Best Drumsticks for Beginners – Start Your Drum Playing with Confidence

When we talk about the best beginner drumsticks, the Donner Snare 5A appears to mind. They are made of high-quality maple wood. This material is perfect because it is durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and allows fast-playing in various styles. Besides, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. After playing, you won’t have waist fatigue, so you can practice as long as you need it.

Donner also allows you to choose from different colors. The drumsticks are comfortable to hold. You will get a perfect rich sound thanks to the teardrop design. In short words, Donner drumsticks are the best choice for a beginner. Of course, other options can be an alternative. And I wrote this review to show you the top 5 junior drumsticks.

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Top 5 Beginner Drumsticks


Playing on drums seems to be simple at the beginning, but actually, it can be difficult if you don’t have suitable drumsticks. Here you will find the most quality sticks I have tried or got many high-grade reviews on.

1. Donner Snare Drum Sticks – Best Drumsticks for Beginners

Nowadays, drummers all over the world have stuck with diverse fashionable patterns that fit their style the most. Donner Snare offers you six luxurious colors to choose from. If you like standard drumsticks with no decoration, you will find them too – and also, you will get a top-quality design. Most beginners choose Donner Snare because it provides durable and resistant sticks that are highly comfortable to play with.

The hammerhead has a water drop shape. This is exactly what you need if you only start playing. Such a design helps you to make a louder noise and prevents the drumsticks from slipping. The body is made of maple wood. It’s quite popular among manufacturers because this material is corrosion-resistant.

Besides being protected from rust, the maple wood allows you to feel confident while playing. The drumsticks are super smooth. They won’t slip or graze your skin; rather, they are very pleasurable to hold. Also, they reduce wrist fatigue thanks to their right shape.

When you buy drumsticks, it’s usually for a long time, at least a year. But what to do with them if you want a new pair? Don’t worry – this model is non-toxical and eco-friendly. That means you should not be afraid that they will damage the environment. But I’m sure Donner Snare will serve you for a long – they can lay on your shelf at home for a long time and wait until you decide to perform some music.

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  • Comfortable shape;
  • Rust-resistant;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Don’t slip;
  • The item has six colors to choose from.
  • Heavier than other models.

2. Sywon Hard Maple Wood Drum Sticks – Beginner Drum Sticks with Spherical Bottom

Some people think that they can choose the first available drumsticks and play like a professional. But they don’t know how much time manufacturers have spent to create the ideal surface. The Sywon sticks are being logged, air kiln dried, sanded, and sealed. This four-step manufacturing process makes them ideal for beginners because the sticks become smooth and polished.

It sometimes happens that drummers damage their hands after extensive playing. The wrong drumstick can be the reason for this. The Sywon drumsticks are provided specifically to reduce waste and hand fatigue. They have a spherical bottom with a smooth covering. It’s ideal for a drummer playing and beginner practicing – or in a short words, it will suit all your needs.

The maple wood makes the drumsticks lightweight. That means you can learn to play faster with them, and it will take a little effort. Besides, you will get a harmonious sound even if you’re a beginner. The teardrop tip is what makes the sound richer and more full. Maple wood drumsticks are perfect for playing jazz, folk, and acoustic styles.

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  • The item has a four-step manufacturing procedure;
  • The drumsticks reduce waist and hand fatigue;
  • Have spherical bottom;
  • Lightweight.
  • No colors to choose from.

3. Musfunny Nylon Drumsticks for Drum Set – Anti-Skid Junior Drum Sticks

Beginners face diverse problems while playing with the wrong drumsticks. Quiet and dull sounds and slipping are common things to happen. But waist fatigue is probably the most widespread and serious problem – it’s a bad idea to play with sticks that damage your hands. That’s why Musfunny provides power grips. They are effectively anti-skid and protect from hand fatigue.

The Stick head has a bubble-shaped design that helps to avoid the second drummer’s problem: low and dull sound. The drumsticks that don’t have teardrop tips are not a bad choice, but beginners need such a design before they adapt to drum-playing. Besides, these sticks allow play faster. They don’t slip, so you can change the hand positions as quickly as you want.

Masfunny drumsticks are made of top-quality nylon. It is a little softer than maple wood, so it can also be an excellent choice for beginners. This material is highly durable. It may last for years without damage – even when you become a professional, these drumsticks will serve you perfectly.

You can choose from various patterns: green, blue, red, black, or classic. Masfunny also offers a green fluorescent color or one of the best light-up drumsticks. Such a design will be a great choice for children – it’s not only lightweight but also has incredible colors.

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  • Non-slipping;
  • Has power grips to reduce waist fatigue;
  • Bubble-shaped tip design;
  • Durable;
  • Various patterns.
  • A package contains only one drumstick pair.

4. Aiex Classic Maple Wood Drumsticks – Classic Design Youth Drumsticks

The Aiex drumsticks have a classic design that is used by drummers all over the world for more than a decade. They are ideal for beginners because they were created by the cut-and-try method. Drumsticks are made of maple wood. Many other wood materials can’t be taken to provide the sticks because they are slipping. The Aiex also polishes the maple wood, so it becomes 100% non-slipping.

If the drumsticks have a teardrop tip shape, it doesn’t mean they will make a full and deep sound. Some manufacturers use low-quality techniques, and the surface becomes not smooth. The Aiex knows the secrets of first-grade manufacturing. Their drumsticks create a perfect sound with not much effort.

Classic design means that the drumsticks have a round tail that doesn’t slip or hurt your hands. Again, not always such a design is made delicately – sometimes, the grip can be too rough. To avoid this, the Aiex polishes the tail and makes a smooth stroke. You can play for hours, and you won’t feel tired, so you will learn to play faster and faster quickly because you are able to practice longer.

These drumsticks are perfect for all drum styles. They will suit children, students, adults, and professional orchestra players. It’s really hard to find top-quality sticks with classic designs at an affordable price. The Aiex offers you this. Besides, you will get a waterproof drumstick bag, or you can choose another best drumstick, a holder.

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  • Durable and resistant material;
  • Made with high-quality technique;
  • Don’t slip;
  • Reduce hand fatigue.
  • Have no colors to choose from.

5. Kasemi Drum Sticks – Good Drumsticks for Beginners and Pros

Drumsticks for beginners should be lightweight and easy to use. If you have no experience in drum playing, Kasemi drumsticks may be a reliable option. Their sticks are made of maple wood, which is strong but weighs not very much – and that’s why manufacturers use it for the sticks. Thanks to the comfortable grip, they are easy to hold.

The Kasemi drumsticks don’t slip because they have a gloss-free covering. It allows you to increase your playing speed with time. In any case, you will get a rich and balanced sound. An oval-shaped tip is what makes it more full and helps you to play faster. Usually, these drumsticks last for several years, and they suit a beginner as well as a professional.

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  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Durable;
  • Diverse grip colors;
  • The option provides a rich and balanced sound.
  • Has a gloss-free covering.
  • Expensive.

How Do I Choose the Right Drum Sticks?

The beginning of drum playing is important for every musician. And good drumsticks are what make it memorable. I have recommendations that will help you find the answer to the question of what drumsticks should I use.

What kind of wood is used for drumsticks?

Classic drumsticks are made of wood, but you can find nylon, plastic, and aluminum products too. They differ in durability and comfort. Of course, wood is the best material for beginners because it is lightweight and creates a perfect sound. Usually, manufacturers use wood that is water and rustproof and doesn’t slip. The most popular are hickory, oak, rosewood, lancewood, and maple wood.

What is the best wood for drumsticks?

The best wood for sticks, not only for beginners, is maple wood. It is the most durable wood. Besides, it is lightweight enough to play fast and feels comfortable while holding. Maple wood is rust-resistant and doesn’t get damaged by moisture. It is simple to polish it and make the drumsticks non-slip. So, you can buy maple wood drumsticks with peace of mind.

What do the numbers on drumsticks mean?

You can see a number and a letter on each drumstick. The number shows the weight of the stick. The drumstick with the number 2 is heavier than the one with the number 5. A letter defines the diameter length. The drumstick with a B letter is thicker than the one with A. I think that the best drumsticks for beginners have 5A lettering – they are easy to hold and lightweight.

What is the most common drum stick size?

If we talk about the 5A drumsticks, they usually have 16 inches in length. The diameter is about 0.55 inches. The sticks with other lettering have different sizes. What are the different types of drumsticks?

Drumsticks differ in size and type of material. The most common sticks for beginners are made from maple wood. They can have diverse drumsticks sizes, depending on what style you’re playing. The material also plays a big role in creating the sound you need. Wood is the most classic fabric, but for example, a jazz player may need heavier drumsticks with another tip shape that will complement the best drum set for jazz. So, usually, the different types of drumsticks are used for different music styles.

Let’s Start Playing on Drums!

Do drumsticks make a difference in playing? Of course, they do. Thanks to the high-quality Donner Snare design, you can improve your skills several times. There are many drumsticks for beginners, but this model is truly the best. It will serve you for a long time, and you will be satisfied with the quality.

When you’re looking for novice sticks, you should consider how comfortable they are and what material they are made of. The products I have described are one of the best drumsticks for beginners, so I hope you will find a suitable pair. Are you a drummer? How long have you been playing? What were your first drumsticks? I would be glad to see your comments below.

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