Best Cymbal Bag and Cases to Protect Your Cymbals from Damage

Every musician must take good care of their equipment if at all they want them to last. It might take years for you to get your set exactly the way you desire. The best drum bags protect your beloved drumsticks and cymbals, regardless of whether they are brand new or slightly used.

It is relatively easy to believe in the assumption that all cymbal bags are created equal, and can meet each of your needs. In terms of size, you can find cymbals ranging between 18 inches to 24 inches.

It is significantly costly to invest in a good drum set. For this reason, the last thing you would want to encounter is to damage them while ferrying them to a rehearsal or gig. Investing in a high-quality cymbal bag or case could change all this for the better. It will also ensure that you do not waste your money through mediocre instruments that will break down before you maximize their full potential. This article is, therefore, a comprehensive cymbal bag review of the best brands on the market for the year 2022.

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An In-Depth Evaluation of the Top Cymbal Bags

Cymbals are costly, and thus it is vital to take good care of them. Different manufacturers have designed cymbal bags to assist you to attain the best protection for these instruments. However, different brands perform differently. Some have outstanding features that make them more reliable. I analyzed various brands, and I found some to be the best. Here is the analysis of the best brands:

1. Protec HR230 Heavy Ready Series- 22”: Durable Cymbal Bag

Yet another masterpiece from Protec Co., which is a company known for manufacturing highly durable apparel and gear using innovative research and development techniques. They have hired experts who cater to the designing, production, and marketing of their various products.

The company utilizes world-class production equipment in addition to conducting an all-around quality assurance right from the raw materials, manufacturing, and end-product. What’s more, Protec has an effective control and management system. It has attained the relevant environment, quality, occupational health and safety, various management system certificates, and a couple of copyrights.

Among their range of bags is the Protec HR230 Heavy Ready Series- 22”. I find this bag a perfect fit, especially for my RAV drum. This bag also comes with a well-padded and reinforced bottom. The HR230 is an inexpensive drum bag that makes it possible for me to take out my drum into the world for light-to-medium usage.

However, the strap lacks soft padding. For this reason, it can cause discomfort when carried for long periods. It is one major aspect that has received a lot of criticism from users. Furthermore, it lacks a protective rubberized arch on the bottom. Therefore, you will find that the cymbals eventually start cutting through the bag.

But for a cheap bag, the Protec HR230 is perfect for a start. You will also get ample room for hi-hats-with and a 3-crash. Its front pockets are quite impressive. I would rate this bag 4.3 stars. Below is a table that summarizes both the pros and cons of this bag.

Protec HR230 Heavy Ready Series – 22” Cymbal Bag
492 Reviews
Protec HR230 Heavy Ready Series – 22” Cymbal Bag
  • Comfortable carry handles with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Rugged nylon exterior with reinforced bottom section

  • Its carry handles offer comfort in addition to an adjustable shoulder strap
  • The rugged nylon exterior has a reinforced bottom section
  • Spacious front-side zippered pockets
  • The interior lining is non-abrasive
  • Has soft interior padding
  • The zipper seams and teeth are not durable
  • Lacks partitions, thus making the cymbals rattle while carrying the bag

2. Protec Deluxe 24” 6-Pack: Spacious Cymbal Bag

This is a gig bag whose separators have been encrusted with soft Nylex. It can fit in 6 cymbals with each one in its individual pocket. Protec Deluxe 24” also has an external pocket that you can throw in other accessories. Other features include a shoulder strap and a handle.

The soft Nylex lining in each of the 5 separators prevents your cymbals from rubbing or hitting against each other. It makes your journey less noisy and reduces the rate of wear and tear of your cymbals.

What’s more, the exterior consists of 600D nylon. For this reason, you will be able to use your bag for a long time without experiencing any fading of colors. The 10mm high-density padding is an important feature that prevents your cymbals from tearing their way through your bag. The padded handle wrapping makes it even easier to carry due to less strain.

Its pocket measures 13x17x1.25 inches. Furthermore, the pocket contains an in-built organizer in addition to a small gusseted front pocket. Its physical dimensions provide a lot of space for your drumming kit components.

The Protec Deluxe 24” 6-pack cymbal bag also comes with a well-padded shoulder strapping made of strong metallic snaps. Thus you do not have to worry about the snapping of straps or bruises to your shoulder, especially after extensive use. The accompanying ID tag lets you quickly identify your luggage at a gig or the airport. It keeps your cymbals safe from mistaken identity.

It is a bag that works exceptionally well, particularly if you also have the strap accessory. Another plus is that it does what it should, comfortably protecting 24” cymbals. But in my opinion, the

Protec Deluxe is not an appropriate touring bag. It is generally soft.

In terms of cost, this is a highly affordable bag that still provides significant value for money. Zippers are sufficiently reliable as well. Protec Deluxe 24” is an excellent choice for drummers who use big pipes such as the 22 K Light Ride, 24” K Light Ride, and the 16” K Light hats without a single issue.

Protec Deluxe 24” 6-Pack Cymbal Bag with Padded Dividers and Puncture Resistant Bottom
211 Reviews
Protec Deluxe 24” 6-Pack Cymbal Bag with Padded Dividers and Puncture Resistant Bottom
  • 5 padded cymbal separators and soft non-abrasive nylex lining
  • Rugged 600D nylon exterior featuring high-density 10mm padding and a padded handle wrap

  • Has 5 cymbal separators each lined with non-abrasive soft-lining
  • Padded handle wraps for enhanced comfort
  • A reinforced underside that is puncture-resistant in addition to a soft Nylex lining
  • In-built organizer
  • It is a relatively soft bag not suitable for extended heavy use. But it is perfect for storage purposes and light use

3. Sabian Quick 22 Black Out: Cymbal Bag That Offers Great Value for Money

Sabian is a cymbal manufacturing company that got established in the year 1981 by Robert Zildjian. He was not contented with the sound, quality, and relevance of cymbals available on the market at that time. Since the company’s founding, Sabian has blossomed into a global player in the cymbal and drumming industry.

The name Sabian resonates with style and elegance. This company is popularly known as Sabian Unbound. “Unbound” is not just a tagline. It represents an attitude. It is the break the mold and rebellious approach adopted by the majority of drummers all through their careers.

Moreover, it is this attitude that brought about cymbal varieties the likes of Omni and Holy China into the limelight. While there are a plethora of cymbal manufacturers, Sabian makes cymbals for drummers who maximize their creative juices on whatever they play. You will never find any two similar cymbal brands from this company. Everything has a unique touch and feel.

The Sabian Quick 22 variety is a top-quality backpack that has offered me great value for my money. With its adequately padded straps, you can easily get in and out of your performance gig both comfortably and fast.

It has been well constructed, giving it a sturdy design. Sabian 22 is a nice cymbal bag whose heavy-duty straps enable it to carry heavy cymbal loads. I also like the low profile logo that adds to its physical aesthetics.

The bag is capable of comfortably holding my 14-inch splash cymbal and hi-hats in the outer pocket. You can also pack in your 20-inch ride in addition to 3 crash cymbals, i.e., 18-inch, 17-inch, and 16-inch. Better still, they are all padded on their edges. For this reason, the Sabian quick 22 can endure a significant load without experiencing strain.

However, the single divider and the external high hat pocket only enable it to prevent a pair of cymbals from rubbing against each other. For this reason, it might not be that comfortable to move around with it for long hours or if you are a drummer who frequently uses it to attend gigs. In this case, you will be better off with a more comfortable drum set.

Sabian Quick 22 Black Out Cymbal Bag, Sabian QCB22 Quick 22 Cymbal Bag with Backpack Straps
195 Reviews

  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Has properly-padded heavy-duty straps that enable you to enter and exit your gig quickly
  • Has a sturdy build
  • Only one hat pocket and divider on the exterior

4. Sabian 22” Basic Cymbal Bag: Best for Armature Drummers

Sabian is a cymbal brand that resonates well with all drummers. The list of items they offer comprises not only of top-of-the-line instruments, but also some lower-priced bags aimed at drummers who do not want to strain their finances. The cheaper models are usually ideal for drumming trainees, enthusiasts, or drummers who partake in small gigs.

This bag veers a bit towards the “basic” side, which is fine for the average drummer, or if you only take your cymbals to and from practice venues, and don’t go through frequent transportation. The bag can accommodate multiple cymbals.

It also comes with padding that offers protection to your equipment. The shoulder strap enables you to carry the bag around easily. Besides, it is effortless to insert and remove your drums from the bag.

One downside to this cymbal bag is that it lacks any inbuilt dividers. In case you intend to carry more than a single Cymbal, you need to improvise your dividers. Therefore, you might have to get busy and make them yourself. Other people use automobile carpets, while some go the entire distance to buy them separately.

But for its price tag, it is difficult to argue. And although it is incapable of having the compact capacity of the hard casing, it is still a good choice for amateur drummers or drummers who lack a quality drum kit worthy of being carried around.

While giving it a try, I was surprised to find out that the bag could hold up to 6 Sabian cymbals with a lot of room. Thus, it is spacious.

I also feel that it is a bit overpriced since it does not come with the thick foam padding found in other cheaper bags. It also lacks cymbal sleeves, but that is just okay.

The bag is particularly ideal for the storage of cymbals and is as good as those cymbal dividers you see in other brands. It is effortless to retrieve your cymbals from the cymbal stand and fit them into the Sabian 22”.

Its zippers are seemingly okay, and the hand straps have been properly sewn. Metal attachments on the arm strapping are a plus since some brands use plastic. Lastly, its separate pockets can be used to hold your drumsticks.

Sabian 22' Basic Cymbal Bag (61035)
143 Reviews
Sabian 22" Basic Cymbal Bag (61035)
  • Catalog ID: 61035
  • Holds up to a 22" Cymbal

  • Provides extra padding and room for cymbals
  • Has a double-stitched nylon exterior for increased strength
  • Padded on the inside and has a scratch-resistant short-plush tender interior lining
  • Does not include dividers

5. Chromacast CC-CPB-BAG-20: Affordable Cymbal Bag

The 10-inch bag is one of ChromaCast’s most outstanding bags. ChromaCast is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of musical instruments, portable keyboards, home and kitchen accessories, Bass guitar cases, and bags, in addition to portable keyboards.

But in this particular review, we will focus more on the 20” padded cymbal bag by ChromaCast. It is a circular drumming bag available in different sizes. These are 20 inches, 22 inches, or 24 inches. Therefore, you can choose from options depending on your needs. What’s more, this cymbal bag enables the easy, safe, and comfortable transportation of your cymbals.

Its ruggedness enhances the security of your cymbals thanks to the long-lasting nylon canvas material found on the exterior surface. The interior comprises pure nylon with thick padding measuring 10mm. It enables you to make it to your gig, devoid of any annoying scratches or dings. Additionally, the exterior front pocket is spacious enough for those extra drumsticks, drum keys, cell phone, or your music sheets.

The comfortable shoulder strap offers you the opportunity to transport your drumming equipment hands-free. For this reason, it becomes extremely easy to commute or travel in between gigs.

It is affordable, which is rather an amazing deal considering its quality. One major downside, however, is that it lacks separate compartments for each cymbal. Therefore, you will have to bear with some noisy grinding and collisions.

I would accord this bag a 5-star review when I am using it as my bass drum bag. I’m not sure if I would give a similar rating when using it as a cymbal bag. It is because it lacks some features I am accustomed to. Nevertheless, it has a reasonable price point, which makes it a worthwhile investment for light use.

ChromaCast CC-CPB-BAG-20 . 20-Inch Padded Cymbal Bag
837 Reviews
ChromaCast CC-CPB-BAG-20 . 20-Inch Padded Cymbal Bag
  • 10 mm thick padding
  • Two Reinforced Carry Handles, One Shoulder Strap

  • The reinforced handles offer added comfort
  • Spacious front pockets for extra items
  • Available in different sizes to meet various needs
  • Has a rugged build consisting of durable materials
  • Lacks separators for multiple cymbals

6. Zildjian 22” Deluxe Backpack Cymbal Bag: the Best Cymbal Bag on the Market

Avedis Zildjian is the company that manufactures the Zildjian brand of drum bags and musical instruments. It is jointly owned by Americans and Armenians and is the largest manufacturer of drumsticks and cymbals all over the world. Its founder was known as Avedis Zildjian.

He founded the company in the year 1632 in Constantinople or present-day Turkey. Today, its headquarters is in Norwell, Massachusetts. All models of Zildjian drumsticks, cymbals, percussion mallets, in addition to other drum accessories are renowned for their high quality and durability.

The Zildjian 22” Deluxe cymbal bag is a streamlined bag that rocks in two guarded dividers in addition to protective features to keep the cymbals safe. The safety system is built of rubber and embedded into the outer bottom and the interior of the bag. What’s more, its straps are military-grade.

It is a fantastic bag. I particularly love the cymbal compartments and the hi-hat pouch. Furthermore, the bag is very long-lasting. I sometimes carry up to 7 cymbals using this bag. So far, it has fared well for the past four months.

My only concern is about the shoulder strap. It has no padding at all. I would recommend purchasing a customized strap if that is your preferred method of carrying the bag. But for me, the handles are adequate.

If you are a touring instrumentalist, the bag will provide a sturdy carriage for the cymbals. Generally, it offers a lot of conveniences. But after some time, the legs begin collapsing under the weight of the cymbals. I feel that the company should have made the platform sturdier.

When it comes to pricing, this cymbal bag is among the most reasonably priced on the market. Overall, I still love this bag and would recommend it for a casual to a moderately busy drum player.

Zildjian 22' Deluxe Backpack Cymbal Bag
213 Reviews
Zildjian 22" Deluxe Backpack Cymbal Bag
  • Provides superior cymbal protection and comfortable carry straps
  • Dimensions: 23"W x 3"D x 23"H

  • Has cymbal protection features
  • Cymbal dividers are graduated
  • Straps are of military-grade
  • The outer pocket can hold cymbals measuring up to 14 inches in diameter
  • Affordable price
  • Shoulder strap lacks padding

7. Reunion Blues Rbx-CM22: Excellent for a Musician Who Is Always on the Move

Reunion Blues is a company that has been manufacturing some of the world’s top-quality gig bags for over 40 years. Better still, the new RBX series of gig bags showcase a fusion of the company’s passion for first-class quality in addition to the desire to create a lightweight, cheap, and secure gig bag.

The bag is the perfect gift for a musician who is always on the move. Just by taking a simple look, you cannot fail to notice the passion represented through the sleek and highly aesthetic design.

The exterior comprises Quilted Chevron, and the bag also has the signature padded blue lining with a luster.

Its protection system comprises a light multi-layered foam engulfment in addition to internal dividers that are padded to ensure the safety of your cymbals. The knurled grip on the underside has been constructed using abrasion-resistant material. They have also strategically embedded an internal reinforced panel to enhance the bag’s lifespan.

The backpack straps have been padded for enhanced comfort during use, and the signature Zero G handle gives the Reunion Blues uniqueness. The low-profile but large front pocket comes with a replaceable hi-hat separator. Best of all, the item is covered under the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

Reunion Blues RBXCM22 Drum Cymbal Bag
217 Reviews
Reunion Blues RBXCM22 Drum Cymbal Bag
  • Rugged, water resistant Quilted Chevron exterior
  • RBX Protection System featuring lightweight multi-layer foam surround and padded cymbal dividers

  • Water-resistant
  • The protection mechanism features a light multi-layered foam surrounding
  • Has strategically embedded impact panels, a cradle consisting of a multi-layered foam, and an end-pin rest
  • A knurled anti-abrasion grid on the underside protects the cymbal bag both externally and internally
  • Has a spacious front pocket that is of a low profile in addition to an organizer and a cable loop
  • The zippers are not durable

The Final Words

First things first, price is one of the fundamental aspects to consider when buying a cymbal bag. You need to look for a good cymbal bag that matches your financial situation. However, there are still some cheap drum sets that offer excellent value for your money.

Second, you must consider the size of the cymbal bag. Cymbals come in different sizes. It is imperative to make sure that the bag you purchase suits the size of your cymbals. The standard sizes are 20”, 22”, and 24” cymbals. These can also serve you very well in case you have 18-inch cymbals. However, if your cymbals measure 24 inches, you might need a customized bag.

Third, don’t forget about durability. Who wants to make multiple purchases over a short period? Pick a bag that will serve you for an extended duration. Examine its material to see if it is durable.
From my evaluation, I found Zildjian 22” Deluxe Backpack to be the best cymbal bag. It is because it is long-lasting, has cymbal dividers, and has excellent protective features to keep your cymbals safe. Moreover, it is reasonably priced.

Do you always carry your cymbals in cymbal bags? Are they adequately protected? What features do you give priority to when buying a cymbal bag? Share your views in the comment section.

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