Best Cymbal Pack for a Live Music Performance

Are you a live band music enthusiast and an avid performer? Acquiring the best cymbal pack will go a long way towards building your reputation. Music is a multi-billion industry, and everybody is aspiring to take the challenge and bring a difference with them. This can be witnessed by the concurrent change of musicality from genre, dressing code to live performance.

Now imagine you are highly knowledgeable of the most reliable, cheap, and excellent performing set box, what else can deter your ambition of becoming the best? It is simple. Acquire a cymbal pack that will boost your purpose is all you require.

The best cymbal is what drives a good live band performance. It is crucial to ensure that you are highly knowledgeable of the aspects for you to purchase a set box that meets the purposes you are targeting. For instance, if you are a beginner, acquiring the cymbal pack that has a wide range of sound with professional effects will serve you a great practice service.

Thus, review the most reliable products that meet your purpose since they are very distinct in terms of service delivery. Below is a professional cymbal pack review to jumpstart your buying decision.

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Top Cymbal Packs – Their Unique Features, Pros, and Cons

While performing with a cymbal pack is more enjoyable when the orchestrator is singing to the rhythm, it is even better when having the best equipment with amazing sounds. However, some people hold to the opinion that any cymbal pack is excellent, so long as the mastermind behind the performance is professional, but they are wrong. Different brands have distinct features and thus affect the quality of performance. Here is the analysis of the brands that I found to be excellent:

1. Meinl HCS Traditional Brass Cymbal Set – Best Cymbal Pack


This product is an ideal starter set box that comes with free renowned instructor video lessons and a free pair of 5A-size tip drumsticks. Once you open the cymbal purchase box, you’ll come across a postcard with 3 lengthy instruction videos. The lessons will equip you with the fundamental knowledge required to run the cymbals.

Also, this set box is specially designed for an amateur player. It is made from durable brass alloy. Moreover, such cymbals are ideal and can play any sort of music; thus, a beginner can’t get a hard time using the set box.

Like the majority of the best cymbals on the market, this set box is made in Germany. Therefore, even though for beginners, it covers a full range of sounds. It accommodates all the sounds found on professional cymbals, for instance, the chinas, crashes, bells, and trash crashes. Therefore, any sound a player may need is on the reach on the set box.

Furthermore, such cymbals are great instruments for instructors to coach their students. Since they require little whit to run, teachers can use different sounds produced from the set box to coach their students and introduce them to a world of drum set effectively.

For instance, the china of this set box is more intense and dark to bring about a different sound effect when in action. While splash is the backbone of changing impact at a higher sound intensity, it doesn’t draw out the rest of the sound.

Therefore, if you are aspiring to be a drummer, acquiring this set box will go along way towards improving your prowess since it comes with professional video instructions to help you get started.

Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 13' Hihats, 14' Crash, Plus Free 10' Splash, Sticks, and Lessons...
719 Reviews
Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 13" Hihats, 14" Crash, Plus Free 10" Splash, Sticks, and Lessons...
  • The ultimate starter set — included in this set are 13” hihat cymbals (top and bottom), a 14” crash cymbal, plus a FREE 10” splash cymbal, 1 pair of FREE size 5A wood tip drumsticks and three FREE online lesson videos from renowned instructor, Mike Johnston
  • Start learning right away — follow the directions found on the postcard inside the box to unlock three full length video lessons brought to you by Meinl cymbal artist, Mike Johnston — these lessons cover the ground needed for fundamentals

  • Cost-friendly price;
  • Wide variety of sound effects and options;
  • Easy to learn how to use
  • No transportation sleeves.

2. Meinl Super HCS Traditional Finish Brass – Best for Beginners


It is a super and extensive set up that constitutes 14-inch top and bottom Hihats, 16 & 18-inch crush, a 20-inch ride, 16-inches china, and 10-inch splash. Therefore, the collection of set boxes with diverse sizes and types of cymbal brings a fantastic effect and sound.

The set box is purposely designed for novice musicians and aspiring live band performers. It is made with a brass alloy that maintains the tonal variation of a sound while holding up to the drum stick brunt. Therefore, it is ideal for any type of music.

Being similar to other professional cymbals, the set box is made in Germany. Thus, the item is very durable and accommodates all the variable sounds found on different drum sets. Therefore, if you like the sound effect brought by chinas in professional cymbals, you’ll find it on this set up too. Any professional sound option you may want to try is within reach.

Moreover, this set box is ideal for teachers. Using this drum set is easier to use when coaching beginners since it comes with automatic sounds that are made at just a hit on the hi-hats contrary to the professional one, which requires skills to produce a sound effect. Hence, it is an outstanding solution to teachers when it comes to coaching their students to catch up with the world of professional live band performers.

Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, 18” Crash, 16”...
165 Reviews
Meinl Cymbals Super Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, 18” Crash, 16”...
  • Extensive set up — the HCS Super Set includes 14” hihats (top and bottom), a 20" ride, 16" crash, 18" crash, 16" china, and a 10" splash — this full range of cymbal types and sizes contains the basics plus added effect cymbals to dial-in serious sounds
  • Designed for beginners and students — Meinl HCS cymbals are designed for beginner and student musicians using a durable brass alloy that maintains its tone while holding up to the brunt of drum sticks — these cymbals are ideal for any style of music

  • Great variety of cymbal sounds and effects;
  • Cost-effective to acquire;
  • Ideal for any style of music.
  • No felts for transportation.

3. Zildjian L80 – Best for Low Volume


Are you practicing in an environment with a higher sound restriction? Zildjian will ensure that you perfect your drumming skill despite the strict sound policy. It is quieter than other traditional cymbals. It will produce a quiet sound without altering or losing the authenticity and feel of the musicality and effects produced when the set is in action. Compared to traditional cymbals, these are 70 to 80 percent quitter hence conducive to use by drummers practicing in an environment with a louder sound restriction.

If you are looking forward to stepping up the drumming challenge in a competition-like event, rehearsal and practice is a necessity. Do you know the best way to go? This drum set will do you wonders at any time, whether it is daytime or at night. It’s what you require for a longer play. You won’t get ear fatigue and become overwhelmed by an explosive sound. This set of cymbal produces low sound; thus, you can hit it for a long time without experiencing hearing damage. Acquire such a set and play your sounds even late at night at home.

It is built with the finest flexibility. A drummer doesn’t have to use specific drumsticks to play a particular sound. Therefore, unlike other cymbals with specific playing drumsticks, without which a drummer has no option but to stop the music, Zildjian can be played by any stick. You can play it with a mallet, a brush, or any other technique as long as it produces the sound effect you desire.

Moreover, this cymbal set comes equipped with 13” Hihat, a 14-inch crash, and an 18-inch ride. The constituents of this set are somewhat smaller than the average for other professional cymbals. For instance, its Hihats are smaller than the traditional ones by an inch, whereas the crash is smaller by a couple of inches.

The bronze used to make the drum set offers high quality. Even though smaller, it has a brighter cutting edge that accompanies this brand’s sound effects.

However, if you are pursuing the ideal Zildjian quality, finding the cymbals in this brand won’t be easy. They are designed for entry-level buying and thus are great when you have a tight budget.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack - LV348
302 Reviews
Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack - LV348
  • 80% quieter than traditional cymbals
  • Play at low volume on an acoustic cymbal

  • Built from durable materials;
  • Good beginner level pack;
  • Quitter than traditional cymbals.
  • No felts and covers;
  • Not suitable for bigger stages.

4. Meinl Classics Custom Dark – Best for Intense Styles


Are you in pursuit of the most fantastic cymbal that gives snap besides cutting with agility, hence it may be easily heard while performing alongside dense electric guitars? Dark cymbal will enhance your performance to another level.

It comes with fourteen-inch Hihats, a sixteen-inch dark crash, and a 20” dark ride plus a free18” dark crash. The item is designed with an extra hammering and a dark finish. The design plays a significant role for players who enjoy switching music styles and dynamics from one to the next. Thus, with the dark Hihats in place, a player is capable of changing music dynamics from fusion & funk to rock & metals.

Therefore, when energy calls, these chameleon Hihats become livelier with agility cutting through louder sounds without compelling the player to apply extra effort to make the sound audible. They are available in 14-16” sizes.

Moreover, the Hihats are effective in playing the 8th note-laid-back grooves. When played in a mix of other musical instruments, these hats sit in nicely playing with a flexible and reliable feel.

Also, the cymbal pack is designed with rides with a shadowy, warm, and edgy tone. The cymbal’s highly specialized finishing accompanied by dryness and warmth gives the pack plenty of sounds, hence being the reason for its intense sound attacks.

Its Hihats are made from B10 bronze alloy. For instance, it is 10% tin, and the remaining constituents are produced from copper. The B10 bronze is the material responsible for the explosive sound that cuts across other musical instrument sounds. It is made with a dark finishing, which is not only a coating but also a protective gear. It gives the cymbal a lasting taste. It cannot wear over time; thus, the player will enjoy the sound for a long time without losing its natural look.

Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, Plus a FREE 18” Crash –...
166 Reviews
Meinl Cymbal Set Box Pack with 14” Hihats, 20” Ride, 16” Crash, Plus a FREE 18” Crash –...
  • Included in the Classics Custom Dark bonus set — 14" dark hihats (pair), 16" dark crash, 20" dark ride plus a FREE 18" dark crash
  • Dark finish with extra hammering — a highly specialized finishing process leaves this cymbal with shadowy tones and plenty of volume — extra deep hammering adds complexity to its character by shaping warmth and dryness into its intense attack

  • Explosive sound;
  • Appealing look overtime;
  • Rich texture for varied sounds;
  • Free 18” dark crash;
  • Two-year warranty.
  • The color may seem unappealing to some people.

5. Zildjian S Family Cymbal Pack – Best for Semi-Professional and Professional Instrumentalists


The product comes with 14-inch size master sound Hihats. They are crimped at the edges to prevent an airlock, hence providing a perfect tonal balance presence through the creation of a lively fast chick sound effect. The 18 & 16-inch crash is responsible for a high-end tone that is sustained in the air somewhat longer. The 20-inch ride is responsible for the bell-like sound that brings about a great musical effect in a sound.

Therefore, if you are pursuing a superb set box for less professional drummers, this cymbal will serve you the right way. It is a product of B12 alloy. It is made of 12% tin and 88% copper responsible for its balanced low-mid-high sound frequencies.

What’s more, it is hammered extensively to bring about the sonic effect across all dynamic ranges. It features a brilliant finish that gives the cymbal a bright shimmery sound effect as an opening tone.

Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Pack
259 Reviews
Zildjian S Family Performer Cymbal Pack
  • Bright, versatile and expressive cymbal set
  • All the essential sizes to take your durmming to the next level

  • Made of durable material (copper and Tin);
  • Brings about sonic sound;
  • Superb for semi-professionals and professionals.
  • Thick and heavy, thus being not suitable for light hitters.

6. Sabian B8X – Offers Great Value for Money


It is a performance pack that plays a role in the Sabian Vault. It produces a wide range of sounds. The custom-designed cymbals are made purposely for a specific musician who has a particular sound effect role.

The sonic sound matching technique gives the cymbal a lot of credit. For example, a sonic sound is an effect you feel when a drummer hits a cymbal, then proceeds to hit the next one to bring a whole different sound that feels like you have an additional drummer in the band.

The divers sound is heard as a result of drummers using unique brands of cymbals from different manufacturers. However, the sound can still be achieved using the same cymbal brand. Moreover, the set box comes with 14 inches Hihat, 16 inches crash, and a 20-inch ride. They are all sonically matched with some surfaces meticulously hammered and lathed to make certain the sound effect produced mix appropriately. The cymbal is bright and tight, which is the reason behind the mix of sound effects.

Are you aspiring brand performers? This performance set is all you require. It will ensure you have some standard in your kit, more so at a cost-effective rate. For an enthusiastic live band team, this pack can be the best price-wise.

Sabian B8X Performance Set Cymbal Pack, inch (45003XG)
38 Reviews
Sabian B8X Performance Set Cymbal Pack, inch (45003XG)
  • The world-leading series for quality bronze cymbals at a very nice price
  • Sonically matched tight, bright sounds that deliver

  • Well-matched sound;
  • Great value for money;
  • Affordable;
  • Two-year warranty
  • No covers and felts.

7. UFO Low Volume – Good Cymbal Pack for Indoor Practice



This product is one of the cymbals with the quietest real feel. They are the kind of cymbals that let you play the drum set at a low volume without interfering with the sound effect. They respond with a musical “feel” similar to the ones produced by regular cymbals.

Therefore, when you are in a noise-sensitive situation, this set box can be beneficial. You can play it in an apartment, either during the day or at night. Besides, you can also enjoy the play in dorm and practice rooms, among other noise-sensitive environments.

They are made mimicking the size of the professional cymbals. They are the same size as the regular set boxes; thus, you have the ideal feeling as though you are playing the regular cymbals when working with the UFO low volume.

The product is packed with 14 inches Hihat, 20 inches ride, 16-inches crash, and, surprisingly, a free designer bag that houses the cymbal. Despite its low volume, it is also effective in other environments, for instance, learning situations like music schools, quiet practicing environment, and playing electronic drum kits. Moreover, you can stack it with the regular set boxes to bring about a cool sound effect.

The set box is made from quality material. It is designed with durable zinc that gives it its touch of elegance and class. The zinc material gives the set box an ideal cymbal feel and an appealing look.

  • Ideal for noise-sensitive environments;
  • Durable – made of zinc;
  • Fantastic music sound and effects;
  • Affordable.
  • Low volume limits where they are played.

8. PDP 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand – Durable Stand


Have you ever hit a cymbal when it is not attached to its stand? How did it feel? It sounds like you are doing nothing since it doesn’t produce any dependable musical sound. Thus a stand is a crucial necessity when it comes to producing an ideal sound that creates a musical rhythm. However, PDP by DW 800 series boom is the ideal cymbal stand you should incorporate in your drumset.

It comes with double brace legs. Therefore, when the music has taken effect, and you are at your high spirits hitting the cymbals and dancing to the rhythm, it can hardly fall. Additionally, its fits are rubber fixed. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the movement of the cymbal since the rubber will grip the flow tightly as you do wonders on a live band performing stage.

Moreover, the stand is not heavy. Its medium weight makes it eligible for whichever situation. It can be used in live concerts, practice, home-based entertainment, among other live performing events. The item is durable and flexible. A drummer can use it for a long time without losing its value.

PDP By DW 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand
1,153 Reviews
PDP By DW 800 Series Boom Cymbal Stand
  • Brand: Pacific
  • Model: PDCB800

  • Flexible;
  • Strong to prevent stumbling of the cymbal pack;
  • Durable.
  • Not suitable for large cymbals.

9. Gibraltar SC-CMBAC Boom Attachment Clamp – Best Cymbal Clamp


This clamp is known for its solid reliability. The manufacturer has stood the durability test over time and road life. Thus, if you are a pursuer of rock-solid hardware for your set box, do what avid drummers do, include this clamp in your list of instruments.

The equipment allows drummers to position their crashes and other essential cymbals without necessarily adding another stand to accommodate the set box. What’s more, it comes with a stand clamp, a standard tilter, felt for convenient grip.

Gibraltar SC-CMBAC Medium Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp
866 Reviews
Gibraltar SC-CMBAC Medium Cymbal Boom Attachment Clamp
  • Add a splash cymbal, small crash or china cymbal to your set up by clamping to an existing stand
  • 360 degree rotating attachment C clamp fits up to 1-1/8” diameter tube

  • Durable;
  • Provides firm grip to the cymbal;
  • Holds a large crash and the entire cymbal set firmly.
  • The reach isn’t gigantic.

Closing Remarks

Cymbal is a sound instrument that both beginners and professional drummers aspire to own since they mix diverse tonal variations to creates music. Despite being a simple instrument, acquiring the best cymbal that meets your purpose effectively requires extra knowledge of the diverse plethora of options on the market. Here is a couple of things you should ensure to end up making the purposeful purchase:

  • The material of the cymbal

The material determines the best cymbal on the market. For instance, cymbals made of brass, even though reliable, are more likely to break after a shorter while as compared to the ones made of copper B12 and B8. Therefore, choose a cymbal made of long-lasting material.

The purpose for buying the cymbal

People do a thing for a reason best known to them, and this is not contrary when it comes to purchasing a cymbal. A cymbal is made up of Hihats, crashes, ride, and splash purposely to bring a specific sound effect. Thus, figure out the sound effect you need for your set box and purchase the cymbal that will fit your purpose.

  • Cymbal drumming sticks

Ensure that the sticks you buy have a perfect weight to bring about the exact sound effect required. Also, ensure the sticks you are purchasing are strong enough and compatible with the sound effect you wish to achieve, hence they will not break easily.

Taking everything into account, I found the Meinl HCS traditional brass cymbal set to be the best. It has a wide variety of sounds, options, and effects. Also, it is easy to learn to use the set, and it is affordable.

Do you use cymbals from one manufacturer, or do you mix them? Leave a comment, please.

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