Best Drum Throne Options Every Drummer Should Know About in 2021

If you are a drummer, you definitely know that stability is the most important thing when playing any type of drum. You need to be seated in a firm position if you want to leave people with their mouths wide open when showing your skills. And there is no better way of achieving this comfort than acquiring the best drum throne for yourself.

A good drum throne should be able to offer comfort no matter the number of hours you sit on it during a practice or live session. In fact, it should be so comfortable that it does not cross your mind when you are busy playing. All you want to remember is the reaction of the audience when everyone is clapping or congratulating you with a great performance, not how uncomfortable you were sitting on a bad drum throne.

My name is Chad, and I have been playing drums since I was eight. I have been a member of several bands, and one of the things I have learned for the many years I have been playing is that the look and touch of the drum throne should rhyme. I have also learned that if you do not want to be complaining about backaches when you are as young as 28 or 30, you must invest in a good drum throne. Below, I will share my reviews of various stools that are worth purchasing.

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Top 8 Drum Thrones to Take into Consideration

Below, I will mention the pros and cons of each of the drum throne that I find practical, so that you may know what features you should look for.

1. ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black – The Best Drum Throne for Back Problems

Roc-n-Soc products are one of the most comfortable stools in the market. First, this drum throne has a large base for stability. This is evident based on the 24.5 x 20.5 x 16 inches’ dimensions of the product. No matter your size, this drum throne will be stable because it is universal for most individuals. The length of the product also indicates that it can fit drummers with different body mass. Whether you are a slender or massive one, you will feel comfortable sitting on this model.

The steadiness of the stool is heightened by its weight. It weighs 14.75 lbs., meaning that it is a good fit for people weighing hundreds of pounds. The weight shows that the manufacturer gave thought to the different types of people who would be using this tool before designing the final product.

One thing I have learned throughout my career is that a good throne should also fit individuals with different heights. It would be unimaginable to buy a stool and then once you arrive home celebrating your new asset, find that you are too tall for it. 

I commend Roc-n-Soc for taking people’s heights into consideration. The throne’s height can be adjusted from 18 to 24 inches. Therefore, if you are tall like me, you can adjust the height upwards, and if you are short like one of my former bandmates, you may shorten the height of the drum throne correspondingly.

Because of the ability to change heights, this throne is very efficient for all band members. Since these groups usually consist of people with different heights, it means anyone can use the stool if needed. By adjusting the level, it can be comfortable for all members of the team. Therefore, there is no need for the group to buy different stools for each individual who plays instruments. This would be expensive, and it would be a waste of money if you are operating with limited finances.

The cushion of the seat is designed in a bicycle-style. This prevents an individual from straining leg muscles because it keeps them into position to avoid hanging. It is also made with soft, durable materials that can last for years. We had one of these in a band I played in, and it lasted for as long as I can remember.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black
635 Reviews
ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne is height adjustable from 18” – 24.” No matter your height, this drum throne is a perfect fit!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Contoured bicycle seat-style cushion helps prevent leg fatigue during long jam sessions, while sturdy base welds and hardware provide unmatched stability.

  • It is made of long-lasting materials that can work for decades.
  • It comes in different colors that include black, red, and blue.
  • Its height can be adjusted.
  • It has a compact size.
  • For some individuals, it may be expensive.
  • If you need back support, you have to purchase it separately.

2. PDP by DW 700 Series Drum Throne – The Best Drum Throne on a Budget

PDP 700 Series is another affordable stool for drummers. When you have a limited budget and want to have a great time when drumming, this stool is the one you have been looking for. It is cost-friendly such that you will not need to break the bank before acquiring it.

But do not confuse the low price with low quality. PDP is a sturdy stool that can support up to two hundred and twenty-five pounds. Since this is an average weight for most individuals in the United States, it means that the item is made according to standards.

The weight it can support is limited because the stool weighs only four pounds. This mass is very light, and it indicates that the gadget is portable. If you are in a band that travels a lot with all its equipment, this stool may be the go-to product because of its lightness.

The flexibility of the stool is also enhanced by the ability of the legs to be folded. You can just fold the legroom and be able to carry it from place to place easily. When in such a condition, the throne can also fit into a van easily because after folding the legs, you can detach the base and pack it separately to fully utilize the available space.

Its wide base of 18 x 16 x 16 inches plays a major role in enabling the stool to be stable. Hence, different people can sit on it and still achieve high levels of comfort.

The throne’s cushion is a high-density one. It is made of high-quality fiber. The thickness contributes to the comfort that one enjoys when sitting on the spongy cushion. In addition, you can change the height of the stool to your desired level.

If you are in a band that is just starting its career, you should advise the members to purchase this stool. It has all the features of a good throne, and it is pocket-friendly. The double brass that is used to make the drum throne’s support is of high quality; with good care, it may serve you for years.

PDP By DW Drum Throne (PDDT700),Black
1,531 Reviews
PDP By DW Drum Throne (PDDT700),Black
  • Lightweight 700 Series
  • Round Top 3" padded seat cushion with 12" Diameter featuring (8) screw X-Brace

  • It is very affordable compared to other thrones.
  • It is easy to transport because you can detach the cushion from the base, and then fold the legs so that they can occupy a small space.
  • The rubber feet make it easy to pull or push without producing screeching sounds.
  • Its height can be adjusted depending on who is using the stool.
  • It is produced by Drums Workshop, a company known for its high-quality drumming items.
  • The lowest height of the throne maybe still high for some individuals.
  • It has a round shape, which may be uncomfortable when used for very long periods.

3. Gibraltar 6608- Heavy Drum Throne – The Best Drum Throne for Bad Back

Gibraltar 6608 is a heavy-duty stool that is suitable for live performances, and you can also buy it for personal use. It weighs 8.82lbs. making the item pretty portable. The weight of the item is easy to transport from one place to the other. Hence, when you are in a band that prefers a different set of thrones for the practice office and live performances, Gibraltar is a good option for the moveable set.

The length, width, and height of the stool (20 x 17 x 17 inches) are almost the same as that of PDP and Roc-n-Soft. These dimensions are suitable for anyone despite his or her weight and height. Again, this means that the product can be shared among individuals because it can offer them comfort regardless of the differences in physical characteristics.

The product comes in three pieces that include a base, a cushion, and a post that joins a pad to the support system. The base is three-legged, and these supports are made with double brass. The surface is made with shiny silver that is also smooth, hence adding to the aura of the stool. The support system is therefore sturdy, enabling it to hold weights of up to two hundred pounds. The post that attaches the seat to the base has a memory lock that helps to keep it together. The lock enables the gadget to remember the level at which you adjust it to prevent you from falling off once you set up the stool.

The cushion is shaped like that of Roc-n-Soc to make it comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods. The bicycle shape prevents one from getting muscle pulls that may arise when the legs are uncomfortable or in a bad position.

You can also adjust the throne’s height from 18 to 24 inches. Therefore, whether you are tall or short, this is the go-to product because it considers your physical characteristics. With it, you do not need to hurt your lower back when trying to be comfortable on a chair whose height is permanent.

I love the compact size of the cushion because it is comfortable. When playing the drum, it does not distract you because once you adjust the stool into position, it remains like that until you finish your performance or practice.

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
1,853 Reviews
Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
  • Top grade foam for maximum comfort
  • Adjusts from 18 to 24 inches high and the dimensions of the product are 15-1/2 inches width x 13-1/4 inches depth x 3-1/4 inches height

  • It is affordable.
  • Easy to detach and attach parts.
  • Has a memory lock that remembers your preferred height.
  • It is compact.
  • It may be too tall for short people and children who want to become perfect drummers.

4. Drum Throne Stand by Griffin – The Best Drum Throne for Tall Guys

When drumming, you need your arms and shoulders to be in a comfortable position so that you can do it efficiently. You do not want your hands to be hanging aimlessly as this will lead to inefficiency. Griffin stand throne takes care of this with an adjustable height. You can vary your distance from the floor between 18 and 23 inches. The adjustment enables you to position yourself at a point where your whole body is comfortable, and it is easy to move.

It is also portable because it weighs only six pounds. Therefore, you can maneuver it from one point in a room to another once needed. The fact that you can even disengage the seat from the stand makes it highly movable. When transporting, it is easier to pack the two parts separately and then combine them when using later.

The sturdiness of the stool is enhanced by the thickness of the pipe at the base. It is twenty-five millimeters thick meaning that it can support substantial weights. In fact, according to the manufacturer, the stool can sustain up to 215lbs. Weights above this may not be suitable for the product because they may lead to instability and weakness of the materials.

The cushion can rotate on the base. Therefore, when you sit on it, it is easy to move in any direction without having to stand up. This means that if you are playing a set of drums, you can locate each of them without facing any difficulties. I love this idea because I believe it is annoying when one drum is on your left and the other on the right, and then you have to turn your whole body to locate either of them. It would be distracting, and if you were performing for an audience, they would feel uncomfortable with how you move around.

The base of the throne can be folded; hence, it can occupy a small space during movement. When crumpled, it is also easier to carry the stool when all parts are well-attached.

Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set Percussion Chair for...
478 Reviews
Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set Percussion Chair for...
  • GRIFFIN'S PORTABLE STOOL TO REDUCE STRAIN AND SOUND YOUR BEST: Don’t compromise your performance with a low quality, uncomfortable drummer seat that strains your back. Whether for the stage or practice, this is a deluxe drummer’s stool with a round seat is extremely comfortable with 2.75 inches of high-density foam padding that will easily hold up to 215 pounds, offering unhindered mobility and unparalleled flexibility to help you play even the most difficult passages with ease and confidence.
  • AN IDEAL MUSICIANS STOOL SO YOU CAN FOCUS ONLY ON YOUR MUSIC: Don’t settle for drum seats that prevent you from reaching your full potential! Invest in this professional-grade, double-braced drum throne, made with the needs of serious performers in mind. Equipped with double-braced legs for maximum stability and special rubber tips to prevent slippage, you can rest assured this stool will allow you to sit on it for hours of rehearsals and gigs, without causing any discomfort.

  • It is very shiny, hence beautiful for individuals who care about the look of their throne.
  • It is made of durable materials.
  • It is lightweight, hence, portable.
  • It can support the weight that does not exceed 215 pounds.

5. Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style – A Great Throne with Backrest

This bike-style stool is one of the unique thrones I have seen so far. It is special in that the package comes with a backrest. This is unlike brands like Roc-n-Soc that provide the backrest as an accessory meaning that you have to buy it separately.

Once you pay the full price for the Gibraltar 9608, you get the backrest, cushion, and support. Therefore, if you do not like to compromise on your health, this product should not miss your goals.

Another unique thing about this stool is that out of all the options I have reviewed above, it has the highest height adjustment. You can change between 20 to 28 inches. This means that it is also desirable for very tall individuals who need a comfortable throne to perform their drumming without facing any major issues.

The ability of the stool to change height is also perfect when performing at a stage where the level of drums is higher than that of the stool’s support. You just need to match the heights to play comfortably. Once you position the drum throne at a suitable height, you should use the memory lock and the fastener to tighten it. This will keep you comfortable because it will prevent the cushion from swinging up and down, which would be very annoying, especially when presenting a serious performance.

The nine thousand series base of the throne is heavy-duty. In fact, it is the heaviest that Gibraltar produces, meaning that it is a masterpiece of the organization. Therefore, when using this stool, you may be assured that you have the best brand of a drum throne. 

It is a bit heavy compared to other thrones. It weighs 21.3lbs. mainly because of the tough support and sturdy backrest. As a result, moving it may be problematic. Hence, it is suitable for classrooms and live performances that last for a few hours.

It has an average width and occupies normal space because it measures 7.6 x 20.5 x 19.6 inches. This is almost the same dimensions as those of the other thrones that weigh less than the Gibraltar 9608.

Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest
499 Reviews
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum Throne with Backrest
  • Cordura/Vinyl Seat, Adjusts from 20" to 28" high
  • Rock Solid double braced leg base

  • It has a backrest that makes it comfortable.
  • It is compact.
  • It is suitable for very tall people because of the ability to alter its height.
  • Has rubber on the leg base to prevent it from screeching the floor when in use.
  • It is heavier than usual lightweight thrones.
  • It is a bit costly.

6. Pork Pie Tractor Style Drum Throne – The Best Drum Throne for Foot Balance

If you are thinking about class, style, and elegance in your drumming career, Pork Pie should be your top choice. A look at this stool makes you want to test it even if you are not drumming right now. The compact size makes it look attractive, and it gives you the impression that once you sit on it, you will have a good time beating drums to the best of your ability.

It is an 18.65lbs. throne meaning that it is quite heavy when compared to similar stools with no backrest. It weighs almost the same as 9608 Gibraltar, which comes with back support. Since Pork Pie lacks this support, it means that it is a heavy-duty item that is made with durable, lasting materials.

The throne has a compact cushion that is also made of first-class leather material. The seat is very thick such that it may support heavy and lightweight individuals equally. The cushion is made in a bicycle-style; it is compact and padded so that it can offer maximum comfort to anyone sitting on it.

Like most of the other thrones I have already discussed, the Pork Pie cushion rotates once it is connected to the base. Hence, when beating a large set of drums that are arranged from right to left, you can maneuver directions easily. 

Pork Pie Percussion, the company that manufactures this throne, argues that all its products are made by hand with love. This means that each product is given the attention and love that it deserves when being made. It also indicates that each throne is unique because each one is made differently from the others, even if the design remains the same.

The style and class of this throne arise from the fact that it is made by hand from scratch. The individual making gives time and attention to every small detail. The final product is therefore shiny and classic.

The support also has the same sensation as the cushion. It is also made with high-quality silver double brass that gives it stability to hold on to heavyweights.

Pork Pie Tractor Style Drum Throne
7 Reviews
Pork Pie Tractor Style Drum Throne
  • Tractor Style Drum Throne
  • The Pork Pie Tractor Style Throne has a shaped, padded seat that offers dependable comfort and support

  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • All pieces are compact, hence stable.
  • It looks stylish and classy.
  • It can be folded, hence, making it easy to move.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • It is heavy.
  • The cushion is padded to enable it to be comfortable.

7. Roc-N-Soc Nitro Extended 24″-30″ – The Best Drum Throne for Big Guys

The name ‘extended’ tells it all about this throne. It is similar to the Roc-n-Soc model that I reviewed earlier. The major difference is that this one is most suitable for big guys. It is known as extended because it is taller than the other model. You can play around with the height in between 24 and 30 inches depending on your height, the size of the ground, and other factors.

Despite being extended, this Nitro Extended stool weighs only ten pounds. Therefore, it is lightweight, and although it is not as easy to carry as those weighing as low as four pounds, it is also not as heavy as Pork Pie. Thus, it may be a good choice for drummers moving from one place to the other, and also can fit classrooms or theatres where no much movement takes place.

The product measures 6 by 18 by 18 inches. This is a sizable amount that occupies a small space. Considering that it is a high item, it can take up less space than most of the other stools already discussed. The ability to occupy limited space is also enhanced by the compact nature of the stool. It is made in a way that all pieces stay together once they are attached.

Just like other Roc-n-Soc thrones, this extended version is made with high-quality materials. Every step of the manufacturing takes place in the same center, meaning that it is easy to standardize and check on the quality of each part that makes the throne. The quality department in the company checks and rechecks every step in the manufacturing process to ensure that they do not miss out on any critical details. These checks contribute to Roc-n-Soc being the leading brand in the production of musical instruments since the late twentieth century.

Nitro throne is very efficient for individuals with back problems. It has gas shocks that enable the cushion to bounce back and forth, hence minimizing stiffness on the back of the individual using this stool.

As for the model discussed earlier, you can purchase a backrest for this extended throne separately because it does not come with the stool. Nevertheless, I prefer buying a high-quality stool, knowing that there is an option to buy a backrest later than if I were to buy another one that does not have this option at all.

Roc N Soc Nitro Extended 24'-30'
28 Reviews
Roc N Soc Nitro Extended 24"-30"
  • Gas shocks,quick height adjustment, free-spinning, ergonomically designed

  • It is very efficient for tall people because of the extended height.
  • It is portable.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • The gas shocks prevent one from developing back problems even when not using a backrest.
  • The swiveling seat helps to minimize twisting of the body.
  • It is not suitable for short people. However, they can buy the other version of the Nitro throne.

8. Anfan Universal Drum Throne – A Model with Adjustable Padded Stool and Anti-Slip Feet

Anfan is the best drum throne for kids and adults alike. Most of the other stools I have already reviewed may not be that friendly for children, especially the extended models with very high heights. However, Anfan is suitable for young drummers because of the anti-slip tripod legs. Kids can sit on the throne and maintain their stability without sliding off the stool.

The cushion is covered with high-quality leather that can last for years without tearing or experiencing any other form of damage. Therefore, this stool can last for decades without seeing any signs of it getting old.

The base is made with high-quality steel that makes the stool stable. This quality material enables the throne to support drummers of any weight. This is another major reason why it is friendly for both adults and children.

It is fifty centimeters high with a diameter of 28 centimeters. The surface area is, therefore, large enough to accommodate big people. The modifiable height can also be changed from 16 to 19; this is standard for most individuals. Children can lower the throne to 16 while tall adults can increase it to 19 and still enjoy as much comfort as youngers.

Due to the suitability for people of various ages, it is a great choice for home use. If you and your children love drumming and would like to practice at home, this throne can serve everyone in the family efficiently.

If you play more than one instrument, this throne may also be multipurpose because you can move it to your keyboard, and it will still be comfortable. Before joining big bands, I was a member of a small group that used this throne because of its multipurpose nature. Everyone in the group used it at different times, and we used to be comfortable and happy.

It can support up to two hundred and fifty pounds of weight. Although someone heavier than this may still sit on it and be comfortable, sooner or later, the person may begin to feel backache. Therefore, for maximum efficiency, I recommend not to overload this drum throne to let it last longer.

It also ensures that you do not break your wrists trying to turn around by having a swiveling cushion. The rotation of the seat makes turning from one direction to the other easy when one is seated on this stool.

Anfan Universal Drum Throne Adjustable Padded Drum Stool with Anti-Slip Feet for Adults and Kids
238 Reviews
Anfan Universal Drum Throne Adjustable Padded Drum Stool with Anti-Slip Feet for Adults and Kids
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION -- The padded drum throne made by high quality steel and synthetic leather, durable reliable for years till the end
  • ADJUSTABLE & ROTATABLE -- Height can be set from 16" to 19" by adjusting tripod legs, suitable for kids and adults to seat

  • It is made with a top-quality leather that is long-lasting.
  • It is more affordable compared to the extended Nitro throne.
  • It can be used by individuals of different ages.
  • It is portable because it weighs only 4.95 pounds.
  • The round shape of the throne may be uncomfortable for individuals who prefer bike style thrones.
  • It does not have a backrest.

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne BlackBlack14.75 pounds24.5 x 20.5 x 16 inches18 - 24"
PDP By DW 700 Series Drum ThroneBlack4 pounds18 x 16 x 16 inches20 - 25"
Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum ThroneMultiColored8.82 pounds20 x 17 x 17 inches18 - 24"
Drum Throne Stand by Griffin | Padded Drummer’s SeatBlack6 pounds12 x 23 inches20 - 25"
Gibraltar 9608MB Bike Seat Style Large Cordura Drum ThroneBlack21.3 pounds7.6 x 20.5 x 19.6 inches20 - 28"
Pork Pie Tractor Style Drum ThroneMultiColored18.65 pounds21.9 x 19.9 x 7.3 inches18 - 21"
Roc N Soc Nitro ExtendedBlack10 pounds6 x 18 x 18 inches24 - 30"
Anfan Universal Drum Throne Adjustable Padded Drum StoolBlack4.9 pounds16.9 x 12.2 x 6.1 inches16 - 19"

Should You Acquire One of These Drum Thrones?

If you are looking for a great stool to let you drumming to your best, I strongly recommend you to acquire one of these thrones that proved to be practical and high-quality ones. You need to play the instruments when you are one hundred percent comfortable. That way, you and the audience you are playing for will enjoy the performance without distractions.

If you are not tight on money, it is worth buying the best drum throne with a backrest now, but if you have to plan first, ensure that you list it in your objectives. If you play in a band that does not have one of these stools, encourage the team members to buy one of them. As soon as you acquire it, you will see the difference in the drumming performance, as well as the comfort playing of the whole team with time.

One thing I have learned from the many years I have played in bands is that you should set objectives that are achievable. If you cannot afford an expensive product, start with the affordable ones that serve the same purpose. There is no need in hurting your finances as this will lead to more discomfort than buying a stool that can do the basics.

You should apply the same principle if you are looking for a stool for your own use. And believe me, once you get a high-quality drum throne, you will notice that it will last for many years as long as you take care of it.

Is this your first time shopping for a throne? If you have used one of the drum thrones mentioned above, what was your experience with it? Do you think there is one that I should add to the list? Leave a comment below to let me know. I will be happy to read your thoughts!

  1. Thanks for this article! I was looking for the best drum throne for back problems because I was recently diagnosed with a severe back strain. That’s quite unfortunate because I don’t want to quit drumming and don’t want to switch to a desk chair. I already have Roc-N-Soc and need to buy only back support.

  2. Impressive list, Chad. I’m also glad that you mentioned the best drum throne for big guys here because size matters if you’re 6 ft guy as I am. I always had problems with choosing comfortable thrones because of my height, especially long legs. At least now I have this extended stool and it’s just great, it’s also good if you play guitar or bass.

    • I agree that getting the best drum throne with backrest is a good choice both for beginners and experienced drummers. During practice, concerts and long jams back starts hurting, it’s already killing me after hours of playing, and I’m only 30! I wish I bought such stool years ago when I started drumming.

  3. I looked through your review and I’m intrigued by this Pork Pie Tractor stool. Balance is pretty important especially when you have a big drum set which means many foot pedals you’re supposed to reach. The best drum throne for foot balance should also be durable and have back support.

  4. Hello, Chad. I was looking for the best drum throne for low back pain and that’s how I found your article. I have an old cheap PDP stool, which is nice, but now I’m thinking to get something new, with back support for sure. I guess I’ll pick Roc-n-Soc Nitro because it looks similar to my old stool.

  5. Thanks, Chad! Now I know that the best drum throne for tall guys does actually exist. The stool we have on our gig base definitely needs an upgrade because our previous drummer was a short guy and the new one is not, he has big problems with positioning with the drums.

  6. You did an amazing job covering the best drum throne brands here. Personally I would recommend everyone to try Anfan stool which I use both for drums and bass. It’s affordable, easy to assemble and easy to adjust, especially if you are buying it for kids.

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