Best Cajon Pedal: 7 Great Models Worth Your Attention

People say that music is food for the soul. Well, they aren’t wrong. As for me, instrumental gigs and stage performances work like magic. And to deliver the perfect sound, it is important not only to practice to gain mastery but to have quality equipment to play.

Playing in bands has been my passion for many years. I have extensive experience with playing drums, and today, I will guide you through the specifics of such an important item as the Cajon pedal. In the reviews below, you will read about the seven models I find of exceptional quality, convenient to use, and delivering the right service.

Every brand designs its pedals uniquely. Deciding on the best product that you can purchase to add to your performance may be hard. Thus, you need to know about the differences in models and the exceptional features to look for to easily select the Cajon drum pedal that goes best with your preferences. Thus, let’s start with the reviews where I will be highlighting all the specifics of each item I’ve profoundly selected for this list of the best Cajon pedals available on the market.

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I will guide you through the seven best Cajon pedals with an explanation of their structures and specifics of use. Get to know the models used by professionals and the items I recommend for beginners. I am quite familiar with most of the Cajon pedals on the market since I have used them for a long time for my performances and gained enough experience to share.

Additionally, these reviews will help you to minimize your search process and go for the right product, whether you are purchasing it for performances or just for studio rehearsals. Some musicians also buy Cajon pedals to practice in their garages, but for whichever reasons you need it, I will make sure that you land on the correct option for your needs.

Better yet, I will outline the pros and cons of each reviewed product. Take your time to read all the reviews to make an informed decision.

1. Drum Workshop Inc – Best Cajon Pedal

This pedal is made with a glide track drive technology, and it tops my list of Cajon pedals so far. The advanced technology allows producing an urban sound that can be compared to a bass drum pedal one. With the high level of quality and performance it delivers, this model is worth its price. You, as a player, will hear the difference if you have been using a cheap pedal before.

The item can handle the desired playing speed easily, and the glide track wheel will provide a smooth operation thanks to the double linkage pedal. This Cajon pedal is compact and can be transported easily thanks to the handy carrying bag and three linkage pieces that come within the package.

After performing the required adjustments and the rebound in tapa and batter, it will not take you long to adapt to the feel of this Cajon pedal and make great double beats. This item is suitable for lefties, as it can be easily converted to any side. It may seem pricey at first, but believe me, this model is worth the cost. The pedal is made of high-quality materials, and you will not complain about cable break because of the spring tension with standard fittings if you use this model.

Drum Workshop, Inc. Pedal Mount (DWCP5000CJDL) , Black
31 Reviews
Drum Workshop, Inc. Pedal Mount (DWCP5000CJDL) , Black
  • country of origin : United States
  • package dimensions :6.5" L x 14.25" W x 22.75" H

  • It comes with a glide track drive technology;
  • The pedal can easily handle any desired playing speed;
  • It takes less time to adjust the item thanks to the rebound in tapa and batter.
  • Expensive.

2. Meinl TMSTCP – Direct Drive Cajon Foot Pedal

If you want to combine great sound with extra dynamics when playing, then the Meinl Cajon bass pedal model should be your option. It has a direct drive, which gives you one-piece playability with the support of a bent piece bar that is placed at 45 degrees. Thus, it offers enhanced comfort to your foot during a performance.

The TMSTCP model has a cradle-like mount that is compatible with all standard instruments, and it also protects the Cajon kick pedal from slipping off. The design offers great comfort and a natural foot position. The item is made with a soft beater that can produce ideal bass tones. The pedal bar pivots add to the stability of the tool, while the spring tension turns it into the real bass drum pedal. I like the sound it produces, as well as the comfortability to the foot I have when using this model for rehearsals and gigs.

This is the most affordable product on this list, but it doesn’t mean compromising on the quality. It comes with a two-year warranty and instructions on how to tune the tool.

Meinl Percussion TMSTCP Direct Drive Cajon Pedal
83 Reviews
Meinl Percussion TMSTCP Direct Drive Cajon Pedal
  • The Meinl Direct Drive Cajon Pedal gives you seamless playability
  • Cradle-like mount fits all common cajons and prevents the pedal from slipping off

  • Fitted with a two-year warranty;
  • Large rubber feet for anti-vibration;
  • It comes with a rear sound port for sound tone and amplification;
  • Compatible with all common cajons.
  • It can’t be set up for the left foot use, thus, would be not the best option for left-handed players.

3. Latin Percussion – Percussion Foot Pedal

If you are a drummer or a percussionist looking for an advanced item, then this Latin Percussion model is what you need. This Cajon pedal has a unique design with a 3-inch cable system and a specially designed mount plate to connect it. It has the sound of a hand hitting a front platter due to the spring alterations. The modifications also create a wide variety of other styles to piece.

The patent-pending beater can produce a unique palm sound, which characterizes this item as an advanced tool. Every time I use this Cajon pedal, I feel so free-spirited and inspired, and the distinctive sounds make the tool fun to use. Percussionists can beat their tambourines or shakers alongside this instrument. Thanks to this Latin Percussion model, a Cajon can be easily changed into a kick drum.

The long cables allow the performer to place the Cajon and its pedal comfortably. This exceptional provides a charming low bass tone that is ideal for quiet audio concerts. However, you can use it for any rehearsals or performances, as the spring tension can be adjusted to fit different playing styles.

Latin Percussion LP1500 Cajon Pedal
49 Reviews
Latin Percussion LP1500 Cajon Pedal
  • Cable driven pedal with superior weight and feel
  • Instantly turns a Cajon into a kick drum

  • It can turn a cajon to a kick drum;
  • A perfect option for percussionists;
  • Features a great cable system of three inches long to place the item where needed;
  • The adjustable spring tension allows performing in various styles.
  • It may be difficult to set up the beater to the base plate.

4. ChromaCast CC-CPDL – A Cajon Foot Pedal with Real Feel and Performance

This Cajon pedal is mostly designed for drummers who want to achieve a real feel and high performance. Many users look for tools that can provide quick tension and feel while playing, and this Chroma Cast model is the answer to such searches. The pedal has a direct line cable connection, which ensures quick feedback, and a wrench, which allows fast cable adjustments while playing.

With this item, you can set the tension to your playing style by adjusting the spring. The beater, which can also be modified, produces immense bass tones with a real pedal feel. You can easily change the height of the pedal to your liking and the location of the beater to have full control of the performance.

The pedal roller system allows double stroke hits, giving an immediate slap back performance. The tension lock secures the pedal and the Cajon placement while you play, while the T-bar bracket eliminates any movements of the instrument. The steel base is lined with Velcro to avoid the system sliding during your performance. You can play complex and fast rhythms with this Cajon pedal.

ChromaCast CC-CPDL Cajon Pedal
85 Reviews
ChromaCast CC-CPDL Cajon Pedal
  • ChromaCast direct line cable system allow quick response and non-slip playability. Comes with mini wrench enabling quick cable adjustments
  • Spring adjustment system lets you set tension to your own playing style.

  • The spring tension is adjustable;
  • It allows a double stroke bit with an immediate slap back;
  • It can be used for fast rhythms.
  • It may be complicated to assemble the system if you haven’t used a cajon pedal before.

5. Gibraltar G3GCP – An Amazing Cajon Bass Drum Pedal

It is a Cajon pedal with a mount and a strap drive. This model allows you to create real bass drum sound, and with this item, you are assured of productive rehearsals and great performances. If you want to turn your instrument into a perfectly sounding acoustic bass drum, I see no better option than this Gibraltar G3GCP model.

Many professional musicians choose this item thanks to its amazing performance, ease of use, and durability. Also, thanks to the long cable, you have the freedom to set up the Cajon pedal at any convenient place while playing. It has a brace connected to the left spring stand that holds the cover for the cable. This pedal can turn a Cajon into a sound bass drum, and it is especially good for low volume stations.

The tool allows you to play habitually, and both right-handed and lefties can use this Cajon pedal. The spring tension stays firm after the setup, so you can rely on the sound the pedal produces. Cam drives are fixed, so there are no adjustments needed from your side.

The assembling of the Cajon pedal and the instrument may be quite a task, but if you carefully check and follow the instructions provided within the package, you will manage to do it within a couple of minutes. I recommend always reviewing the pedal base position on the Cajon and correspond it with the pedal, taking into consideration the side you want to place the item.

Gibraltar G3GCP Cajon Pedal with Mount
71 Reviews
Gibraltar G3GCP Cajon Pedal with Mount
  • A remote cable controlled pedal with mount that turns a cajon into a bass drum
  • Great for low volume applications where a drum kit is too loud

  • It features a long cord for comfortable placing;
  • Spring tension adjustment possibility;
  • It can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users;
  • It creates various tones and room for concurrent hand play.
  • The two bolts that fix the cajon pedal require constant readjustment.

6. DG De Gregorio – A Remote Drum Box Pedal

This Cajon pedal will make you feel like a professional even if you are starting your drumming carrier. The DG De Gregorio Cajon pedal is easy to mount and use with the detailed instructions provided within the package. This chain-driven item features a telescoping linkage and a foam rubber beater that protects the tapas when you play fast rhythms.

This model has a non-slip Velcro covering that allows fixing its position during the whole performance. Overall, it is a well-constructed item that will serve you for a long. From my experience, I can say that I have been using this Cajon pedal for my gigs for more than a year, and it does its job pretty well. What is more, there are no cables connected that I have to manage for every performance.

It is a great choice for one Cajon but maybe not the best option for two instruments of different sizes. The bracket that connects the Cajon and the pedal is not adjustable and may be too long for some models. However, with this unit working without cable, any small disadvantages fade. I recommend going for this remote Cajon pedal if you are tired of cables breaking all the time and looking for a tool with a rubber covering.

DG De Gregorio Cajon Pedal
5 Reviews
DG De Gregorio Cajon Pedal
  • Adjustable metal bar moves the beaterConnects directly to foot platform

  • Easy to set and assemble;
  • No cable is needed, so nothing will get in your way while performing;
  • It can be fixed well and won’t move while playing.
  • Extremely expensive.

7. Meinl Percussion TMCP – A Great Cajon Foot Pedal with Cable

The pedal allows you to play the quickest patterns while producing a firm kick rhythm by your foot. This model features a soft beater, amount support, and a durable cable with dual adjustability to the spring tightness, which gives a stable feel to your foot and produces great sound. It is noticeable that the mount fits all the common Cajon models, so you won’t have difficulties with placing the pedal in your rehearsal or performance area.

The adjustable springs are located on both the stand and the paddle. This feature allows the player to play fast rhythms easily. Also, with an adjustable cam, you can select at what speed and volume you would like to play. What I like about this model is that it features ultra-smooth and durable cables that are placed horizontally to protect the system from additional tension.

Heavy-duty spurs that are positioned on contact points with the ground allow avoiding the pedal’s slipping no matter the type of floor you are performing on. With the use of the Meinl Percussion TMCP model, any Cajon can easily be converted into a kick drum.

Meinl Percussion Cajon Box Drum Pedal, Cable Drive — Fits All Common Models with Length Adjustable...
124 Reviews
Meinl Percussion Cajon Box Drum Pedal, Cable Drive — Fits All Common Models with Length Adjustable...
  • Cable/chain drive with seamless action — the Meinl Cajon Pedal gives you a smooth feel with its ultra-durable and responsive cable drive system — this pedal has optimal reaction time through its design that relieves the cable of unwanted tension
  • Adjustable cam — double chain drive with adjustable cam to give you total freedom over setting the action of the pedal — angling the cam back toward you results in more spring back for fast playing, while angling away gives you a relaxed feel

  • Designed with a soft beater for optimal bass tones;
  • It comes with durable cables;
  • Adjustable spring tension;
  • Supports any playing spit;
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Not suitable for left-handed players, as it doesn’t have a left setting.

Final Remarks on Selecting the Best Cajon Pedal

I believe I have eased your search for the best Cajon pedal that will fit your requirements and preferences. Although these items may look similar at first sight, each brand has its unique features that you, as a drummer, should know and take into account. Some models are designed for both right-handed and left-handed players, while others may not allow such flexible placement.

Also, it is important to decide whether you are ready to deal with cables or look for a remote model. Make sure to keep in mind the stage arrangement and the studio set up if you pick a Cajon pedal with a cable. Thus, the cable won’t be too long or too short for your place, and you will be able to play without worrying about the setup.

Are you still not sure of the best Cajon pedal to purchase? Are you a novice drummer and need another piece of advice on this item? Use the comment section below to post your questions, and I will gladly reply to them and help you in choosing the best tool for your needs.

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