Best Drum Brush – How to Choose One for More Enhanced Sound

As you probably have already known, drum brushes are useful in enhancing the sound on your set. They take your drumming experience to a higher level. Thus, such brushes are a must-have for every drummer and not just for jazz players.

Finding a perfect brush for enhanced sound and gentle bristles is not a walk in the park. Even though brushes will help you to enjoy drumming at a level you have never experienced, hard bristles can cut short the life of your equipment.

This is where I come in, to offer a bridge between the best, affordable, and yet the least damaging brushes for your set. This is my compilation based on comprehensive item reviewing and personal experience.

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Top 10 Drum Brushes to Take Note Of


The overview below is prepared explicitly as a guide in choosing the best drum brush for your set. These tools I have been using at different periods of my life and drumming career, and now it’s time to share my knowledge to enlighten your experience and ensure you make a perfect purchase. Check out my comprehensive review of the best drum brushes and rest assured to get the perfect choice for your set.

1. Meinl Percussion Retractable Nylon Brushes for Cajon – Universal Tool for All Drummers

These brushes are a must-have no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned drummer. They come in a pair, and you can easily fold them for easier storage. They were intentionally made with an imminent design to fit your Cajon perfectly. They do not threaten the lifespan of your Cajon, although a poor quality of the same tools might do some harm.

These brushes are made of nylon, ensuring a soft tender. They will not leave any marks on your instrument. Available at a throw-away price to ensure owning, one does not grow into a challenge with purchasing them. Take your drumming experience to a top-notch level through the use of such a high-class drum brush.

You can carry them in your bag without fear that they will get damaged. They have been fabricated and taken through rigorous quality tests to ensure no disappointment when you buy these travel-friendly tools.

If you are training at a small venue or a recording studio, you can enjoy some delicate sound by utilizing this set of equipment – no disturbing noise or sounds. You can hear a perfect music transition while drumming.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages I see about these brushes.

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  • Do not leave marks on instruments
  • Durable
  • Better sound enhancement
  • Easily affordable
  • Lack a better grip

2. Vic Firth Steve Gadd Wire Brush – A Nice Wire Brush Drum Option

When the brush issue started to disturb me for the first time, I have picked this brush and successfully used it for a couple of years. Its help is beyond imagination, and the sound enhancement is out of the world! What is more, the wire brush drum cost seems too good to be real. It is however not due to a decline in caliber, but due to frequent discounts on this product.

The wires are a bit angled to give a swift swiping of the drumhead. All this is done to give a more realistic and better sweeping sound. These wire brushes are manufactured in different models, so you can check them all out and pick a model that suits you. All model costs are closely related, giving you a dilemma in choosing the best. However, you can contact the manufacturer through the website, and they will help you with any query regarding model fitting. Reach out and have an expert recommendation on the best model for you.

The wire brush drum does not damage your delicate drum heads. It provides gentle sweeping that only gives the best sound. The manufacturer had great concern about your equipment’s life span and never wants to ruin it. It is your instrument’s long life that adds purchasing value to their goods.

Here are some benefits and disadvantages of these brushes to take into consideration.

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  • Do not cause damage on drum heads
  • Affordable
  • Come in pair
  • Hard to collapse

I would like to say that the product is good for the cost and it won’t fail you. I would highly recommend it, especially if you haven’t used any drum brush yet. Get the best model for your instrument!

3. Vater VWTR Retractable Wire Brushes – Superb Drum Brush to Consider

As the name suggests, these wire brushes are easily retractable. This enables you to reduce or increase the base of the widely spread bristles to your convenience. It is lightweight with a comfortable and straightforward grip. The item comes as a pair.

The retracting rod has been extensively made of sturdy material and does not tear or wear out quickly. It is made to endure frequent up and down rolls. Its main work is to ensure the bristles are protected and offer adjustment to the base of the bristles needed. The wide bristle adjustment gives the perfect sweeping sound, though individuals may have different tastes.

The manufacturer aims to produce the best supplying products for a better world. This drum brush is prone to frequent falls, which may cause cracks. On the contrary, these wire brushes are crack-resistant. They have been tested for the same by the utilization of high-tech computer analysis. The tone and weight check have also passed through a similar analysis.

This item is a must-have, and here are my good and bad points about it.

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  • Retractable
  • Quality and tone tested
  • Worth the investment
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Wires should be made to hold on better

4. Vater VBM Monster Drum Brushes – Perfect Brush Drum Sticks

Many drummers find themselves in situations where they need a different tone or a lower volume. This brush is crafted for such cases. I would highly recommend you to buy your pair today and experience the sound change you have been longing for. Its great grip makes it easily fit in any hand. Thus, drum sticks do not get slippery even after hours of playing the instrument.

These are brush drum sticks that are easy to adjust for your preferred use – using it as a stick adds a soft but distinct sound. It can spice up the sounds with a unique tone you could never hear before, while the widespread bristles can give you a really nice sweeping sound.

The product’s quality is unmatched. The manufacturers give you a guarantee against the brush breaking or cracking during the performance span. This implies that you are in for a refund in case the brush cracks or breaks during the period covered by the warranty. Are you still looking for more reasons to buy the product?

The product has been in use by professionals, including myself, and I would also point out that this is a perfect jazz drum brush. There are different models available on the market, and affordable pricing is something always great to know about.

This drum brush is small and lightweight; its quality and tone have been tested and proved for many drummers. The cost is also very friendly. In my opinion, you won’t find a better one with such guarantees and the quality of the products. I highly recommend you to start using this drum rush. If you are already using them, share with me your experience! I believe it is nothing short of marvelous.

Check out my pros and cons about these brushes.

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  • Worth the price
  • Versatile and durable
  • Alternative tools for drum sticks
  • Too loud

5. Promark Retractable Nylon Brush – Nice Option for Training Sessions

The manufacturing and assembling of all Promark products are done in the US. Promark is a developed company devoted to delivering quality that even exceeds the cost you pay for their items. The retractable material is made to endure up and down rolling without easy tearing. It is intact to protect the bristles.

The item is delivered in a pair. The nylon brush is made in such a way that it retracts to form a plastic rod. This bass drum brush can be used as an alternative for conventional drum sticks. This will, in many ways, expand your drumming experience. With this drum brush set, you have a two-in-one product to use. You may even forget about buying the traditional delicate drum rods if you really get into these drum brushes!

The bristles are made of high-quality materials. They do not bend when you sweep them across the surface of your instrument. The brushes are featherweight and measure 7 inches (handle length) and 13 inches (including bristles). They are comfortable to grip, and they do not get slippery because of your hands sweating.

I purchased a pair a year ago as I know that Promark has been excellent in their products. I have been using it for one year now, and I can assure you that the product still helps well as if new. It has not shed even a single bristle, and bristles are still well-spread for better sweeping. What is more, these brushes are perfect for mesh drums.

Nevertheless, I would not recommend these brushes to someone who pursuits a professional drumming career. The brush is very efficient for training, but the sound quality is not that good to be used at a professional stage. It is, however, worth the small cost it bears. Check out the advantages and bad sides of these brushes summarized below.

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  • Really cheap
  • Can be used as an alternative to drumming rods
  • Retractable
  • Quality needs improvement
  • Slightly heavier for jazz
  • Not the best sound

6. Wire Retractable Loop End Drum Brushes for Jazz Drum Stick – Awesome for Jazz Drums

The manufacturers are enhanced in quality putting into consideration rusting and leaving marks on your drum. These brushes are perfect jazz brush drum sticks with a lightweight feature. Note that this retractable jazz drum brush is delivered in a pack of two as well.

The wire ends are coated to prevent them from rusting. Coating additionally helps reduce the risk of tearing your drum heads. The brushes measure 34 cm in overall length. The wires measure 14 cm while the handle measure 18 cm. The smooth rubber handle retracts to protect the bristles from bending.

Frequent retracting will, however, cause more bending so I would like to advise you only to retract them when they are in use. Jazz music is slow and is better when played at a lower volume. These brushes have been built just for that. That’s why they impeccably fit for a jazz instrument.

I have to admit that this is the cheapest high-quality brush available in the market. I have been using these brushes for my jazz equipment for a couple of years, and they have served me just right. I profoundly recommend you to try these items and join the great experience of users of this high-quality product. The sound is enhanced and unique. It is easily affordable.

For owners of other drum sets, I would like to note that this product does not offer the best service, so you can probably consider other brushes from this review suitable for your instruments. Here are some pros and cons of these brushes that I would like to highlight.

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  • Very cheap
  • >High-quality
  • The metal coating prevents rusting
  • Retractable
  • Limited to jazz drums

7. Vic Firth Steve Smith Tala Wand – Unusual Drum Brush Alternative

Steve and Vic, the manufacturers, have gone ahead to produce a wooden drum stick for an enhanced sound that can work both as drum sticks and drum brushes. The middle of this stick is soft, and it is surrounded by several bamboo rods. It is intended for low volume and smooth sweeping. The stick is 16 inches long, offering the best balance and bouncing. It is hard and does not break easily. This is no doubt the best drum brush alternative.

Having used them for over one year, I have the confidence to say they are perfect for professional use. I have tried a variety of rods with most of them not lasting past the three-month mark. These have endured the falls and remained intact. The only challenge is that they have become louder since the foam endings have grown weary. The rods also easily fall from the case making it hard to play the drum continuously. You need first to shovel them back. Anyway, as a result of the service I have got from the rods, I will make a second purchase with confidence. The product is worth the investment.

This is what you haven’t tried before, and thus, I profoundly recommend you to try these unusual items. I can guarantee no regrets after purchase. Just be aware of the issue with the detaching rods. Below you can find other pros and cons I found important to mention.

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  • Sturdy
  • Suitable for semi-pros and pros
  • Great low volume
  • Different colors to enjoy
  • Foam endings wear out after a while
  • The rods come out of the case easily

8. Regal Tip Guitar Strap (595N) – A Perfect Drum Brush to Get a Softer Sound

This is a nylon bristles drum brush that provides even a softer sound. The bristles are well-spread to give a better sweeping experience and a fatter sound. They are held in place by a durable aluminum foil, and they do not easily get detached. With the nylon brushes, bristle bending or falling becomes a thing of the past. Every touch brings you closer to a unique soft sound that is worth experiencing.

I have reviewed and used several wire drum brushes, and their main irk was bending of the metallic bristles. When the ends bend, it is hard to use the item again. The bending also happened as a result of frequent retracting and poor storage. Not to mention that the wires can get stuck on clothes and fabrics.

The manufacturer has over 49 years in the market, and the experience it poses is not just involved in selling brushes but also a variety of drumming instruments. The manufacturer stands behind its products and offers a warranty against defects. As a person who purchased a pair of thee drum brushes not a while ago, I would like to note that the product is delivered in the same state as advertised.

Whether you play your instruments in a loud venue or at home, the sound is perfect for every occasion. It is fun to use these brushes, and that is why one pair is never enough as all of them work differently. I would recommend you buy a variety of brushes and enjoy playing your drums, so you can make use of the one that fits the situation perfectly.

The pair of these brushes are worth every penny spent. They are built to last, and I suggest you give them a try and rest guaranteed you won’t regret your decision. In case you have another pair, you can buy this one to achieve uniqueness and better sound enhancement.

The brushes are lightweight and portable. They have high resilience to bending, therefore, carrying them with you wherever you go should not pose a big challenge. Here are advantages and the only one con I find about these brushes:

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  • Retractable
  • Resilient to bending
  • The most high-quality among others
  • Provide perfect sound
  • A bit shorter than usual ones

9. RegalTip 593C Regal Brushes Clay Cameron – The Best Drum Kit Cymbal Brush

This is a great drum kit cymbal brush with gentle well-spread wires for a better experience playing the cymbal. The holder is made of rubber, and it is long enough to work as a stick.

The wires are well-fixed on the rubber handle to ensure they do not fall out. This rubber handle offers a great grip for long hours of playing without getting slippery. The kit is well-designed to play the cymbal. The only challenge with wire brushes is their wire bending, which may cause inconveniences when playing the instrument.

At the beginning of my drumming career, I was not sure how the brush could be used as a stick without it being retractable. It was until I learned that you need to use the reverse side in order to utilize it as a stick. However, this is not a one-in-all solution to me because it feels like a desperate move when you lack a stick. It is among those discoveries made when options are limited, and the urgency is demanding. Nevertheless, there are a lot of professional drummers who enjoy utilizing such types of drum brushes exactly this way.

I like the fact that this drum brush kit is advertised as a durable brush other than as a two-in-one instrument. There are some great features it possesses; however, that usually comes in all the products that are hard to ignore. Among the features, the one I like the most is the round base of the bristles. It ensures a swift sweep and a delightful sound. It additionally enables you to get quite a variety of sounds. The different sound varieties come in place depending on the pressure used.

Despite my disappointment in their non-retractable ability, I went ahead to enjoy the service of the brush. In case you are searching for a brush with the best length and balance, I highly recommend you purchase this one. Up to date, the bristles have not folded, and their storage is quite simple. It is the best non-retractable brush I have ever used. It is worth every penny you pay.

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  • Durable
  • Appropriate length
  • Worth the venture
  • Produces a variety of sounds
  • Not retractable

10. Latin Percussion LP-CCB Cajon Brushes – The Greatest Option for Cajon Lovers

The item is retractable with the rolling rubber entirely shielding the bristles from damages. The brush is delivered in a pair. You can easily adjust the wideness of the base for a smoother, softer, and even louder sweeping. It is available for use in a variety of sets, but it is perfectly crafted for Cajon. The bristles are made of nylon, and they do not bend at all. They are flexible for an even lighter playing style.

Metallic bristle ends provide a high and sharp sound. The bristle ends on these brushes are made of rubber, which results in increased bass response. I have been using many brushes, but I never had an experience with a good bounce. Or rather, it was until I bought these brushes. They have handles that are weight-balanced to produce a great rebound. These are among my favorite items and I still use these brushes in most cases.

It is not the rough texture that makes griping the item easy and perfect. The specially designed handles enhance everything. You will be surprised with the quality of the pair of these Latin Percussion LP-CCB Cajon brushes, and quickly you will notice how better your music experience got.

The product is developed by passion, and that’s why the quality is unquestionable. This is truly a must-have for drummers. It should be in your drum brushes set. If it isn’t already, I would strongly advise you to try these brushes right away. You won’t regret the quality of these brush tools because the kind of service I got from the pair is overwhelming. I therefore profoundly recommend you try the item for a great musical experience. It is worth every amount spent. Here are more pros and cons to consider.

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  • Durable
  • Bristles do not bend
  • Great rebound
  • Well-designed handles
  • Not perfect for a variety of drums
  • Not retractable

Now, Have You Decided on Drum Brushes to Go With?

As I come to the end of my review on the best drum brushes, I would like to give a highlight of the things to consider when buying a drum brush. It is essential to come up with all the characteristics that play a significant role for you when it comes to drum brushes. However, there are general highlights I incorporated to prepare this detailed overview:

  • Cost. This is the biggest constraint towards purchasing an item. You need to look for an affordable price for the brushes, yet keep in mind the quality it should have. I would recommend you to set a spending limit, and I assure you there are a lot of goods to match that limit. Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase. Buying the best doesn’t come that easy. Take time and compare different products. It is all for your advantage.
  • Quality. Buy the brushes that are already tested against breaking or cracking, and these reviews will definitely help you to find out more about the most popular and worth trying brushes. Buying poor-quality drum brushes will not only affect their lifespan but also will go ahead to produce an unpleasant sound. What is also important to note, low-quality brushes might leave marks on your instrument, thus, damaging it, and it is probably the last thing you are interested in.
  • Brand. There are companies which have been in the market for many years. Their long-term presence and popularity hence must be empowered by the production of high-quality or affordable products. This is the only way they could survive and gain numbers of their loyal customers. Many people, however, fear going after brands because they feel the cost here is unreasonably high. But do not fear to check out great drum brushes from this comprehensive review. Just as you have already bought your drum set, TV set, or mobile phone from well-known brands, it is worth going ahead and doing the same for your musical accessories. Also, they are still cost-effective as you do not need to buy new drum brushes every month because of their bad quality.
  • Usability. In case the two-in-one brush exists, I would recommend you at least try it once and take advantage of the two-sided use. You may like it or may not, but what is for sure, the drum brush side will be high-quality and will serve you for a long time. Likewise, look for a product you are sure will give the best outcome when used with the instrument you are playing. Always check out the compatibility of the products.

Concerning the factors that stand out for me when it comes to a perfect brush and its ability to meet my expectations, I have a list of important features to always keep in mind. These are specific options that make me feel that the brush is more than valuable for my drums.

They include:

  • Retractability. This enables you to use the brush as an alternative to a rod. It also ensures the brush is easy to store.
  • Resilience to bending. It improves the overall drumming experience.
  • Coating of bristles or wires. This protects the delicate drum surface from damage.

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to use a variety of brushes for more enhanced sounds. Do not just carry one pair in your bag. From my experience, I can say that it is worth having a collection and rest assured your musical experience gets better forever. It is the final piece of advice I would like to give you. Experience something different from time to time to develop your music experience.

Well, the time has come, and we have to part for a moment. I am preparing more reviews to share with you for the next article. Are you still not sure of what product to buy? Have you used any drum brushes mentioned above? Tell me about your experience! The comment section is open, and should you have any concerns about choosing drum brushes, I will be happy to help you with them.

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