Best Crash Cymbals — 5 Top-Quality Models in 2022

Crash cymbals play a significant role in the drummer’s setup because they help listeners to understand the accents between the song parts. Usually, the best crash cymbals should have a powerful sound, but they are not meant to last for a long time. Due to a large number of different brands that produce musical equipment of various quality, it may be challenging to choose a drum crash cymbal, especially if you are a beginner. However, very often, even experienced players have trouble purchasing good crash cymbals.

Top Pick
Sabian SBR 16" Crash Cymbal
High-quality material
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Premium Pick
Zildjian 16" S Trash Crash
Brilliant finish
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My friends, ex-band members, and I have tried lots of musical equipment, including different types of crash cymbals. Judging by our experience, I’d like to admit that the best crash cymbal for rock or any other genre are Sabian SBR. I appreciate this model for its high quality at a reasonable price.

5 Best Cymbals Options for Your Drum Kit

  1. Sabian SBR 16" Crash Cymbal
  2. Meinl Percussion 14-inch Crash Cymbal
  3. Zildjian 16" S Trash Crash
  4. Zildjian 16" L80 Low Volume Crash
  5. Vangoa Crash Cymbal, 16" B8 Crash Cymbal Kit for Drum Set, Bronze

Since there is a great variety of different drum equipment, it can be complicated for you to select the one you like. I will help you out by providing a few more quality options that are definitely worth any drummer`s attention.

1. Sabian SBR: Top Pick

Sabian SBR is the best product on today’s list because of its moderate price and high-quality components. It can suit various drum kits because of the size, which is 16”. It is comfortable not only for beginners but also for more experienced musicians. Sabian SBR is not as thick as many 18” cymbals, which makes the instrument more flexible. It is not too thin as 14”, which means the cymbals are not easy to break or crack. It could be hard to find such a quality tool for such a price on the current market.

Thanks to the brass material, it is not difficult to make fast and accurate accents while playing. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year limited warranty. You can get more information about it on the official website of the brand.

Sabian SBR 16' Crash Cymbal
181 Reviews
Sabian SBR 16" Crash Cymbal
  • Fast, punch crash is ideal for accenting
  • Smartly priced, SBr Brass is in a class of its own

  • Attractive price;
  • 16” size allows playing many musical genres;
  • High-quality materials;
  • 1-year warranty available.
  • Some players might not like brass.

2. Meinl Percussion 14” Crash Cymbal: Runner-Up

Meinl HCS cymbals are a perfect option for teachers, beginners, and students because of their affordable price, size, and materials. First of all, I`d like to point out that Meinl Percussion is a popular brand that creates quality percussion instruments at a reasonable price. The company is located in Germany.

The product`s size is 14 inch which means it will provide you with an excellent quality abrupt sound. This product is great at fast crashes. The material it is made of is brass.

The instrument has a special finish that protects it from tarnishing. Judging by the experience of my friends, HCS from Meinl Percussions will easily last for a long time. The design is durable and solid, and the producer offers affordable prices for the product. There is also a 2-year warranty for this cymbal.

Meinl Cymbals 14” Crash Cymbal – HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set Use, Made In Germany,...
622 Reviews
Meinl Cymbals 14” Crash Cymbal – HCS Traditional Finish Brass for Drum Set Use, Made In Germany,...
  • Made for fast and shimmering crash sounds — the 14" Meinl HCS crash is made for fast crash sounds, meaning the cymbal will not ring out long, all while providing a full depth of sound with plenty of volume — it may be used anywhere in a drum set up
  • Designed for beginners and students — Meinl HCS cymbals are designed for beginner and student musicians using a durable brass alloy that maintains its tone while holding up to the brunt of drum sticks — these cymbals are ideal for any style of music

  • Pocket-friendly price;
  • Traditional finish;
  • Quality materials;
  • Produced by a well-known brand.
  • The sound it provides might not be enough for professional drummers.

3. Zildjian 16″ S Trash Crash: Premium Pick

This trash crash cymbal manufactured by the Zildjian company is definitely worth your attention because it offers one of the best sound quality for such an affordable price. The brand is located in Massachusetts. It is the original Armenian-American brand that creates professional-quality musical instruments.

This cymbal is thin and light. You can choose between different sizes. To be more specific, there are 16”, 18”, and 20” available on the website. The most expensive are the tools with the dimensions of 18”. 16” and 20” models feature approximately the same price range.

Trash cymbals are created specifically for drummers who want to perform bright and crisp sounds. This tool will provide you with such a musical experience. It also has a finish that positively affects the sound quality and makes it more clear. All the Zildjian cymbals have a 2-year warranty.

Zildjian 16' S Trash Crash
48 Reviews
Zildjian 16" S Trash Crash
  • Thin-weight crash tone
  • Trashy white noise color

  • You can choose the size you need between various options;
  • 2-year warranty available;
  • Brilliant finish;
  • Great sound.
  • The 18-inch trash crash is the most expensive one among all the options.

4. Zildjian Low Volume Crash: For Smooth Practice

This is another crash cymbal from a Zildjian company that I really enjoyed using. What I like about the product is that it is much quieter than most of the traditional crashes. It is easy to play this crash, thanks to the accurate and comfortable responsiveness of the instrument.

The size of this model is 16 inches. You can also purchase a 20-inch ride and 8-inch splash to get a low volume cymbal kit. The material of this product is bronze. I also like the design of this crash cymbal. It differs from all the previous crashes in this article.

Thanks to the design, the Zildjian cymbal is 80% quieter than other products. In addition, you can get this product for an affordable price. I think that this instrument is great for practice for beginners. As I`ve already said, Zildjian offers a 2-year warranty for all its products, and this cymbal is not an exception.

Zildjian 16' L80 Low Volume Crash
82 Reviews
Zildjian 16" L80 Low Volume Crash
  • 80% quieter than traditional cymbals
  • Play at low volume on an acoustic cymbal

  • Nice price;
  • Fascinating design;
  • Perfect for practice;
  • Durable.
  • You cannot choose the size.

5. Vangoa Crash Cymbal: A Kit Included

The last high-quality instrument on today’s list is manufactured by the Vangoa brand. Vangoa is a Chinese manufacturer of not only crashes but other musical instruments, like guitars. I like that the product`s price is really affordable. Take into account that this cymbal is made of bronze. Thus, it makes it more reliable and long-lasting.

As a bonus, you will get not only one cymbal but also a cymbal mute, drumsticks, and tuning key. The cymbal mute is intended to lower the volume, so it will be more comfortable for your ears to practice longer.

I would like to mention that the sound of Vangoa crash cymbals is as high-quality as one of the products from more popular brands (Zildjian, for example). The size of the item is 16 inches. Vangoa also provides its customers with a 4 Year Music Accident Protection Plan.

  • A kit does not cost much;
  • The cymbal is made of durable bronze;
  • Many useful accessories in a kit;
  • There are no size options.

FAQ on Crash Cymbals

Vangoa Crash Cymbal, 16-inch B8 Crash Cymbal Kit for Drum Set

In this FAQ, I would like to tell you more specs of crashing cymbals. To be more specific, I will discuss crash cymbal sizes, how to choose this type of musical equipment, and the difference between crash and ride.

What is the best crash cymbal?

As I have already mentioned, my favorite on today’s list is a 16-inch crash cymbal manufactured by Sabian. It does not cost a lot. At the same time, it is a quality and reliable cymbal that will not crack after a few years of usage (with average performing technique and proper care). The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the product, and the shipping usually does not take much time (unless you live in a foreign country). Sabian is a Canadian company that produces a large variety of top-quality cymbals. It is popular among many drummers because of the responsible attitude to the customers and professional products.

What is a fast crash cymbal?

A fast crash cymbal is a thin cymbal in a drum kit. Usually, such cymbals are light and have smaller responsiveness compared to the common models. At the same time, the sound they produce does not last for a long time. Fast cymbals allow you to create clear accents and are suitable for fast play. Their price is approximately the same as the common cymbals. I should mention that even an 18-inch crash cymbal can be a fast cymbal. If you want a more extensive sound, you should start looking for a dark crash cymbal that will provide you with the required experience.

How do you choose a crash cymbal?

When choosing good crash cymbals, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Size. As I have mentioned, the size affects the duration of the sound. Usually, players can choose between crash drum cymbals that have sizes from 14” to 18”. The smaller the size, the more flexible your tool will be. However, if you play rock music, it is recommended to choose bigger cymbals.
  • Material. Usually, you can find crash cymbals that are made of bronze or brass. The bronze crashes are the best quality ones that will last for a long time. However, if you want to save some money, you should purchase cymbals made of brass. The quality might not be as high as the quality of the bronze models.
  • Brand. Always pay attention to how popular the brand is. Well-known brands are not likely to risk their reputation and create low-quality products. You can also read some reviews beforehand to understand whether the product is worth your attention or not.

And what is also important, do not forget to play the instrument before buying (if you have such an opportunity in a store, of course).

What size crash cymbal should I get?

Everything depends on the music genre you like to play. For example, if you are a jazz player, it is recommended for you to get a small crash cymbal with a 14” or 15” size. If you like to play rock music, I recommend thicker cymbals. As I have already mentioned, 16-inch crash cymbals can be a perfect choice if you enjoy playing various music genres. There are also cymbals designed especially for practice sessions (for example, Zildjian Low Volume Crash, which you can find on my list). You can purchase this type of equipment to protect your ears with a quieter sound.

What is the difference between crash and ride?

There are a few fundamental differences between the crash and ride cymbals. First of all, drummers use a crash option when they need to emphasize the accents in a song. The sound of a crash is loud. Ride cymbals are usually bigger than crash ones. Drummers can play a ride during the whole song, especially to show a steady pattern. The sound of such equipment is not as explosive as the sound of a crash. The rides also cost slightly more than the crashes.

Perfect Crash Cymbals for Your Performance

I hope that this article was helpful, and now you know more about crash cymbals and will be more confident while buying new ones. Sabian SBR is my favorite option on today`s list because of the durable, affordable material and comfortable size that allows you to play almost any music genre. However, if you seek alternatives, you can browse the list of other four products that I also recommend here.

Do you have any experience with drum cymbals? Which were your first cymbals, and which instruments do you use now? What do you like the most about them, and would you recommend them to your friends? The comments section is always ready for your discussion.

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