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I am Chad, a renowned instrumentalist. I major on drumming, and this has seen me play in many bands. I have attained relevant drumming experience throughout my musical journey. It is for this great experience I am here to share with you today a review on the best mic stand for drum overheads.

I want to mention that many people do not use mic stands as they are designed. Amateurs do not pay attention that there are mic stands for every instrument. Only experienced musicians understand that poor-quality stands may result in unpleasant situations. This review will help you make the proper purchase decision and enjoy the drumming experience you have been dreaming of.

There are quite several stands available in the market. The most known types include:

  • Tripod stands
  • Round-based stands
  • Overhead stands

Overhead stands may seem large and costly, and the cost keeps many people from buying them. However, under these reviews, I have majored on the easily accessible and affordable brands. It is important to pay attention to the high-quality mounts used for stands, so I emphasized this point as well. Thus, let’s more to the reviewed overhead mic stands and other options that I find extremely practical.

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Top 10 Overhead Drum Mic Stand – Why You Need the Best One

The right stand will enable you to raise or lower your mic to the most convenient position. Some stands are wheeled to offer easy moving of mic without changing the setup.

Mic stands come in such a wide variety and possess selecting challenges. Factors such as cost and quality are among the issues many drummers fail to capitalize on. You need to work with the item for quite a while to know the right quality. You cannot go around testing every drum mic stand for quality before purchase, but worry no more. I have used plenty of stands during my career, and I have done an extensive research to find out the best models, given the size or state of different drum kits.

1. Music HPS-101TB Pro – When a Tripod Can Work as an Overhead Microphone Stand

The HPS tripod stand is all you need for your mic set up. It is made by a manufacturer dedicated to delivering nothing but high-quality products that will last you a lifetime. The cost of the stand is easily affordable to most drummers, including beginners. The stand is conveyed as a pack, thus giving you two high-quality stands at a bargain.

No matter how you want to place it, the stand is easy to adjust for your preferred position. The boom is large enough for maximum mic extension with the assurance of more comfort. The tripod base locks after setting it on the surface for maximum stability. It is weighty to ensure it exerts all the required pressure on the ground. This will minimize any chance of falling due to the weight of the boom and mic.

I can affirm that the item, just like any other Hola product, is worth every penny spent. I have used the mic stand for four years. Thus, I can guarantee the quality is unbeatable, and once again, the mic is a bargain at its current price.

It is hard to get a con on this product. It has over 4.8 ratings out of 5 in close to 700 hundred reviews. I never experienced a problem with it. For any drummer or instrumentalist, this is the mic stand to go for. It is one of the best mic stand options available on Amazon. I recommend this product for sure. If you go for it, let me know about your experience.

Hola! Music Mic Stand w/ Adjustable Height for Home, Studio, Office or Stage Use – Standard...
3,811 Reviews
Hola! Music Mic Stand w/ Adjustable Height for Home, Studio, Office or Stage Use – Standard...
  • Locked Legs - The quality design on our microphone stand's patented leg housing locks the legs when opened without the need of a screw.
  • Easily Adjustable - The ergonomic center clutch on our on stage mic stand allows for easy height adjustment. Adjust from 40 to 63 inches for use while singing, sitting, or standing!

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes as a pack of two stands
  • Portable
  • The base can become loose over time if you adjust the stand often.

2. Tripod Boom Microphone Stand – Another Affordable Option

The tripod boom stand is the closest rival to the previously reviewed item. The price is low, and the quality is unquestionable. For its price and quality, it is the best in its category. The tripod is a perfect match for beginner drummers because it will hold your items in place and you won’t need to break a bank for getting this item.

With the stand, your mic is securely held in the position. You will cut off the losses of microphone dropping and cracking as the stand is made of high-quality steel. The item is extremely lightweight. This, however, does not mean a compromise on its sturdiness. The ability to adjust the height of the stand ensures you put it to its smallest size for storage and transportation. Then, you can quickly enlarge it for use in any of your convenient position.

The boom arm is long enough to fit your intended purpose. You can tilt it to any angle you need. For your mic power cord safety, you don’t need to buy masking tapes to keep it in place. There are inbuilt clips for more comfortable use.

The only drawback I have experienced about this product is that the mic clip is not included in the package. You can, however, buy it anywhere else at a reasonable price. The problem is to find a clip that will match the quality of the stand. I have several mic clips from other stands, so it was not an issue for me. Nevertheless, I wanted to warn you about it.

GRIFFIN Professional Studio Microphone Boom Stand with Casters | Extended Height Recording Mic...
109 Reviews
GRIFFIN Professional Studio Microphone Boom Stand with Casters | Extended Height Recording Mic...
  • HOLD THE HEAVIEST OF MICROPHONES WITH EASE - A CONDENSER MIC STAND: Whether for on-stage performances, your home, or professional recording studio, this heavy-duty microphone boom stand makes an excellent choice. The sturdy, stable, and affordable microphone arm stand, will work for everything from vocals, choirs, guitars, pianos, or even for overhead drum mics and will last for years to come. The three durable caster wheels allow you to move the stand around the studio or stage easily.
  • EXTRA LARGE MICROPHONE BOOM ARM - POSITION YOUR MIC UP TO 142 INCHES IN THE AIR: A convenient tripod design and a large diameter main shaft tubing that extends up to 75 inches, you can easily position this studio microphone stand exactly where you need it, without getting in the way. The telescoping mic boom arm extends an additional 72 inches and features a 4 pd counterweight used for large diaphragm mics. Mic mount designed to accommodate any standard microphone clip or microphone holder.

  • Top-quality
  • Cost friendly
  • Lightweight
  • There is a power cable holding clip
  • Sturdy>
  • The mic clip is not included in the package

3. Rolling Microphone Boom Stand – For Those Looking for a First-Class Stand

In case you are looking for the most convenient features in a mic stand, then you must consider the Rolling microphone boom stand. It is at times hard to get maximum stability when using a lightweight stand, especially when the mic is substantial. But that will never be the case with this weighty product as it will keep in place even the heaviest mic.

You don’t need to worry about the convenience of moving the stand around. It is wheeled to provide straightforward moves to your intended position without changing setup.

The stand is long and adjustable to use at your convenient height. You can use it at the home, studio, or in any other place you need. It is reliable for everyday use and durable for the most extended performances. The problem of dangerously hanging electric cords is prevented as there are clips mounted on the stand to hold the cable in place conveniently.

Its setup and packaging can be done in a whiz. The stand folds easily to fit in a carrying bag and for storage. The adjusting knobs are sturdy for frequent use. When utilizing the product, your mic safety is guaranteed. I want to mention that the product comes with a one year warranty.

The only con I find in the product is the relatively high price. The quality is the best I could wish for, but the price is likely to put off some potential buyers. However, this mic stand is worth the cost, as I have been using it for a really long time. If you can match the price for the product, then you will not regret the item you settled for.

LyxPro SMT-1 Professional Microphone Stand Heavy Duty 93” Studio Overhead Boom Stand 76” Extra...
290 Reviews
LyxPro SMT-1 Professional Microphone Stand Heavy Duty 93” Studio Overhead Boom Stand 76” Extra...
  • PROFESSIONAL MICROPHONE STAND – Adaptable Overhead Studio Boom Stand Supports a Variety of Setups for Vocal, Group, Guitar, Piano & Drum Performance
  • FOR VERSATILE POSITIONING – Telescoping Design Features Extra Tall 59” to 93” Height Extension & Extra Long 45” to 76” Boom Arm Extension for Flexible Uses

  • Long
  • Easily adjustable
  • Durable
  • Convenient to use and set up
  • Weighty and hence, more stable for holding the mic in place compared to other options
  • Relatively costly

4. LyxPro SMT-1 – A Professional Microphone Stand for You

Do you need a stand for professional use? Then, you have to consider this product. It is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. It is suitable for any instrumentalist, be it for vocal use, overhead drum use, or general performing. It is, therefore, a one-in-all stand. I have used the equipment for one year, and I can assure you that it will serve beyond your expectations.

Before making this purchase, I was using a stand that I had bought close to 3 years ago. I had made a significant investment in microphones but not in a sturdy stand. The equipment could not hold large mics for more than one hour. The mics tended to fall, and it left me counting extreme losses on the massive investment I had made on microphones.

Luckily enough, I came across this product. After carefully analyzing its features, I settled on it. The stand has gone ahead to give me a service that I couldn’t imagine. There were no mic drops nor other problems with this equipment. The cost is high, but the quality is more than you can wish for. As the tool is retractable, packing it comes quite comfortable.

This stand can hold your mic at a maximum convenient length. You can easily adjust the legs for maximum balance. It is durable and crafted for day-to-day use. Its retracting ability enables secure storage as it uses minimum space.

I profoundly recommend you to buy this item if you are looking for a high-quality product that will serve you for a long. For those compelled by price, this review contains plenty of options that I believe will fit your budget.

On Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Microphone Stand
45 Reviews
On Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base Studio Boom Microphone Stand
  • Includes removable casters
  • Minimum Height: 40 inches

  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Adjustable for convenient use
  • Retractable
  • Highly expensive

5. On-Stage SB96+ – A Studio Microphone Boom with 7″ Mini Boom Extension and Casters

The stand is suitable for medium-sized studio applications. It is lightweight and less costly than the previous model so that it can suit the spending limit of starters. Portability has been enhanced as the product is wheeled. This ensures you easily move your stand in any place without altering its initial set up. I have never seen a manual for putting up the mic stand as it is straightforward to use.

With several adjusting knobs in place, the stand is made to hold on to its given position for as long as you are using it. However, this has not been the case after days of frequent knob adjustment. They can no longer prevent the mic from slipping. The problem is caused by poor-quality material used to make the knobs.

The boom arm can achieve a maximum height of 79 inches, making it easy for you to pick the height that matches your needs. It is stable on account of the folding legs, which can lock for minimal disturbance when setting in place.

The tool is not a perfect match for a studio set up. But it is the most optimal option you will get to start a studio when your budget is somewhat strict. I recommend this stand for starting drummers as it will do its job well for the cost it comes.

Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory (MC125)
100 Reviews
Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory (MC125)
  • rollerblade-style caster wheels for super smooth movement in all directions but lock in both rotating direction for zero movement when desired.
  • The MC-125 features a 5.75 lb. die-cast counterweight that is easy to adjust for just the right placement.

  • Lightweight
  • Moderately costly
  • It has locking legs, which ensure moving the equipment is less challenging
  • Portable
  • Low-quality knobs

6. On-Stage SMS7650 Hex-Base – Another Studio Boom Microphone Stand to Take a Look

With many adjustable mics stands available, finding a match for your maximum height is not a complicated task. But the adjustable stands may fail to meet your needs in case the minimum height is slightly above your height. That’s the problem with many great equipment options that keep them at bay. However, this On Stage Hex-Base mic stand can ensure an ideal match at any position.

The base is hex-shaped, and the stand is built of heavy materials for maximum stability. It makes the bottom settle comfortably on the ground without moving, thus ensuring your mic is safe from falling. The pole and boom arm are made of high-quality and sturdy materials to support the maximum weight of a mic.

The overall setup weighs 22 pounds, which can pose portability problems. But the manufacturer had foreseen that and included removable wheels, which you can use only when transporting. Removing the wheels after the setup is the only requirement as they do not lock to prevent the stand from moving.

The stand is expensive, and it is all because of the quality materials used to make the equipment. A slight push can not make a tripod stand fall. Imagine the kind of effort you need to apply to destabilize a 22-pound base hex-shaped stand. Unless you do it intentionally, an accident will not cause the stand to fall over. It is made of durable and robust material so that the stand will give the best value for your money.

  • Highly stable
  • Made of high-quality and durable materials
  • It is wheeled for convenient transportation
  • Expensive

7. Ultimate Support ULTIMATE Studio Series – A Microphone Boom Stand with Adjustable Counter Weight (MC125)

This product can beat the previous hex-based boom stand in terms of quality and cost. The range of features is close to minor differences. With both models, the quality has been enhanced properly. The challenge is only the cost, and that is not an issue to anyone who understands the value of purchasing a durable mic stand.

The significant difference between these two models is that the MC125 stand comes with locking wheels to prevent any unwanted motion. You do not have to remove the wheels here. The stand extends between 52 to 83 inches to match your desired height. The minimum height might be a bit high for someone in a seated position.

It weighs 35 pounds, making it more stable than most of the other brands available. Accidental tipping off will be rare given the weight of the stand. However, it may cause some difficulties during transportation.

Atlas Sound SB36W Classic Studio Boom Mic Stand with Air Suspension Chrome
  • Air suspension system for enhanced mic protection
  • Height span of 49"-73" including wheels

  • The product offers maximum stability
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Wheeled for more accessible transportation
  • The wheels lock to keep the equipment in place
  • The price is a bit high
  • Weight

8. Triad-Orbit Triad T3C Tall Tripod Stand with Casters – A Mic Stand for Drum Overheads

The T3C stand is wheeled for a comfortable placing within a leveled surface. The wheels are designed small because of the heavyweight stand, which limits its portability a bit. The weightiness is the ultimate shortcoming compared to other convenient tripod stands. However, this ensures maximum stability wherever it is placed.

The stand is easy to adjust to your preferred height. The wheels lock to prevent unwanted motions. As is the case with many tripod mic stands, changing the angle of the legs is possible, unlike in boom and overhead microphone stand models where the legs are fixed. Leg adjustment will help you to get even better stability. You will only need to ensure that the legs are widely open.

The main problem with this product is that the cost is relatively high. The stand, despite the high price, will give the best protection for your mic. It will hold the mic in a position for the most prolonged use. It is also durable, and a long time of use will prove the value of this equipment.

K&M 21430 Mobile Overhead Microphone Stand
1 Reviews
K&M 21430 Mobile Overhead Microphone Stand
  • Konig & Meyer Model#2143050055

  • Durable
  • It has locking wheels
  • Highly stable
  • Its price is relatively high

9. Atlas Sound SB36W Classic – A Studio Boom Mic Stand with Air Suspension Chrome

The SB36W stand is made of high-quality and heavy material. The equipment is close to twice the weight of other stands under this review. But the maximum stability is hence ensured. The product can withstand the most massive vibration without slipping in any way. The wheels lock for prevention against unwanted movements.

The length is suitable for maximum hoisting of your mic in the air. The pole is adjustable to help you choose a convenient height for maximum comfort. The triangular base provides the best stability compared to many other tripod bases.

The cost seems a bit high, but that happens to be the case with all the strong mic stands I have used. Quality is not compromised, and you honestly get the real value for your money. To be realistic, the service you get is more than twice the amount you pay.

In case you need a stand for close to a lifetime use, then you have found the option you have been looking for. I recommend this mic stand for many reasons, and durability and stability are the main ones.

On-Stage SB96+ Studio Microphone Boom with 7' Mini Boom Extension and Casters
30 Reviews
On-Stage SB96+ Studio Microphone Boom with 7" Mini Boom Extension and Casters
  • This stand includes nearly everything you need for starting a studio project
  • Folding legs with locking casters for a mobilie, stable stand that can go anywhere

  • Maximum stability
  • The wheels lock to avoid unnecessary movements
  • High-quality
  • Durable
  • The high price is likely to put off beginners

10. K&M 21430 Studio Boom Microphone Stand – A Black Overhead Microphone Stand

It is an overhead drum mic stand that offers the most relaxing experience in a wide assortment of uses. Whether you need a stand for performance, drumming rehearsal, or any other event, this mic stand will work for you best.

I have used many overhead drum stands, and they are always costly. With this equipment, the expense is a moderate one. I haven’t experienced any problems when using this tool. I have been able to use it for quite some time, and I can assure you that it has stood out, and durability should not be a concern here.

I was at first reluctant to buy this equipment as I have never used this brand’s products before. However, the item worked out for me greatly, and I had a pleasant experience with it.

I want to mention that previously, with other models, I had problems with adjustment knobs as they could not keep hold of the mic in the orientation I wanted. With the product, high-quality knobs work even when subjected to daily adjustments. The threads will live to ensure the tightest clamping for the best experience. Therefore, I can profoundly recommend this mi stand after using it for a while.

Amazon Basics Adjustable Boom Height Microphone Stand with Tripod Base, Up to 85.75 Inches - Black
14,236 Reviews
Amazon Basics Adjustable Boom Height Microphone Stand with Tripod Base, Up to 85.75 Inches - Black
  • Adjustable microphone stand designed to hold a microphone securely in place (microphone clip sold separately) at the height you choose
  • Long boom arm with molded plastic counterweight; adjust to standing height for singing or speaking or seated height for playing an instrument

  • Extreme quality
  • Durable
  • Stability is ensured without the need to fix the item on a surface
  • As it is the case with many overhead drum stands, the cost is high

It is the professional drummers that mostly use overhead drum stands, and that is the reason for the extreme bulkiness and high cost. Therefore, beginner drummers may experience difficulties with purchasing a good overhead drum mic stand, but the overhead models are worth the cost. They are made to withstand the most massive vibration that may cause other convectional stands to slip away or fall.

A low-quality mic stand can lead to losses and long hours of interruption as you set up your stage again. Therefore, my recommendation for startest and pros to get the best stands that will suit your needs.

Mic Stand for Drum Overheads Parting Remarks – Choosing the Right Equipment

Top-quality and low cost mean a bargain to me. Low quality at a high price is a loss, while quality traded for an equal amount is not always affordable. All in all, at times, products are way costly that we end up not being able to purchase them. You need to get the best model within your budget.

In case you are deterred from buying products online for fear of low-quality products being delivered, then bookmark this page. I write about the equipment I have been using or testing before. That way, you will know about the product that can match your expectations even before you place your order.

For example, in my opinion, the Music HPS-101TB Pro provides the best match in terms of affordability and exceptional quality. It is one of the best picks considering its quality and price. Additionally, it is among the best-rated products on Amazon, so make sure to have a look at it.

Concluding this post, make sure to make the overhead drum mic stand your closest companion for an experience never had before. When you are confronted with a choice to pick between quality and low price, what comes out as the best option for you? Have you used any of the reviewed mic stands before? What model are you using at the moment and do you like it?

Comment about your experience, and I will be happy to read about your picks. Also, feel free to ask any questions you may have had while reading this review.

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