Best Light Up Drumsticks: A Detailed Overview of Superb Drumsticks

There’s no cooler way for a drummer to have some fun with bandmates or friends other than adding beautiful color displays to the skillful playing. I am talking about such things as light-up drumsticks; these are drumsticks that light up when it comes to contacting a surface, and these are perfect for setting up a colorful show while playing. However, it is essential to note that usage of such drumsticks comes with sonic quality tradeoffs, as these are designed to facilitate visual effects and not to improve the quality of sound produced when playing.

Nonetheless, they are great for the fascinating audience by treating it to some dancing lights glamor. Also, light-up drumsticks are pretty nice for stages and settings with low light, as they may not be clearly visible in well-light environments. There are professional-grade, and kids light up drumsticks, and so the choice depends on the age and skill level of a drummer. I started playing drums when I was eight years old, and have played in dozens of bands to date.

In my long-term career as a drummer, I have used different drumsticks by different manufacturers, and I must say that light up drumsticks have a way of rocking the show. I regularly use them, especially in casual settings to lighten things up. I will be sharing my experience with some of the top brands and my opinion regarding each.

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Reviews of the Best 6 Led Light Up Drumsticks and Battery Packs


If you want to get more attention you deserve from the audience, why not go for a pair of light-up drumsticks? Now, you might be wondering which ones are best for you. There are several types of light-up drumsticks depending on the material, the assembly, the colors, and also the type of light used. You might be unsure of the pair to purchase, but no worries – here is a helpful overview for you.

Below, I will be showing you some of the best light-up drumsticks, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages, and also giving my final thoughts regarding the specific brands. You can check these color-changing light-up drumsticks Amazon reviews and compare different brands before settling on one. Here are the best light-up drumsticks that made it to my top six list, and two of the most popular replacement battery brands.

1. Pair of ROCKSTIX 2 PRO – Impressive Light Up Drumsticks

Designed and manufactured by Neptune, the ROCKSTIX 2 PRO is a resourceful pair of drumsticks for lively drummers, enabling them to play effortlessly while enjoying some cool color displays. These drumsticks display 13 different colors which alternate to give stunning color patterns. The light drumsticks are motion-activated, and so the sticks light up each time when contact is made with the drums. The tips of the sticks are frosted, and this makes colorful lights look concentrated and brighter at the ends.

I would say that these are some of the most durable sticks I’ve ever played with, as they are made from sturdy polycarbonate material. In case of any shocks, the sticks will conveniently bend to some degree and won’t break, unlike wooden drumsticks. However, such rough incidents may lead to the malfunctioning of the lights module.

The pair comes with some replaceable LR44 batteries to power the lighting module, and these are mercury-free. One thing I noticed about them is that they are a little heavy compared to wooden drumsticks, probably because of the material used to manufacture them, and so they might not be comfortable for young players. Also, I really love the colorful alternating patterns, coupled with the slow fade effect as they made me enjoy playing even more.

The ROCKSTIX 2 PRO is designed for all drum kits regardless of the brand or the type of drum set. Noteworthy, some drummers might find it challenging to replace batteries whenever a need arises because of the design of the light module. However, this specific model is power efficient, thanks to the LED lights used, which consume low power. Other than that, I find these drumsticks cool and reliable and would recommend them any day, any time. In regards to their price range, they are available at very competitive rates compared to other light-up drumsticks. Here’s a summary of the positives and the downsides of the ROCKSTIX 2 PRO pair:

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  • 13 awesome color effects
  • Made of strong polycarbonate material
  • Has a frosted tip for enhanced color effects
  • Comes with mercury-free batteries
  • They are cheaper compared to other light-up drumsticks
  • It May feel heavy for younger players
  • It might feel hectic to disassemble the light unit when replacing batteries

2. ROCKSTIX 2 HD BLUE – Best Selling LED Light Up Drumsticks

The ROCKSTIX 2 HD BLUE is one of the most popular light-up drumsticks. They are among my favorites, and one of the reasons why I love them is because they have a comfortable grip, and therefore, playing becomes easy. Over the years, I have come across different drumsticks, and some were really slippery and made playing difficult as I would have a drumstick fly off my hand.

Again, as the name suggests, these are single color drumsticks as they display the blue color only, but still, are incredibly beautiful due to the slow fade effect displayed when playing. They are similar to the ROCKSTIX 2 HD PRO, just that they do not change multiple colors. They are ideal for those who are not interested in color-changing pairs. Also, here goes the same: the frosted ends give the drumsticks such a stunning look as light becomes concentrated at the ends. Considering that they are made of polycarbonate material, these drumsticks are durable and so a drummer doesn’t have to worry about surprise breaks. Having used them for quite some time, I can say that they are comfortable to hold, but are ideal for short sessions.

Also, the batteries take long before they are exhausted, as the drumsticks use LED lights which are efficient in regards to power consumption. This makes them cool as I find a regular replacement of batteries to be a bit hectic. I have done the replacement twice, and a user has to really be careful while changing batteries to make the LEDs light up for another long time. Also, these are awesome for all drum set brands, whether playing a Ludwig Classic Maple, a Yamaha Stage Custom, a Gretsch GS1, or an electric kit. Noteworthy, you can also get other color ranges other than the blue BROCKSTIX 2 HD drumsticks. These include Red, White, Green, and other Neon variations. Following are lists of the negatives and positives of these drumsticks:

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  • Slow fade effect for a beautiful display
  • They are durable compared to other light-up drumsticks
  • Frosted tips that bring out an awesome light effect
  • Made from a lasting polycarbonate material
  • Considerably heavy for younger players
  • Battery replacement might be a hassle

3. Pair of ROCKSTIX 2 HD – Ultra Bright Light Up Drumsticks

This ROCKSTIXS 2 HD is another fine work by the Neptune music company. They display seven different colors during playing, and these light up when in motion. A drummer is not required to use any switches or press any button so as to turn on the LEDs as the colors light up by themselves upon landing on the drum kits. The in-between fading effect makes them even more stunning. They are awesome for all age brackets, as they can also be considered kid’s light-up drumsticks. The fact that they are made of polycarbonate makes them long-lasting. This also makes it easy to hold as they perfectly rest in their hands.

Each drumstick comes with the required batteries, so you don’t have to buy some until replacement. Again, mishandling these drumsticks or playing violently may lead to damage to the lighting unit, and therefore, one needs to play gently. While these drumsticks may not be perfect in regards to sonic performance, they are one of the best light-up drumsticks for display purposes. Another awesome thing about them is that they can be used for playing both acoustic and electric drum kits; there’s no limitation on this.

The colors displayed by these drumsticks are green, purple, red, blue, orange, yellow, and pink. Considering their good quality and durability, I would recommend them to both young and seasoned players. Check out below the pros and the disadvantages of these drumsticks:

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  • They display seven awesome color patterns
  • They are durable as they are made out of strong polycarbonate material
  • They provide a great grip for enhanced comfort
  • The pair comes with replaceable batteries
  • Displays a stunning light fade effect
  • The battery replacement process might feel hectic
  • The light module might break when drumsticks are roughly handled

4. Light Stix LED Light Up Drumsticks – Cool Pair of Light Up Drumsticks

Light Stix LED light-up drumsticks are another favorable option to consider for light-up drumsticks lovers. These display a single color for each pair. Just as with many multicolored sticks, the lights in these sticks are activated upon impact with the drum surface. Noteworthy, these display different colors at a go as they have rainbow-like color combinations. Fade patterns contribute to the awesomeness of the flashes.

One of the things I like most about them is their durable design owing to the polycarbonate material used in designing them. When purchasing, the drumsticks are offered with batteries, and so they are ready to use. Cell batteries used in these drumsticks are similar to those used in the ROCKSTIX brand sticks. Like with most light-up drumsticks, one is necessitated to change the batteries after a while, and the process is a little bit challenging if one has never done it before.

Other than that, the Light Stix LED light-up drumsticks are awesome, and I definitely recommend them to all drummers, whether learners or expert players. Let’s have a glimpse at the good and the downside of the Light Stix LED drumsticks:

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  • They have a durable design, as they are made of polycarbonate
  • They come with replaceable batteries
  • They are amazing for playing all types and brands of drum kits
  • You can find them in a number of single colors
  • Battery replacement might be tedious

5. Trophy FX12BL Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks – Top Light Up Drumsticks

The Trophy FX12BL Firestix drumsticks are another great option for adding some color to your awesome performance. I really love them as I find them to be the most durable of all light-up drumsticks, noting that they are made of Lexan. Similar to their rivals, these also light up upon coming into contact with surfaces. Another thing is that they have single colors, and this model displays a bright blue color, which I find really cool.

When I tried them out, the visual effect looked like a blue wave dramatically dancing over my drum kit, and the audience was pretty impressed. What a cool way to shift the attention from the vocalists onto yourself! Also, they have a perfect grip, and this makes playing even more comfortable. These standard-size Firestix light-up drumsticks can be used when playing electric sets and also acoustic kits. The manufactures retail the drumsticks with batteries already installed, and these can be replaced by the drummer upon exhaustion. However, the task can be a little daunting.

Overall, I like them and would use them again in my gig for an opening track. I also would recommend them to both hobbyists and professional drummers, as they are suitable for all types of drum sets. Also, they can be used by young and adult players. Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad factors regarding these glow drumsticks:

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  • Perfect grip for effortless playing
  • Made of Lexan for enhanced durability
  • Batteries are included in the package
  • They light up upon impact, no switches needed
  • Need to be handled gently as a light module may break when mishandled
  • Battery replacement is a hassle

6. Andoer Pair of 5A Drumsticks Nylon Stick – Lightweight Drumsticks

Andoer led drum sticks are some of the most widely used drumsticks I’ve seen in other players’ hands during my career as a drummer. These are made from nylon, making them very durable compared to other brands. I love them for their comfortable and perfect grip because I don’t have to struggle to keep the sticks secured in my hands. Also, these are perfect for all types of drums, whether playing an acoustic kit or an electric set.

This brand is considerably lightweight, making the sticks great for both young and adult drummers. The material used is lighter compared to traditional wooden sticks. Though they do not have light modules, the material used in molding them has some fluorescent properties, and therefore glow in settings with low lighting. They are available in a number of colors depending on a drummer’s preference. Also, these are not that heavy compared to polycarbonate light-up drumsticks, therefore making them ideal even for young players.

I have a pair that I use mostly for short-span gigs and practice sessions. The reasons why I do not use them for longer gigs is that they tend to bend the more I use them, and also because of too much sweating. Traditional wooden drumsticks are sturdy and will absorb moisture. Nonetheless, I would recommend these nylon sticks to all drummers regardless of their skill levels. The table below covers the pros and the negatives of these drumsticks:

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  • They have a comfortable grip for easier playing
  • Lightweight, hence perfect for both young and adult drummers
  • The material is nylon, so the drumsticks are durable
  • Great for both acoustic and electric drum sets
  • These drumsticks tend to bend a bit while playing

7. Replacement Batteries LR44/AG13 for RockStix Light Up Drumsticks – Great Pack to Consider

The unexpected might happen, as the batteries of a pair of light-up drumsticks might get exhausted before or during a performance. Replacement batteries are important for keeping the color display show going. The LR44/AG13 batteries for RockStix Light-up Drumsticks are efficient and have a high power capacity. The pack has ten cell batteries which are neatly packaged for durability. A single pack comes with four extra cell batteries as only three of them are required at a time for a single stick.

The price range for these is more competitive in comparison to the average prices of the brand’s competitors. Most battery packs have six batteries offered at the same price compared to the bigger pack offered by LR44/AG13. I recommend drummers to always have a set of these on standby as light-up drumstick batteries always get exhausted unexpectedly. Again, most light-up drumsticks use these size AG13 cell batteries, and so LR44/AG13 can be used in other light-up drumsticks apart from the RockStix sticks. I have used them before, and I can ascertain their durability. Here are their advantages and disadvantages:

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  • They provide high capacity power
  • They last long
  • They are mercury-free
  • The package has four extra cell batteries
  • They are non-rechargeable

8. Trophy FireStix AG13 Replacement Batteries – Alternative Option

The Trophy FireStix size AG13 replacement batteries are very resourceful in the event when a drummer’s light-up sticks have been exhausted, and there’s a need to treat the audience with some cool flash displays. The quality of Trophy FireStix AG13 replacement batteries is noteworthy. Besides being relatively cheap compared to rival products, they last longer as they have a high-power capacity.

Also, they are mercury-free so health concerns are not something to worry about when using them. You can use these on any other light-up drumsticks, as long as the model of your sticks uses AG13 cell batteries. The only downside to them is that they are non-rechargeable, and one will have to purchase more batteries when they get exhausted. Though the pack has only six batteries, they are durable, and you won’t have to worry about having to replace them really soon. Here’s a list of the pros and cons:

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  • They are long-lasting
  • They are mercury-free
  • They offer high power capacity
  • They are not rechargeable

Which Pair of Light Up Drumsticks Has Impressed You the Most?

Now that I have taken you through the details of the greatest light-up drumsticks, which one you would like to use during your gigs and practice sessions? Be sure to go for the right size lighted drum sticks that won’t feel uncomfortable in your hands. Many drummers make the mistake of purchasing lighting drumsticks that are either small or big for them. Smaller drumsticks may affect the grip while big ones will affect a drummer’s stamina, especially during long gigs.

Also, considering the life of the batteries supplied, I’m sure you won’t need to replace them every now and then. LED light-up drumsticks consume lower power than other light-up drumsticks, and this saves on power. The material used to design these sticks also matters, as different materials have different durability and produce different sonic tones.

As a caution, it is important to use light-up drumsticks gently owing to the fragileness of the light modules. It’s the reason why the manufacturers give a disclaimer that they are not designed for pound fitness classes. Again, whether you are starting a drumming career or you’re a seasoned drummer, light-up drumsticks are great for everyone. If you’ve already decided which one to go for or have used one of the above before, leave a comment below and let me know about your experience. Happy jamming!

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