Best Drum Mics Kit Reviews & Guide

So, you’ve finally made up your mind to set up your home drum studio? Dude, I’m so proud of you! Perhaps, your drums are not powerful enough for your current live gig venues? Looking for some quality drum mic upgrade tips? In either case, you could use some nice drum mics. And no, not just nice. I’m sure you’re looking for the best drum mics that would also make a great bang for your buck.

Whether you’re seeking the best bass drum studio mics or any other mic type, I’m here to lend you a helping hand and provide my expert reviews. If you’re wondering whether you should use one mic or a kit to record your drums, I have an answer to your question. As a professional drummer with 20 years of experience, I highly recommend using a multi-piece setup — if you want to achieve superior sound quality, that is.

In this post, I will answer the important question regarding the choice of the best mics for a drum kit to start your recording journey with. Read on to learn more about the best-selling drum mics on Amazon that I’ve tested and found superb for the price. You can trust my reviews because they rely upon my and my bandmates’ experience, as well as other high-profile musicians’ expertise, ratings, and recommendations.

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Drum Mic’ing: How and Where to Start

If you’re just starting to practice drum recording at your home studio or elsewhere, you’re most likely wondering about getting the best equipment for your needs. I’ll guide you through the issue of drum mic’ing basics, from choosing the mic kit to positioning and technique. Actually, you can use various types of mic sets to record drums, from a sole microphone to a whole pile of mics capturing the sound on each level of height and making the best out of your performance.

Top 10 Best Drum Mics Kits

1. Pyle Pro 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit: Worth the Money

Even though these mics are not as awesome as Shure (for sure!), they’re still excellent. For such an affordable price, the construction and longevity of the Pyle Pros are top of the line. These mics are all-metal construction, the overheads work very well while the snare and tom mics boast excellent sound and dynamics. Decent sound quality comparable to high-end mic kits, excellent quality of the recording, well-designed customizable clips, and very reasonable price. These are just a few advantages of the Pyle Pros — the best cheap drum mics according to my personal research.

The kit comes in a well-made James Bond-ish metal case, while the items are smartly and carefully packaged in cut-out foam. These mics are powerful enough to provide you with everything sufficient to record a full drum set. I’ve tested them for live and they worked like a charm. I haven’t tried the mics for studio sessions, but I’m pretty much sure that with the right EQ they can easily compete with the best brands of drum mics out there.

Remember that in the majority of cases more expensive doesn’t equal higher quality. Pyle mics are the best if you’re on a tight budget. In any case, you can buy the Pyle Pros now and use them as a backup set once you’re ready to buy something more sophisticated (and less wallet-friendly). So if you’re looking for the best budget drum mics that will also please you with their quality, opt for the Pyle Pros. Those are pretty awesome mics for the price!

PYLE-PRO Pyle 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Kit-Kick Bass, Tom/Snare & Cymbals Microphone Set-for Drums,...
784 Reviews
PYLE-PRO Pyle 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Kit-Kick Bass, Tom/Snare & Cymbals Microphone Set-for Drums,...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Each Microphone piece is tuned to capture everything from low end punch to sensitive / flat sound. The big drum microphone is designed for bass drums & low frequency instruments, the small drum mic is for Tom & snare drums & the overhead condenser mics are for cymbals, pianos, & vocals.
  • COMPACT & VERSATILE: This instrumental microphone kit by Pyle Pro is designed for just about any set of drums or other musical instruments & the Compact size of the microphones makes it ideal for close recording.

  • Good sound quality.
  • Excellent recording quality.
  • Very affordable price.
  • Tight and superb drum mount clips with metal screws.
  • The tom and snare mics are smooth and really easy to connect to the rims of the drums.
  • The clips are potentially non-durable.

2. CAD Stage 7 Drum Mic Pack: Pro Sound & Great Price

Another set of very decent low-cost mics. The kit includes seven top-notch custom drum mics, integrated clips, and a soft-sided zippered carrying case. The set flaunts sturdy construction, straightforward installation, solid clear sound, nice quality cables, and overall good value for the price. The mics are not the most outstanding on the market. But they get the job done, which is especially good for amateurs.

With some nice EQing and the right placement, they could make the best drum mics for live sound. The only tiny disadvantage is that you will need to tighten the tom and snare mics if you don’t want them to move easily. The CAD Audio company has been in the audio industry for almost 90 years already. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative and budget-friendly high-quality studio and live microphones.

Of course, if you have enough money, I would recommend buying the Shure mics for the utmost professional use. But if you’re a beginner on a tight budget, this mic set is the best choice! Perhaps you’re not very much into all-in-one kits? Well, I’m more on the flexible side here. Trust me, in this case, the awesome combination of excellent quality, cost-effectiveness, and convenience will make you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth!

CAD Audio Stage7 7 Piece Drum Mic Pack - Includes Kick Mic, Snare Mic, 3 Tom Mics and 2 Overhead...
79 Reviews
CAD Audio Stage7 7 Piece Drum Mic Pack - Includes Kick Mic, Snare Mic, 3 Tom Mics and 2 Overhead...
  • 7 high quality custom drum mics
  • Integrated clips save on stand expense

  • Great sound for a home studio.
  • The kick mic works very well and provides plenty of punch.
  • Easy to assemble and move around.
  • Very affordable

3. Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit: Best Bass Drum Mics for the Price

The Shure Drum Mic Kit features 3 SM57 microphones, 1 Beta 52A microphone, 3 A56D drum-mounting systems, and a long-lasting hard-shell case. By purchasing this kit, you get 3 SM57s — feel free to use them for instruments e.g. guitar amplifiers. If you combine this kit with a nice condenser, you’ll get a complete set of great studio mics. The kit is really easy to hook up.

One of the greatest advantages of these mics is their versatility. For instance, the clear and clean SM57s work very well for toms, excellent for snare and they also work ideal with alternative instruments e.g. guitars. The Beta 52 is one of the best live bass drum mics. You’re going to need to get your own cables though. You can utilize two of the Shure SM57s as overheads for some time. But eventually, I recommend investing in two high-end mics for overheads.

So if you’re looking to get into solid recording gear (the best mics for snare drum in particular), this kit is a very nice starting point. You can always get more mics once you have extra money. Toms, cymbals, snare, bass drum, guitar cabinet – the quality of the recording is top of the line. No wonder everyone loves Shure so much. Awesome mics! The kit was definitely made to last. In other words, Shure will never let you down. By the way, the Amazon price for the Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit is the lowest out there.

Shure DMK57-52 4-Piece Drum Microphone Kit
163 Reviews
Shure DMK57-52 4-Piece Drum Microphone Kit
  • The industry standard for snare and a reliable high-performing choice for toms
  • Perfect for the kick drum this mic derives low-end punch and sonic presence from a carefully tailored frequency response.

  • Wonderful sound and performance.
  • Great sturdy holders.
  • Easy to install.
  • Best value in mics out there.
  • Great deal for the price.
  • You will need to get your own cables.

4. Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone Kit: Totally Worth the Investment

Looking for the awesome Big Boy performance and sound? The Sennheiser E604’s kit is your best choice! The mics sound fantastic, the clarity and tone are unparalleled. And they’re very easy to use and maintain. Whether you’re planning to utilize them at your home studio or at a professional one, this Sennheiser drum mics kit boasts excellent performance.

Perhaps, they’re not the smallest and best sounding drum kit mics. But they are relatively compact and not heavy at all. In fact, the Sennheiser E604’s are small enough to fit in between toms. These microphones work like clockwork and they don’t get in the drummers’ way.

While they’re promoted as some of the best live drum mics, they can also be stand-mounted and utilized to mic other instruments. In short, these babies are totally worth the investment!

Sennheiser Pro Audio E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone Kit, 3-Pack
121 Reviews
Sennheiser Pro Audio E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone Kit, 3-Pack
  • Three microphones included in this package.
  • High sound level handling

  • Great sound.
  • Easy to EQ.
  • Compact and durable.
  • These mics fit almost any drum.
  • Ideal for multitrack recording of live gigs.
  • Installation is not very straightforward. But you’ll get used to it.

5. Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit: Pro Sound Quality

Now, a few words should be said about the Shure microphone manufacturer. This company of engineers (as well as performers, artists, and even fans) is one of the most reliable audio brands out there. It has been creating sound products for almost 100 years already — just imagine the depth of their experience! The team behind Shure has turned the job of making superb mics into a passion.

These days, Shure is still riding the leadership wave when it comes to making superior mics and audio electronics. The company has achieved the gold standard in terms of the price/quality ratio. As for the PGADRUMKIT7 Drum Microphone Kit, it contains a full collection of professional quality mics created to produce top-notch sound for both live performances and studio recording sessions.

Need the best budget overhead drum mics? The kit doesn’t have those. You’re going to have to buy them separately — or opt for an alternative set from our selection. The kit includes mounts and 15′ dedicated cables for each microphone. If you compare these mics and the Audix mics, Shure is definitely better (and less expensive).

The kit will hardly sound like a million bucks recording. However, if you sort out the placement issue and with the top-notch EQ adjustment, you’ll get clear and flat sound for a very attractive price. You will like the clamps, and the levers feel like they’ll outlive you and your whole band (that’s what a lot of my colleagues say as well!).

So if you’re seeking the best drum mics that would cost no more than $1000, this starter kit is exactly what you need! You’re lucky to have found this review because when I was a beginner I could only rely upon my bandmates’ experience.

Shure PG ALTA 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit for Performing and Recording Drummers, includes Mics,...
174 Reviews
Shure PG ALTA 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit for Performing and Recording Drummers, includes Mics,...
  • 1x PGA52 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone
  • 3x PGA56 Cardioid Dynamic Snare/Tom Microphones

  • Pro sound quality.
  • Sturdy and versatile: great to use at clubs, studios, outdoors.
  • Excellent drum clips.
  • Outstanding functionality for the price.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Not the cheapest mic kit, but awesome for the price.

6. CAD Audio Stage7 Premium 7-Piece Drum Instrument Mic Pack: Great Starter Kit for the Price

The mics in this CAD kit get the job done both in terms of live and recorded sound. The sound is not perfect of course (for Shure — again!), but it’s very good, especially on toms and snare. Overheads are nice, kicks are not so bad either, especially with the right EQ. But then again, experimenting with EQ settings is what you always do. And when you have the EQ settings (and placement) right, the mics are awesome. Very good value, I must admit.

The kit may not give you the best studio drum mics, but it’s excellent for the price. Top of the line combo of quality, convenience and affordability. So if you’re looking for the best overhead drum mics live gigs, consider buying this kit. It’ll give you a lot more than that — and for a very reasonable price. Furthermore, these mics are versatile. I’ve used them in my studio on drums as well as guitars, amps, and vocals. Very good!

Of course, there are better drum mic kits. But this bang is just so good for your buck. If you want them to work to your utmost contentment, just assemble them, record something, experiment with the placement/adjustments, make them sound the way you fancy, and… try not to touch them for some time. Kudos to CAD for designing excellently sounding, cost-effective mics that are great for both the studio and live gigs. You won’t regret buying the kit!

CAD Audio Stage7 Premium 7-Piece Drum Instrument Mic Pack with Vinyl Carrying Case + 2 Mic Stands &...
118 Reviews
CAD Audio Stage7 Premium 7-Piece Drum Instrument Mic Pack with Vinyl Carrying Case + 2 Mic Stands &...
  • CAD AUDIO STAGE 7 PREMIUM 7-PIECE DRUM PACK: The CAD Stage7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, one D19 dynamic snare drum mic, and 2 C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads.
  • D10 KICK DRUM MICROPHONE: The D10 is a cardioid, moving-coil dynamic microphone specifically designed and carefully equalized for kick drum capture and reinforcement. Designed for kick drum, excellent results are also obtained when used on floor toms, electric guitar, and electric bass cabinets.

  • Excellent beginner kit for gigs.
  • Compact, durable, easy to use.
  • The cables are of good quality.
  • Overheads are superb.
  • Very affordable.
  • Not very sturdy, but great for the price.

7. Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit: the Best Kick Drum Mics and More

The Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit is a great selection of microphones and mounts, aimed at providing performing drummers with the ultimate package of mics for recording. The kit contains 3 Shure SM57 mics, 1 Shure Beta 52A mic, 3 A56D drum-mounting systems, as well as the compact, long-lasting soft carrying case.

Now let’s take a look at each of the Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit ‘ingredients’ separately. SM57 is one of the best options if you’re looking for the best drum mics for toms and snare. It reproduces sound accurately and beautifully. BETA 52A is exactly what you need if you’re seeking the best mics for kick drum. It comes with its own pneumatic shock mount and installs very easily.

As for the A56D drum mount system, it is compact, reliable, and can be utilized with any typical microphone. You can use this system to place microphones almost anywhere: mic stands, drum rims, and even cymbal stand. The kit comes in a soft, padded carrying case for the ultimately comfortable transportation of each item.

To cut a long story short, this Shure kit is an awesome option to record any type of sound/music. It includes top-notch mics for a very affordable price. The SM57s feel like they’ll last a few wars, and the Beta 52 won’t ever disappoint you. The mounts do take some time to install, but you will get used to the procedure. Add these mics to your collection, for this price it’s a bargain! You cannot go wrong with the Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit!

Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit + (4) XLR Cables Bundle (8 items)
18 Reviews
Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit + (4) XLR Cables Bundle (8 items)
  • Bundle includes four 20' XLR cables, 3 Shure SM-57 Dynamic microphones, a Shure Beta 52A bass drum microphone, and 3 A56D drum mounting clips.
  • The industry standard for snare drum, and a reliable and high-performing choice for toms, Shure's cardioid dynamic SM57 microphone features a contoured frequency response that cuts through the mix with exceptional impact, while reproducing sound accurately.

  • High quality mics.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Great price.
  • Versatile drum mic setup.
  • The kick microphone is fantastic. Big boom!
  • The mounts take some time to assemble.

8. Sabian SSKIT 4 Piece Drum Mic & Mixer Kit w/ 2 Mic Boom Stands and 3 XLR Mic Cables: Excellent Beginner Set

If you’ve been Googling the best drum recording mics review, then you’ve found one. The matched pair of overheads within this kit have been designed purposefully for use as drum overhead mics. Make the most of your cymbals and a powerful kick drum sound. The key element of this set is the Personal Drum Mixer. It’s straightforward but performs brilliantly. And it’s exceptionally functional. Generally speaking, the kit is great to use for live audio applications.

Just like the rest kits within this post, I’ve tested this one and, to be honest, it has absolutely exceeded my expectations. In fact, my guitarist pal and I were amazed by the top-notch quality of the drum recordings this compact set is capable of capturing. So if you want to finally stop getting irritated by the drum mic’ing routine, get this set and enjoy the smoothness of its functioning! This kit is the perfect starting point for amateur recordists.

Sabian SSKIT Sound Kit 4 Piece Drum Mic & Mixer Kit w/ 2 Mic Boom Stands, 3 Cabl
13 Reviews
Sabian SSKIT Sound Kit 4 Piece Drum Mic & Mixer Kit w/ 2 Mic Boom Stands, 3 Cabl
  • Includes 2 Mic Boom Stands and 3 XLR Mic Cables!
  • Utilizes a simple three mic setup for natural sound

  • Compact and durable.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Excellent sound.
  • Top-notch practice kit.
  • You’ll have to purchase an extra stand for the kick drum mic.

9. Audix DP5A Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Multipattern: Sound with a Pound

The Audix DP5A drum kit is great for both live and studio recordings. It includes the 5 mics needed to serve a standard rock package: kick, snare, rack toms, and floor tom. This set of dynamic microphones was specifically made to capture the instrument sounds, particularly, the drum set. Clips, mounts, and a reliable locking aluminum road case also come with this set. Each item within this kit is easy to assemble and position.

Compared to condenser microphones, these mics need neither batteries nor phantom power for signal boosting. You will absolutely love the i5 mic for a snare. And the D6 is one of the best kick drum mics out there. If you’re on the prowl for the best drum mics without EQ, this kit is for you. It requires very little EQ to produce excellent sound and is perfectly and easily adjustable.

The Audix company was launched more than 30 years ago with a goal to develop and manufacture superb, innovative products for the professional audio scene. The Audix mics are internationally acknowledged for their ultra-modern design, excellent performance, and impressive long-lastingness. The team behind Audix is aimed at providing you with the best performing and highly durable equipment.

I highly recommend these mics if you’re looking for a fantastic punchy mic that beautifully replicates the genuine drum sound. The kit is surprisingly lightweight, and the carrying case does a very good job protecting your precious mics during transportation. The Audix DP5A drum kit is definitely well worth the money it costs.

Audix DP5A Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Multipattern
10 Reviews
Audix DP5A Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Multipattern
  • 5 Premium mics for drums and percussion
  • Includes device gooseneck clips for rim mounting

  • Very good sound quality.
  • The i5 for snare and the D6 for kick are super cool.
  • Versatile and easily adjustable.
  • Doesn’t need a lot of EQ.
  • Very durable.
  • The holders are not the sturdiest out there, so be gentle with them.

10. Audix FP5 Dynamic Microphone, Hyper-Cardioid: Best Drum Mics to Back up Other Instruments

This microphone set is a 5-mic package designed for standard drum setups, with dedicated dynamic hyper-cardioid microphones for the snare, kick, and 3 microphones for each of the toms. A sturdy aluminum case comes with the set, together with 5 drum clips and 1 mic clip. F2 is great for both stage and studio use. It’s lightweight, small, and straightforward in positioning.

F5 is a multi-functional microphone for live and studio performances. It can be utilized to mic a wide array of instruments, such as snare, guitar, bass cabinets, and even vocals. F5 reproduces the sound very accurately and naturally. F6 is the biggest mic in the kit, it boasts a 40Hz-16kHz frequency response.

I recommend this drum mic set because it’s worth every penny of the investment. It provides excellent live sound. I know for sure it works very well with other instruments such as bongos, djembe, and even guitar amps. One minor disadvantage is the hefty drum clip size. On the whole, if you’re searching for the best mics for a drum kit to also back up your other instruments, The Audix Fusion FP5 drum microphone set is exactly what you need. Best bang for your buck!

Audix FP5 Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Hyper-Cardioid
6 Reviews
Audix FP5 Instrument Dynamic Microphone, Hyper-Cardioid
  • 5 high quality mics for drums and percussion
  • Includes DFLEX clips for rim mounting

  • Decent sound with the right EQ.
  • Excellent for both studio and stage performances.
  • Great for the price.
  • Superb for drums, guitar amps, bass cabs, brass, and even vocals.
  • The size of the drum clips is not entirely convenient.

Pyle Pro 7-Piece Wired Dynamic Drum Mic Kit118.1 x 169.3 x 31.5 inches5.62 poundsB003FW0IHACompact & Versatile
CAD Audio Stage7 7 Piece Drum Mic Pack - Includes Kick Mic13 x 4 x 11 inches4.6 poundsB004QP2RGU7 high quality custom drum mics
Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit17.1 x 4 x 12.4 inches6.4 ouncesB0002E51C6Perfect for the kick drum
Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid Instrument Microphone10 x 4 x 10 inches2 poundsB0002H0RG8High sound level handling
Shure PGADRUMKIT7 7-Piece Drum Microphone Kit4.5 x 22.8 x 13 inches9.11 poundsB00TTQLAVYPGA81 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphones
CAD Audio Stage7 Premium 7-Piece Drum Instrument Mic Pack With Vinyl Carrying Case39 x 15 x 9 inches20 poundsB01DOEPUTEIncludes 7 Professional Microphone Cables Heavy Duty XLR, 25ft.
Shure DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit17.1 x 4 x 12.4 inches14 poundsB0019F4ZL0Top quality microphones and an affordable price
Sabian SSKIT 4 Piece Drum Mic & Mixer Kit6 x 20 x 45 inches27 poundsB01E67ZLLUIncludes 2 Mic Boom Stands and 3 XLR Mic Cables!
Audix DP5A Instrument Dynamic Microphone16 x 5 x 13 inches8.6 poundsB000GK7YXKAll mics feature vlm Capsule technology
Audix FP5 Instrument Dynamic Microphone16 x 5 x 13 inches10 poundsB0030CI2L4Includes DFLEX clips for rim mounting

Collecting the Best Drum Mics for Your Own Beginner Setup

The cornerstone of your superb drum sound is the general ‘picture’ of the performance of your kit provided by your overhead microphone. So that’s where I recommend you to start. Get one or two decent overhead mics to capture the juiciness of your overall home studio performance. Keep in mind that the closer you position these mics to the kit, the better they will sound. No wonder they say that correct positioning is key.

We live in the stereo era, no doubt. But If you’re just getting into drum recording (and if you’re on a tight budget), I recommend you to start with one overhead mic. Then, gradually, complete your mic kit with other microphones. Make the most of your ears experiment with positioning and adjustments. Once you feel you need another overhead microphone, make sure you create an equilateral triangle between the snare and each of the overheads. Experiment with positioning and place your mics where the studio sounds best.

Then, move to get a decent kick drum mic. Just like the overheads, it’s best, to begin with, a single mic and adjust the sound to its utmost capacity. Add one more kick drum mic only if you really feel that you need it. Next, get an excellent snare drum. Position it about 5 inches away from the point where the drummer strikes the head of the drum. As for toms, the mic is usually positioned at the top head of the drum.

When it comes to a hi-hat, the precise mic positioning depends on the situation. Typically, it is placed at the top looking right down at the hats. In either case, before getting (or assembling) the best drum mics kit to suit your needs, make sure you know exactly what you need. Explore your drums. Listen carefully to the sound.

One of the main rules of getting impeccable drum sound is hearing your drums’ potential, making the most of it, and eventually capturing the achieved perfection. In my other articles, I will teach you in more detail how to get closer to this level of perfection.

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Out of the Best?

A lot of drummers who are looking to start recording themselves playing are overwhelmed by the choice of equipment available. If you’re one of them, don’t fret. You are definitely not alone. Whether you’re planning to record yourself for YouTube or looking for the best drum mics for cymbals live sound, don’t hesitate to rely upon my recommendations above.

Even though the best drum mics for the cymbal won’t leave your wallet empty, I still recommend choosing your current equipment based on your budget. If you’re looking for a top-notch brand, then you might have to splurge a little bit more because the Shure mics, for instance, can be more expensive than some other brands

Make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of saving a few dollars for some extra goodies. Always choose the best tom drum mics (and other mic types) with durability and top-notch quality in mind. Don’t forget that there’s a multitude of fakery out there. Be careful and always read as many reviews on the topic as possible.

So if you’re aiming to achieve some solid sonic effect and opt for the best drum mics for low-volume cymbals and pads out there, bookmark my website and make the most of my recommendations. I update my product listings on a regular basis. What about your experience in choosing and/or using drum mics? Leave your comment below to let us know about it. I will be happy to discuss your preferences with you.

Need professional advice for your individual situation? Looking for the best drum tom mics for isolation and could use a recommendation on what’s currently best on the market? Ask your questions below. I will get back to you ASAP with recommendations on the best drum mic kit for your individual needs! In either case, I’ve recommended you the best options out there. You’re now ready to choose the best out of the best!

  1. Another great review, Chad. I’m using a Shure drum kit for my home recording studio, I would say these are the best bass drum mics I ever used, total overkill. In my opinion, the set of 4 microphones is enough to record any instrument you want, especially drums. I think it’s worth investing in these if you have a home studio as I do.

  2. If you’re choosing the best drum mics for live sound many would say that you should look for Shure microphones, these are everyone’s favorites. But I agree that these ones are pricey enough and basically you’re paying for the brand, but their quality is undeniable. Though I must admit the CAD stage set you mentioned here is a pretty good alternative to Shure.

  3. Everybody’s talking about Shure or Sennheiser equipment, but I’m glad that you mentioned other brands like Audix in your review. Me and my drummer consider these as the best drum mics without eq because of it’s punchy kick sound, it’s just great from the start and totally fits for playing both rock and pop.

  4. Nice review, Chad. You tried to answer which are the best mics for a drum kit and I like how you covered that in this article. From my perspective the more microphones you’re using the more problems you’ll get, but using a set of 5 dynamic mics is usually enough to record anything.

  5. Thanks for making this guide. I was looking for the best drum mics for cymbals for live sound because my band is planning to do our first recording ever. We already did some testings with Audix and Sabian kits at the studio and can’t decide which one to choose, both sound great.

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