Best Hi-Hat Pedal For Practicing: 6 Best Deal Options For Newcomers

Are you dreaming of playing as a real professional at the top-gear level just as your rock idol? To pull out sharp and crystal-clean sounds from the drum kit, you need not only years of practice, but also a high-quality instrument. Even a first-class pianist will not be able to play a pure melody if the piano is out of tune.

Therefore, if you want to become a rock artist one day or you’re looking for ways to enhance your play, make sure you’ve put some thought into every detail in your drum-set. To tell apart a beginner with a shaking technique from a real pro is usually to check if they know their instrument well enough. Some things are often overlooked, which brings a low-quality sound even if you’re a seasoned drummer. One of such overlooked details is the hi-hat pedal.

Simply put, bad equipment is a grand obstacle on your way to becoming a good drummer. If you want to make your playing sessions smooth, while enhancing the quality of the sound of your hi-hats, you should think about purchasing a proper and multifunctional pedal that will solve both of these problems. Being equipped with a high-quality trigger, you will be able to perform various types of playing techniques such as closed, half-open hi-hats, splash with your foot, etc.

If you’re looking for your very first hi-hat foot pedal, I’m here to advise you of a few great options to choose from if you’re a beginner or you’re in search of a good replacement for a broken pedal. I know how hard it can be to dive into all the details and specifications when it comes to drum set parts, so I hope my experience will help you find something suitable personally for you.

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Why Is Hi-Hat Pedal So Important for Your Play?

There is no question that all perfect hi-hat sounds are impossible to reproduce without a proper pedal technique. I’ve spent hours of practice to achieve all small nuances and master the play. However, I’m well aware that proper equipment can make all the processes much smoother and comfortable.

The hi-hat pedal mission is to create clear or mixed sounds. So while learning to play hi-hats, you’re usually introduced to five basic sounds. For the sound of the closed hat to be clear, sharp, and not blurry, the pedal design itself must be of high quality. Without it, you are unlikely to get the sounds you want.

The correct pedal angle and its design also affect the quality and clarity of free and received music. The spring in the pedal and its softness or tension influences the splash foot technique, which is achieved by pressing and releasing the pedal sharply without striking with a wand. When playing an acoustic setup, this technique sharply pushes the plates together. The result is a defined soft “splash,” quieter than the sound of an open hi-hat.

Since the play on hi-hats is almost entirely based on the position of the foot on the pedal, it is crucial to have a quick-response pedal that responds immediately to your movements. Of course, with sufficient dexterity and understanding of the instrument, you can get the hang of making the desired level of play, but an excellent device will simplify your torment.

Best Hi-Hat Pedal: Top 6 Options For an Affordable Price

You never think of all the details when you’re to play the drums while having sessions with a professional who already has the entire setup in place. But when you decide to buy an installation for yourself at home, several problems arise.

It starts with learning about the installation of the kit, the optimal characteristics necessary for your level; then, you need to spend hours searching whether the individual parts are compatible, especially if you are going to buy or upgrade elements of the set separately.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hi-Hat Remote Pedal

  • What type of drum set do I have and is the remote pedal compatible?
  • Do I need a hi-hat stand?
  • Can it provide all the hi-hat sounds I need?
  • Do I need it for home practice, studio or concerts?

Drummers without experience throw a lot of money to the wind, trying to buy the first available option. They also waste a lot of time looking for good forums where aspiring drummers can help them with their requests or share some experience.

I have selected the top 6 easily accessible tools at an affordable price showing stable quality and high praised reviews from many professionals and drum lovers. It will help you make a choice faster and more successfully.

1. The Best Hi-Hat Pedal For Practice: KAT Percussion KT-HC1 Hi-Hat Controller

The assembled dense pedal design allows you to use it for an extended time, protects against damage or risk of wearing out. The well-maid, durable construction helps you to control the tension levels; thus, it responds with increased sensitivity to any of your commands. Accustomed to hi-hat pedal electronic workflow, you can use it for training and performances for years to come.

On the contrary to most controllers, this pedal is fully compatible with most of the drum kits from other brands. If you’re wondering what the best drum options for players are, I’ve already made a compilation list of affordable sets, so be sure to see a detailed review on them. If you want to use the electronic hi hat pedal with the kit of another brand, all you need to do is to buy an adapter or cable. So if you’ve already got a set of Yamaha, Roland, or other brands, but your hi-hat controller went off, this can be a great and affordable substitute. I personally prefer mono-stereo adapters that can transmit signals much faster than conventional cables, and it works perfectly with them.

Besides, the angle can be easily adjusted to a comfortable one for your position. I have purchased the pedal as a replacement for a broken part in a kit. It allows me to play up to five different hi-hat sounds, making a slow transition from open to fully closed hats.

The shift mechanism works quite quickly, taking on the weight of the legs. Nevertheless, this controller cannot make smooth half-open high hat sounds. On the other hand, you can easily perform splash sounds with this pedal after some practice. This pedal is an excellent option for those who practice their game at home or need to replace the old one. You will get a solid device for a fair price, which will help you to go from a beginner to a confident player on drums.

KAT Percussion KT-HC1 Hi-Hat Controller
94 Reviews
KAT Percussion KT-HC1 Hi-Hat Controller
  • KAT Branded Pedal Board
  • Includes 1m cable

  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with other brands of drum kits
  • Angle-adjustable
  • Up to five various hi-hat sounds
  • Can’t perform semi-opened hi-hat sounds

2. Roland FD-8 Compact Hi-Hat Controller Drummers-Approved Hi Hat Pedal

Roland is a famous Japanese company that has been providing various parts for musicians for almost 40 years. You can be sure of the quality of their musical instruments, as the company developed and continuously improved their products especially for the needs of musicians. The Roland-8 controller is quite famous among drummers and it was my first ever pedal to play on. And it served perfectly for a year until I decided to switch to another enhanced version and upgraded my drum-set. This space-saving hi-hat trigger allows you to play the highest quality hi-hat sounds.

The Roland FD8 pedal is a hi hat controller pedal designed to work with an electronic hi-hat installation. You can easily adjust the pedal’s working angle. The pedal allows you to get the sound of an open, closed and half-open hi-hat, as well as continuously control the smooth transition from open to closed hi-hats and back to achieve maximum expressiveness of musical performance.

Thanks to its advanced exterior design, this pedal has become a great addition to the drum setup of the V-Tour and V-Compact series. As for me, the transition between open and closed hi-hat is seamless, thanks to that, I can easily get a clean and even sound. I can get better and cleaner sounds with this pedal. At the same time, FD-8 can be easily used when playing on any Roland T module, including HandSonic 15 and SPD-20.

Of course, version 8 loses a little to the new Roland FD-9 hi-hat cymbal controller, which reduces the noise and allows you to practice at home without much trouble. The patented link mechanism provides low noise when pedaling. But if this characteristic is not critical for you, you can easily take the eighth version.

Roland FD-8 Compact Hi-Hat Controller
104 Reviews
Roland FD-8 Compact Hi-Hat Controller
  • Get more realistic hi-hat sounds with smooth transitions between open and closed
  • Compatible with all Roland TD-Series modules, SPD-S, SPD-20 and HandSonic 15 (HPD-15)

  • Compatible with most of Roland sets, including HandSonic 15, SPD-S and SPD-20
  • The clear sound of open and closed hi-hats
  • Advanced setup design
  • Firm, durable, responsive hi-hat controller pedal
  • Already has an enhanced version – Roland FD-9

3. Griffin Remoted Stand With Pedal Best Affordable Hi-Hat Pedal For Beginner

Griffin is a well-known brand in the United States, which is completely organized and managed by musicians and DJs, so they know firsthand about all the problems that a musician may have while playing an instrument. It also applies to such sensitive parts of drum sets as controllers for hi-hat. The Griffin Rack handles the many tasks and needs of a drummer.

First of all, the rack helps unload the heaped space on the left side of your installation. The pedal has a sturdy construction, entirely created with metal, which will ensure stability and extended operation of the high hat pedal even if you kick the pedal hard. Besides, a drum key and a hi-hat clutch is also a part of the stand. You can easily use it to your advantage, establishing extra hi-hats while saving space. Even in the rack, there are up to five settings that will help you choose the ideal level of tension for your game.

Provided with a hi-hat stand and kick pedal, this construction guarantees not only a more durable frame but also enhances the comfort of the play itself. Your foot does not slip and does not produce dirty and mixed sounds due to the poor stability of the pedal.

The cable that connects the pedal to the high hats provides an instant reaction to your movements, so working with a hi-hat becomes completely stress-free and does not require too much tension. You’ll feel the difference while playing the drums. A 6-foot cable helps to install a couple or more hi-hats in a single installation. The pedal will cope with the game at any level, so it is suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced, professional players.

At the same time, a sturdy construction, as strong and heavy as possible, will serve you for a long time so you won’t need to think of a replacement in years. However, during the first try-out, you can catch a feeling of rigidity or difficulty in operating the pedal until you get used to it. The installation itself is quite cheap and, at the same time, it is a real competitor on the market in comparison with analogs’ characteristics. Professional models can cost two, three times more, but this one, with some care, will be an excellent tool for a fair price. All you need to do is to slightly lubricate the details from time to time.

Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by GRIFFIN | Drummers Cable Auxiliary Cymbal High Hat Percussion...
117 Reviews
Remote Hi Hat Stand with Foot Pedal by GRIFFIN | Drummers Cable Auxiliary Cymbal High Hat Percussion...
  • VARIATE YOUR HI HAT CYMBALS PLAYING STYLE: Allowing you to position your cymbals according to your utmost convenience and comfort, this remote high-hat cymbal stand foot pedal will expand your kit’s playability and save space on the left side of your drum kit. (It can be used on either side.) The sturdy, all-metal construction and sleek chrome finish make this drum hardware a must-have for any drummer.
  • ADJUST THE TENSION ON THE FLY: Featuring a double locking spring tension rod knob that allows you to easily adjust the tension settings from 0 to 4 (5 settings), this remote high-hat pedal stand is an excellent choice for any drummer with a hat intensive style. With a perfectly smooth feel that sounds and feels just like your regular hi-hat pedal, this is an excellent model that won’t let you down.

  • Great substitute of expensive counterparts
  • Multiple hi-hats can be installed at the stand
  • Saves up a lot of space
  • Quick response to all commands
  • Stuffed and sturdy construction of the pedal needs time to work it out

4. Yamaha HH65 Electronic Hi-Hat Controller Pedal Great Hi-Hat Pedal For Yamaha lovers

Yamaha is another Japanese brand that is known to every musician and even to people who are far from the music industry. One of the advantages of this company, of course, is it’s top-level and quality. However, their details are inconsistent with other brands.

This pedal helps control hi-hat at the lowest possible volume levels. It is a compact option that helps control the hi-hat, creating splashing sounds, sounds on the half-open, fully open, or closed hi-hat. This controller is ideally compatible with the Yamaha electronic drum sets.

It is not full-metal, and the pallet is made of plastic, hence the construction is well-made and durable. The pedal saves space and adjusts very quickly to the most comfortable position for your feet.

I like to combine this controller with an electronic cymbal drum pad (e.g., TP65S) to create a compact hi-hat capable of conveying many of the nuances of playing a real hat. It includes playing on completely open or closed hi-hats and playing on a half-open hi-hat or a “splashing” sound received when you hit the whole foot.

The pedal can make almost all the necessary sounds, from an open hi-hat to a slightly closed hi-hat sound. So if you focus on the top-level clarity of sound performance, this pedal is ideal for your needs. By design, this is also a well-equipped pedal – its lift and position for the legs are quite comfortable and easy to adjust. As I already mentioned, this pedal will produce its capabilities at full capacity only with Yamaha equipment.

Yamaha HH65 Electronic Hi-Hat Controller Pedal (pad not included)
93 Reviews
Yamaha HH65 Electronic Hi-Hat Controller Pedal (pad not included)
  • Spring-loaded control pedal
  • Adjustable foot plate

  • Perfect clear sound
  • Helps to save space in the set
  • Adjustable angles
  • Can be used only in pair with Yamaha products

5. Kat Adv Hi-Hat Cntlr W/ 1M Cbl Cheap Hi-Hat Pedal For Home Practice

Hi-hat Kat Percussion is an advanced controller that will help simplify the work with hi-hat and free up the necessary space for you. The controller is equipped with a 1-meter cable. The pedal is very sensitive and quickly responds to your signals, providing the best sounds when playing hi-hat. Thanks to the pedal, you can play a whole range of diverse sounds in a variety of styles.

At the same time, the base plate and the adjustable angle allows you to forget about instability or leg slipping, which often causes undesired sounds or discomfort due to the weak position of the foot. The hi-hat controller for electronic drum kits is made with high-quality materials that will help the pedal last a long time. Besides, the affordable cost makes this Hi-Hat Controller a great solution for a drummer with any experience.

If you don’t want to waste tons of money for your set, or you want to find cheap drum set options online for practicing at home, I’ve already listed 500$ and under set drums that you may like to see. At the same time, it smoothly converges with a large number of different set-ups. It connects quickly, and a standard cable can connect the pedal to any installation. The build quality will really please you as you get high-quality materials and a dense assembly of the structure for a fairly low price.

The pedal is effortless to use for both a rookie player and a professional. You can play at home, practice for the soul, or perform at concerts. The pedal improves the sound of a hi-hat, providing cut-clear sounds.

Kat Adv Hi-Hat Cntlr W/ 1M Cbl
15 Reviews
Kat Adv Hi-Hat Cntlr W/ 1M Cbl
  • Package Dimensions: 13.9 cms (L) x 16.0 cms (W) x 13.9 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Percussion Instruments

  • Easy to adjust for your needs
  • It is well combined with sets of other brands
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Doesn’t respond well

6. Easy-To-Transport Hi-Hat Pedal: Yamaha KU100 Beatless Silent Kick Pedal

Another representative of the generation of pedals from Yamaha, that, despite being compatible only with other products of Yamaha and Handsonic, still remains in high demand on the market. For all Yamaha fans, you can’t consider it a flaw, and its compatibility only with Yamaha instruments is far from a hindrance. Besides, this electric pedal is ideally compatible with many types of installations, from DTX400 to DD75.

The pedal itself is extra sensitive due to its low spring tension assembly and is ideal for sessions and practices. In my opinion, the pedal’s construction is somewhat fragile, so try to avoid bulky objects falling on her and transport carefully if there is a need. It is suitable for playing in any style, but if you prefer a faster game, perhaps this model is not for you.

The trigger sensitivity is quite high and fast, and the response range is broad and full. The pedal is easy to pack and transport, as it has a compact size. The design itself is very carefully assembled; the pedal is primarily suitable for those who are just starting to learn how to master hi-hats.

The cable is long enough for installment and connecting to any stand, allowing you to arrange the stand in the most comfortable way for you. The pedal itself responds very quickly and responds to commands.

It is not noisy, and the trigger sensitivity is easily adjustable. The price is very affordable, so you can easily get this option for practice. At the same time, the sturdy construction will provide you with a long term service without breaking or decreasing its performance.

Yamaha KU100 Beaterless Silent Kick Pedal
183 Reviews
Yamaha KU100 Beaterless Silent Kick Pedal
  • Velocity sensitive; For quiet practice
  • Compatible with Yamaha DTX400, DTX402, DTX500, DTX502, DTX700, DTX900M, DTXM12, DD65, DD75

  • Quality assembly and durable materials
  • Easy to respond
  • Low noise
  • Suitable for home practice
  • Spring does not provide strong resistance;

Best Hi-Hat Pedals Are Not Always The Expensive Ones

The pedal doesn’t need to be top-level for you to play well, but it must be durable and well-composed to simplify your practice. Remember that the equipment must adjust to your needs, not the other way around. With an improper working pedal, it’ll be harder for you to remember the proper rules of play, as your technique will be fully modified to adjust to the peculiarities of your clutch.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to enhance your feeling of rhythm, purchasing a practice pad will be a smart move for you. Unclean open-hi hat sound or inability to make a “splash” sound will make you think that you’re not a gifted player, while the lousy sound may be actually caused by low-quality equipment. It’s just confusing and discouraging. That is why it’s really important to take a careful approach when selecting the equipment for your hobby or passion. What is the hardest part of mastering your hi-hat sounds? What was your first hi-hat set and were you fully satisfied with it? I’m very curious to know your first steps on the path to a professional drummer.

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