAQ

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

There might still be some unclear points about the electronic drum sets. As a professional musician who has lots of friends with children, I receive lots of questions about such sets, and in this part of the article, I am going to answer the most popular of them.

Is electronic drum sets any good?

As I have mentioned above, electronic drum sets are good for arousing the kid’s interest or for home practice. Despite the electronic experience being, in most cases, very far from playing real drums, some models have achieved great results. On top of that, all the mentioned models are great for rhythm practice.

What is the best electronic drum set for beginners?

The answer to this question depends on the age and on the intentions of the player. VTech KidiBeats is the perfect choice for kids from 2 to 5 years old who do not specifically intend to learn music. From my experience, PAXCESS RP-ED02-BG is the perfect choice for kids as it both catches their attention and offers a decent amount of practice. This is exactly why it is the top pick: the tool has a great balance between learning and entertaining.

Which amp is suitable for electronic drums?

There is no universal amplifier suitable for every drum set. You will have to ensure that the electronic drum set has all the necessary ports, but in most cases, you will also have to check the specific compatibility between your drum set and your amplifier. If you are sure about playing with an amp, my advice is to select the drum kit first and then choose a compatible amplifier from the same brand.

What size drums for a 7-year-old?

Most of the electronic drums you may find online are suitable for a 7 year old kid, in case you are not selecting the professional ones. Almost every beginner drum set is either universal in size or made specifically for kids.

Are drums a good instrument for a kid?

Drums are a good choice for your kid, as they have a positive effect on a set of important skills. In fact, people playing drums have their motor brain areas organized more efficiently than unmusical people have.

Start and Develop with Electronic Drums

To sum up the article, I have to say that electronic drum sets are a great choice to start the long journey of your kid to the world of music. Although most models are not made for professional players, they are perfectly suitable for home practice.

Have you got any experience with electronic drums? Was it good enough for you to advise other users to buy the same model as yours? Feel free to answer these questions or deliver other thoughts in the comments section.

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