Best Drum Carpet Reviews – 13 Options to Take a Note

I am Chad, and I have over twenty years of experience in drumming. Being an expert in drumming, I have seen a need to shed light on the best drum rug options. 

Drum rugs have been important companions in my music journey. Unfortunately, many drummers do not understand the need for mats or their purpose in the drumming setup. But since I am here to assist upcoming and professional drummers, I will take some time to introduce the need for rugs.

The purpose of a rug in musical instrumentation setup is the following:

  • A mat keeps your instruments intact without slipping. As you know, when you hit the pedal, the drum can slip away. As the music gets faster, energy draws in you as you want to keep up with the increased momentum. Thus, you need the best tool to keep hold of your equipment and avoid frequent disruptions as you set your drums in position again. 
  • A mat also helps to absorb some sound, especially when training in a quiet place, but that is not as important as the first reason for purchase. 

After knowing the aim of your rug, you need to understand that it must be your closest companion when setting your drumming equipment in place. So, what should you look for when purchasing a drum mat?

  • You need to buy a portable mat for convenient transport if you frequently play the instruments outdoor. 
  • The mat should not easily slip away, and rubber-bottomed rugs are best equipped to resist it. They also won’t cause damage to the floor. 
  • You need to pick the right size for your instruments. When your setup kit is larger than the mat, then there will be no help from the rug. Oversized mats will also cause fitting problems, and it is not a good idea to use a folded rug. 
  • The quality and durability of the material are important as well. The drum stands are metallic, and this will tear a poor-quality mat in days. This will consequently lead to the destruction of the surface placed on. 

13 Of the Best Drum Mats from An Expert’s Point Of View


I believe you will be able to choose the right drum rug for your needs from the options below. I have settled on giving 13 product reviews based on their sizes, superiority, durability, and cost. Read the reviews and get the insights before purchasing a drum carpet.

1. Meinl Percussion Drum Set Rug, 78 x 63 Inches, Tightly Woven Fabric with Non-Slip Grip Bottom, Oriental (MDR-OR) – An Universal Option

The mat is huge to accommodate standard to large instrumentation setup. The lower side is made of rubber and ensures no destruction on the surface. The ends of the rug are also made of rubber and make it slipping away hard. The mat is also comfortable to step on.

The mat is easy to fold, and it is lightweight for convenient transportation. It comes in many colors and designs, giving the stage a glamorous look. The rug can become your closest instrumentation companion with a bag that comes at no extra cost.

The price of the mat is relatively high, and this might ward off a few people willing to spend below the set limit. I have used this mat on several occasions, and some factors failed to impress me. For example, the blue color quickly sheds off upon contact with water. The rug is not of the best quality, but it can be a nice option for beginner drummers who do not play extensively and do not perform often.

Drum Set Rug Mat (78" x 63"), Tightly Woven Durable Carpet Fabric for Spurs and Stands — Rubber...
  • GLUE FOR DRUM SETS: the Meinl Drum Rug anchors heavy duty stands, pedals, and spurs without tearing apart like a house rug would do under the pressure of a drum kit
  • WHY IT MATTERS: it's a major distraction when your kit slides away from you while playing; this rug does the job of any bulky weighted stopper, and it's more durable than any thrift store rug

  • Ideal for big drums
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in many colors
  • Not the best quality
  • Quite expensive

2. Protection Racket Drum Mat 2.00m X 1.6m – A Great Drum Set Carpet

Built for music lovers, this six by 5 feet mat is all you need for a great drumming experience. Both sides of the rug are protected from slipping. Your musical instruments will stay intact for as long as your session lasts. The price is relatively high for those under a tight budget, but the quality is unbeatable. If you can match the cost, I can guarantee that you are buying the best rug to last you a lifetime. 

I am saying this out of the two years I have been using the mat. I was amused as the product was delivered as described. The seller also added to the package a mat cover which was great to see. 

The rug is perfect for home studios. However, I need to say that the rug is not that suitable for extreme use. It will tend to wear out fast. All in all, it holds my full kit in place as I practice at home. I have adopted the use of rubbers on the stands to avoid damage. Despite the few drawbacks of the product, it has served me beyond my expectations. 

Protection Racket Drum Mat 2.00m x 1.6m
  • 2m x 1.6m (approx. 6' x 5')
  • Protection Racket Gel backing prevents slippage on ALL surfaces

  • Durable
  • Good for huge drums
  • Non-slipping
  • Relatively expensive

3. On-Stage DMA6450 DrumFire Non-Slip Drum Mat with Bag, 6′ x 40′ – An Affordable Drum Rug

The mat measures 6 by 4 feet. The size is adequate to keep hold of a sizeable drum kit. It ensures no slipping as your drums settle well on the PVC-crafted surface. The mat unfolds easily, and it is lightweight. It is not made of fiber, and hence, you will see no wrinkles on it. 

The product is conveyed together with a pair of straps to ensure the rolled mat stays in shape without getting unfolded. The PVC material is not slippery at all, and no piercing metallic stand will not easily tear it. Cleaning is easy as the rug dries out fast. 

The cost of the rug will leave you surprised. Also, there is a bag for easy transportation of the rug.

On-Stage DMA6450 DrumFire Non Slip Drum Mat with Bag, 6' x 4'
  • Unrolls in seconds and remains flat; it won't curl up at the edges
  • A lightweight and convenient alternative to heavy, fraying Rugs - made from durable, non-slip PVC material

  • Slip-resistant
  • Made of durable PVC material
  • Lightweight
  • Easily affordable
  • A transportation bag is added at no additional cost
  • The dust cover is not included in the package delivered. It is available at a cost higher than that of the mat.

4. Kaces Crash Pad Drum Rug W/Carry Bag (KCP5) – The Most Appealing Drum Set Carpet

This drum rug is made of sturdy fabric material so that it is durable. I recommend using this rug and rest guaranteed that your instruments are kept in place for as long as you use them. The cost of this drum carpet is favorable even to starters. 

There comes a carrier bag for convenient transport and storage. However, there is no mat cover included. The size of this drum rug is more than adequate for a medium-sized set. 

I have used this rug for one year, and I have experienced two problems with the mat. First of all, I need to mention that the mat is fabricated on both sides. Thus, it easily slips when placed on a wooden or concrete floor. It does not contain a rubber bottom which would highly restrict slipping. 

Also, it is thin and forms wrinkles when spread. It doesn’t prevent the floor from destruction well. Therefore, I can recommend this drum rug for rehearsals and outdoor performances, but not for home use or live performances.

Kaces Crash Pad Drum Rug w/Carry Bag (KCP5)
  • Heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric provides sturdy anchoring for spurs and stands, and an additional wood barrier is located at the edge to help keep the bass drum firmly in place
  • We also include a nylon carry bag for easy transport to and from gigs or for storage when not in use

  • Lightweight 
  • Affordable cost
  • Bag is included
  • Poor quality
  • Too thin

5. Meinl Cymbals MDR-BK Drum Rug – A Durable Drum Mat for Your Performances

This model can perfectly accommodate a sizeable drumming set. The drum rug size is 6.5 by 5.25 feet. It is made of high-quality fabric, which makes it a perfect upgrade from using, for instance, a PVC mat.

If you consider a fabric-made mat, I want to say that the woven upper side is soft and allows your drums to dig in a bit. It leads to more stability even when using rubber capped stands. Placing the mat on a wooden on a slippery surface is no longer an issue. The bottom of this rug is made of rubber that can hold on to any surface. 

Portability is ensured as the mat is not bulky. The most striking thing about the rug is its colorful appearance. You can easily pick a design that matches your kit’s color. 

Given the fact that you can buy a dust cover from any other seller in the store, you are left with several positives to consider. For the price, I see no reason why you shouldn’t grab this item right away and enjoy your drumming experience.

Drum Set Rug Mat (78" x 63"), Tightly Woven Durable Carpet Fabric for Spurs and Stands — RUBBER...
  • GLUE FOR DRUM SETS: the Meinl Drum Rug anchors heavy duty stands, pedals, and spurs without tearing apart like a house rug would do under the pressure of a drum kit
  • WHY IT MATTERS: it's a major distraction when your kit slides away from you while playing; this rug does the job of any bulky weighted stopper, and it's more durable than any thrift store rug

  • High quality 
  • Durable
  • Large
  • Non-slip
  • Wide assortment of colorful designs
  • The dust cover is not included

6. DW Drum Rug 5×7 Feet – A Top-Quality Drum Rug

Sometimes, a high price doesn’t match unprecedented quality. But, this has never been the case with DW manufacturers. Their items are a bit costly, but the quality is unmatched. 

This drum rug is big and too heavy to slip, but this makes transportation hard. The appealing black color of the rug will not wash off easily. It is ideal for those who want to put drum mat problems at bay for a considerable period. 

I recommend this drum carpet to anyone looking for a high-quality mat. The choice of this option will never haunt you.

Drum Workshop(DWCPRUG2),Inc. DW Drum Set Rug,Black,62" x 78"
  • The 5'x7' Dw DWCPRUG2 drum rug is where drummers can now place their prized kit atop a high-quality rug emblazoned with DW logos
  • The Package Height of the Product is 1 inches

  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Non-slip
  • Sizeable
  • Costly
  • Heavy 

7. Road Runner Drum Rug Grey – An Outstanding Drum Carpet

The mat is a perfect choice to use at home or in a studio as it has an eye-catching design. It is lightweight to give you no portability problems. The mat holds firmly on the ground, thanks to the rubber bottom and heavy edges. There is no need to clamp it on the surface you will be using. 

The mat is made of high-quality fabric material to last you more than you can imagine. Fabric mats are great in holding drums in place as the instruments dig in the rug and thus, stabilize. Folding the rug is easy, and so is its ferrying. It is dark in appearance, and the color doesn’t fade away after washing. 

The size is perfect for even the most extensive sets as the drum rug size is 5.5 by 4.5 feet. It is, by all means, one of the best drum rugs to purchase. The mat is a perfect choice for anyone, and I want to say that you will not regret buying it.

Road Runner Drum Rug Grey
  • 5.5' x 4.5' heavy-duty fabric rug will last for years Non-skid rubber trim edging keeps rug from "traveling" Large bass-drum chock stops bass drum movement Weighted corners keeps rug free from curling

  • High quality
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Non-slip
  • Universal size
  • No bag or dust cover for storage

8. Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat, the Ultimate Drum Mat – A Popular Model

A mat needs to be your closest drumming companion. It sets up a foundation for your drums. What is the point of a rug that can’t be ferried anywhere you need to use it? That was the manufacturer’s concern when they settled on making this mat. 

It weighs less than 1.9 pounds. The bottom is made of high-quality anti-slip material that will keep your drums locked as you need them. You can use the rug in a studio or anywhere else. The cost is affordable even to drummers with the tightest budget. For beginners, I cannot see a better choice to recommend. 

The size is, however, a bit small for big drum kits, and it may appear too thin to some users. Placing a massive drum set on it might cause it to wear out quickly.

Black Widow Drum Web Anchoring Drum Mat, The Ultimate Drum Mat
  • Get yours today! Engineered, patented and designed to LOCK pedals in place; eliminates "drum creep":
  • Replaces conventional large drum rugs AND; weighs less than 2 pounds and folds conveniently in carry case

  • Easily affordable
  • Portable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Small in size
  • A bit thin

9. Roland TDM25 Non-Slip Drum Rug, 77″ x 63″ (TDM-25) – One of the Best Options in the Market

The Roland drum carpet is made in the best way possible to prevent your drums from slipping. It is manufactured of high-quality fabric materials to ensure it lasts as long as you use it. Folding the mat will take seconds, and it is lightweight to enable you to transport it with ease. 

There is a well-crafted Roland logo on the edge of the mat. When the mat is folded, there is a strapping cord to ensure it stays in the folded position until the next use. Cleaning it is simple, and since the rug is dark, you won’t need to clean it often. 

The size is above average, so I recommend those with small sets to look at other options. The drum rug size measures 6.6 by 5.4 feet, which will give ample space to any professional drummer with any drumming instruments. 

I need to warn you that the cost is slightly high. In case you are looking for the best drum mat for sizeable equipment, it is worth adding some money and getting quality that you won’t regret.

Roland TDM25 Non-Slip Drum Rug, 77' x 63' (TDM-25)
81 Reviews
Roland TDM25 Non-Slip Drum Rug, 77" x 63" (TDM-25)
  • Charcoal color
  • Durable polyester filament material with nonskid backing

  • High quality
  • Comes with a strapping cord
  • Slip-resistant
  • The cost is relatively high
  • Doesn’t suit for small kits

10. Antep Rugs Kashan King Collection HIMALAYAS – A Drum Rug of Remarkable Quality

The manufacturer is undisputed in providing quality items. The vast experience in the textile industry makes the manufacturer reliable in any task they promise to deliver. The product under review may look like a living room floor mat, but it works as a fine drum rug, too. 

Its applicability as a drum rug would suit those who need the largest mat for considerable music instrumentation setup. The rug is made of highly durable material, and it is stylish to add a spectacular glamour to any surface it is set on. The rug is thick to enable the drum stands to dig in for more stability. 

The quality of the mat is unmatched. It is less bulky than most of the models on the market, and the cost seems too good to be true. 

The lower surface of the mat is a bit smooth, and this may cause it to slip on a wooden floor. But this should not give you much to worry about. You can purchase a rug pad to use on hardwood or wooden surfaces and place your mat on top. That way, you get more comfort and ensure double protection for your house surface. 

The price at which the mat and pad are offered is affordable to all. It is not cheap, but surprisingly, you can get that kind of high-quality product at such a fee. The maintenance of the mat is simple as vacuum and spot cleaning is all you need to keep it in the best shape possible. 

All in all, this drum set carpet is a perfect fit for a large drum arrangement and acts as a floor mat when you are playing at home. I profoundly recommend you to purchase this item.

Antep Rugs Kashan King Collection HIMALAYAS Oriental Area Rug Maroon and Beige - Maroon and Beige -...
3,423 Reviews
Antep Rugs Kashan King Collection HIMALAYAS Oriental Area Rug Maroon and Beige - Maroon and Beige -...
  • FASHIONABLE FLOOR RUG: This versatile area rug features a stylish color scheme and a bold, eye-catching pattern that will effortlessly complement any décor. DO NOT remove the label on the back of the rug, removing may damage the rug permanently.
  • VERSATILE GOOD LOOKS: Add a fashionable complement to a living room, dining room or bedroom with this versatile indoor area rug. With its classic color scheme and practical size, this area rug makes an attractive addition to any décor.

  • High quality
  • Glamorous design
  • Sizeable
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • It is too large for a small kit setup
  • Not portable

11. Rubber-Cal Tuff-N-Lastic Rubber Flooring Runners – A Nice Drum Carpet to Mention

The mat is made of rubber for maximum resistance against slipping. The upper side of the mat is made of pebble-like protrusions to prevent slipping. It is thick enough for maximum floor protection. This drum rug can withstand the heavyweight of the drums without getting torn. 

It is waterproof keeping your drums safe. Cleaning is super easy, and its maintenance will cost you close to nothing. The mat is available in a wide variety of sizes to enable you to pick the size that fits your instrumentation.

The cost is favorable to those with strict spending limits. The rug is easy to fold and transport. I profoundly recommend you to purchase this mat as you will not regret the decision made. The only drawback of this item is that there is no bag included in the package.

Rubber-Cal Tuff-N-Lastic Rubber Flooring Runners, 1/8-Inch x 4 x 15-Feet, Black
  • 1/8-inch thick x 48-inches wide rolled rubber flooring that is available in 8 lengths for DIY installation
  • A water resistant floor protector mat that helps prevent indoor flooring from becoming damaged by dampness

  • Durable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Favorable cost
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • No strap or bag for convenient storage

12. JVCC Gaff-Color-Pack Gaffers Tape Multi-Pack: 1/2 in. wide 5 Rolls/Pack – An Additional Colorful Option

The item is an additional product, and since it is helpful in musical instruments set up activities, I decided to incorporate it in my reviews. The tape is useful in keeping the wires connecting the kit in line and preventing frequent interruptions when they are touched or disconnected. 

It is a must-have tape that you can use in marking the drumming perimeter. It’s glamorous and fluorescent so that it can mark the stage even in the event lights go off. 

The tape is strong and elastic to serve the very purpose you need it. It is long and retails at a relatively low price. The only problem is that from my experience, only the blue tape holds the marks properly, and other tapes may be less sticky and durable.

FindTape Gaffers Tape Multi-Pack: 1/2 in. width/Assorted (Fluorescent Blue, Fl. Green, Fl. Orange,...
  • OPTION #1: 5 rolls of 1/2-inch spike gaffers tape - fluorescent blue (45 yards), fluorescent green (50 yards), fluorescent orange (50 yards), fluorescent pink (50 yards) and fluorescent yellow (50 yards)
  • OPTION #2: 4 rolls of 1/2-inch spike gaffers tape - black, red, white and yellow (all 55 yards)

  • Large
  • Strong
  • Comes in a variety of colors, including fluorescent models
  • Majority of the tapes are of low quality

13. Bonus Drum Mat Marker Pack – Accessories You Need for Best Setup

The mat marker will enable you to replicate your drum setting pattern easily. You do not have to struggle anymore with drum arrangement with mat markers, and that’s why I picked an excellent deal for you.

The bundle contains 44 pieces that will suit all your drum set up needs. The quality of the markers is unbeatable, and they are sturdy enough to be used over and over again. A single drum mat marker pack has three tapes bearing a numbering of one to ten. 

The marking set will help you to make a unique and constant way of arranging your drum set. Although many people do not see a need to buy markers and do not understand the significance of the product, it is a great item to purchase as it gives a consistent way of putting up your instruments.

Protection Racket 9022-01 Drum Mat Numbered Marker Pack
  • Mark your mat and stands in minutes
  • Each pack includes thirty stand feet markers numbered 1-10 with 3 sets of each

  • Eases drum arrangement
  • The marker is sturdy for repetitive use
  • You may not need that many pieces

Buyer’s Guide on Drum Carpets

If you are still doubtful about the perfect drum rug for you, check out this guide. Keep in mind that some of the features of drug rums may be more beneficial in your specific case. Choose which one you need the most.

Why do you need drum rugs?

If you believe that a drum rug is just a decoration to your drum set, you are mistaken. Good drum carpets may actually look like an old relic from your granny’s house. Moreover, no drum rug can improve your skills and make you a better drummer. Thus, you can’t totally rely on it in your performance.

Although the rug will not turn you into new John Bonham, it will grant the stable position to the bass drum so that it wouldn’t slip anywhere, absorb the reverberating sound in the room, and protect the floor from scratching. It stops any movements of your drums during the performance.

What to focus on while buying drum rugs?

While all the rugs on the list have similar goals, they provide slightly different benefits. They all are great for sliding prevention and dampening reverberating sounds, but each of them offers more features. Here is what to look for when you pick the perfect drum rug.


All drum rugs on my list are of high quality. They can easily handle the weight of any drum set. Pay attention to the fact that a drum carpet should be made of a thick durable material with a non-slippery and firm grip. It must not only fix the instrument in one place but protect the floor from scratches. The most popular material is PVC or another plastic polymer as polypropylene, wool, and rubber.


Size is probably the first thing you have to find out since it must be suitable for your drum set. The rug can’t be too small or too big. The standard size for the classic 5 pieces set is 4-5 inches long and 5-7 inches wide. Nevertheless, you have to measure your own drums before you buy anything. The rug must be larger and wider than the instrument, though not too big.

Weighted corners

Weighted corners are an extra feature you may need for your drums. They prevent skids, curling, and even bending of the edges. With the tight grip of the rug, you will not have any problems with it. If you don’t want to spend more time uncurling the rug, make sure it has weighted corners.


All the rugs on my list are made of high-quality and durable materials. They absorb vibration and prevent the floor from scratches. You may also want nonflammable security for some specific cases. In my humble opinion, the most beneficial feature the rug can provide is the protection of the floor from metallic stands, and it should be durable enough to hold it for many years. Even if it is made of fabric, it can still hold the drums reliably.

Ease of carrying

Drum rugs must not be completely weightless. However, the model has to be portable, as you may need to carry it around. The rug should be put on the stage, in the studio, practice room, and even the place of storage. The best option is a lightweight, easy-to-bend, portable carpet. It is recommended to buy two carpets, and leave one in your practice room, while keeping the other folded and ready for the concerts. Make sure that the “traveling” rug can be easily carried around even after exhausting concerts.

Popular Questions About Drum Carpets

Many inexperienced players get lost among the variety of carpets on the market. Usually, they end up either with an old rug taken from their parents’ house or scratched floors. To avoid their mistakes, read the popular questions I’ve found online and my answers to them. If you have something to add, do it in the comments.

How to keep your bass drum from sliding?

To keep drums from sliding around the floor, use one of the drum rugs I have recommended here. If your floor is too slippery, and you are worried about your drums, you can use the tape, which prevents the carpet from any moves. At the same time, I have gathered the specific non-slippery rugs here, and you can trust them completely. They all have a tight grip and are made of non-slippery materials. If you put one carpet over another, it can start skidding. In this case, use the non-slip pad between them. This way, the instrument will stand reliably on the rug.

How big should the drum mat be?

It mainly depends on the size of your drum set. You have to measure it in advance, even before you start looking for the rug. You will need a slightly bigger carpet than your music instrument. Pay attention to the fact that the stands can be moved from time to time, depending on whether you want them closer to you or not. And the carpet should be long and wide enough to still place them. On stage, the carpet is usually slightly bigger than your home one. It can be 6 inches x 4 inches, while the classic carpet in your house can measure 4 inches x 4 inches.

Is it mandatory to get a rug for drummers?

It is not. Some drums are made to be held between the legs or in your hands. These drums do not require any carpet. However, bass drums are another deal. They can creep, slide, skid, especially if the surface is smooth and slippery as well. You can move them without even noticing it, completely concentrated on the rhythm. It affects your performance. You don’t want to jump up in the middle of a performance and reach for the drums you moved away. Moreover, you don’t want to renovate the floor, covered with numerous scratches. A drum carpet provides you with stability and the chance to show yourself without any minor distractions.

How to mark your drum rug for gigs?

Use the Drum Mat Marker Pack or Gaff-Color-Pack Gaffers Tape I have recommended on the list above. Both packs contain enough markers, so you can use them for a long time. They are both incredibly helpful. The tape is colorful and easy to remind you what you have to put on the mark. It also is fluorescent, which looks splendid on the stage. The specific mat marker is stylish, almost invisible to others, and helpful. There are 44 pieces in the pack, so it covers all the needs of your drum set. As I’ve mentioned in its cons, you may not even need so many markers in the package.

Closing Remarks – What is the Best Drum Rug?

I hope that you have now learned about the importance of a drum rug. In case you haven’t found purchased one yet, you can easily pick an item from the above-reviewed products. I can assure you that you will not regret the choice you have made, and with these models, you won’t need to interrupt your sessions to put the instruments in place again.  

Before purchasing the drum carpet, make sure to consider the size of your drumming equipment and the place you need the rug for. In my opinion, the Antep Rugs Kashan King Collection drum mat is, by no doubt, the best choice to consider. It can be used as a home or studio mat, and the cost is friendly. 

In case it is too large for your small instrumental set up, then consider the Rubber-Cal Tuff-N-Lastic rug. It is available in a wide variety of sizes for easy picking. The quality of these two mats is exceptional. However, you can choose any other option from the review as I have provided as many details as possible.

To those using the mats, how is your drumming experience? Would you recommend anyone to use the mats? Have you used any drum rugs reviewed here? Anyone with any questions concerning drum rugs, feel free to leave them in the comment section. I will be happy to clear any doubts and help you to make the right choice for your drumming experience.

  1. Hello, Chad. I’m a beginner drummer and after some months of practice, I noticed that my drum equipment keeps sliding. I’ve been wondering how to stop that and that’s how I came across your article. It was really helpful but I still have a few issues. For example, how do I keep my bass drum from sliding? I have a rug already but my bass still moves away during the session.

    • Hey, Jarred. It’s always good to see a fellow drummer here. I have a piece of advice for you but first of all, I need to know what rug are you using. Some people just use ones from the carpet store, but I wouldn’t recommend that due to the quality and sizes. Those carpets just aren’t designed for musicians, you need to get another one for sure. To stop your bass drum from sliding you should consider checking its feet, if the rubber on it is worn out this might be the issue, try installing new ones.

  2. Hi Chad. I liked your article but after reading it I still don’t know what is the difference drum rug vs normal rug? I’m asking because I’m planning to get one for our gig base.

    • That’s a very good question I keep hearing from musicians from all over the world. I guess I should write another article about that someday 🙂 Ok, there are many reasons to use a drum rug, but the main ones are thickness, tight backing, weighted corners and finished edges. Don’t forget that you will be also using velcro straps to hold bass pedals and cymbal stands.

  3. Hey, Chad. Nice article, as always. But I wanted to ask how big should a drum rug be? The thing is that I was using only a small carpet under my bass drum. But I started to think that I need a bigger one.

    • Hello. There are two factors which you should consider choosing size of a drum rug. First of all, it’s size is supposed to be bigger than your drum kit. Though some drummers use separate rugs to stabilize a bass drum or cymbals only, consider this as an option too. The second factor is the surface you will be playing on. But nowadays most drum rugs have non slip bottoms that allow playing even on smooth and sliding surfaces.

  4. Greetings, Chad. I’m a bit confused about this rug thing. I have a 6×6 carpet but I was told it should be rubber-backed to prevent sliding, but I don’t want to buy a new one. Do I need a mat under my rug? Thanks

    • Hey there. If your carpet doesn’t have a rubber bottom then you should definitely consider placing a mat under it. Some people might say that sliding also depends on how fast you play but from my experience, it’s just better to have a decent drum rug without overthinking it.

  5. Hey there, Chad. I decided to buy a new rug as well as a pad and thus I have a quick question. Should rug pad be the same size as a rug?

    • Hey there, Zach. A rug pad should be smaller than the size of a rug. Though some drum rugs are already padded with rubber and that means you don’t need any additional pad underneath. For example, the Meinl percussion drum rug is like this. But if you don’t like the look of classic carpet under your drum kit then I would suggest Roland TDM25, which I already mentioned above.

  6. My band moved to a new gig base. That’s why I decided to buy something like Meinl rug. Can you tell me what kind of pad goes under the area rug?

    • Hi there. As far as I know, Meinl is already a decent rug and doesn’t require any pads underneath. Due to its thickness and rubbered bottom, I doubt you’ll ever need any extra layer under such carpet. Moreover, sometimes an additional mat can even cause slipping and that’s definitely not what you’d want during the gig.

  7. Hello. I already have a small rug under my drum kit but it still keeps sliding around my room. What to put under a rug so it doesn’t slip?

    • That depends on the floor surface you want to play. A thin rubber pad might help you If you have hardwood, laminate flooring or even glossy tiles. Also, I saw some people use rubber coated shelf liner, but I haven’t tested anything like that yet and thus can’t recommend it.

  8. Racket Drum Mat is a pretty decent rug for its price, I would say the same about Road Runner drum carpet, I have two of each in my gig base and one in my studio. I like it’s universal 5.5×4.5 size because it fits almost any drum kit. Though you were right about dust cover, it would come in handy.

  9. I have a 5.5 by 4.5 feet Kaces сrash rug which I consider a standard drum rug size for a punk/garage rock drummer. It’s really thick and hard to slip as you mentioned above. Though I wouldn’t recommend using it as your travel mat because it’s way too heavy to transport.

  10. From years of my drumming experience, I would say that the best drum rug is the heaviest one because those usually provide stability to your drums and pedals. But nowadays everything’s different, thick and large mat not supposed to be heavy. After reading your article I can see why my point of view is outdated.

  11. Nice, I see my Cases drum set carpet here. I’m not much of a drummer, but I have two of these. I find it suitable both for the classic drum set and electronic one as well because I tried it with both. A carry bag is a nice bonus, by the way.

    • Oh, it is always good to know that I am not the only one who noticed that Kaces rug is compatible with almost all the drum sets. Since it does not have a bottom covered completely with rubber, I had to roll this rug away from my slippery floor, but I’ve heard from one of my friends that he still uses the same model and can’t be happier. Indeed, this rug has a great price and is durable. It still has a rubber trim, so it may be more than enough for many drummers. Anyway, what I am trying to say is the carpet is great, and I was happy to include it in my list.

  12. For me the best drum carpet should be both thick and compact. My first rug was bought at home depot and it was fine for the first time, especially for a basement gig base. But later after I switched to a more professional drum kit I decided to replace the carpet as well so I went with Kashan-like rug.

    • Thank you for your comment!
      It’s great that you understand the importance of a rug for drumming and look for improving your setup. I love Kashian-like rugs too, they are too cool for the opposite! Did you take Antep Rugs Kashan King or Meinl drum rug from my listing? If you found something else, I’d be grateful if you share it in a comment.
      Have a good time drumming!

  13. At the end of the day a working drummer is wanting a tool that works for the job. All these hobby lobby drummers have no idea what their talking about. Stop all your nonsense, the Black Widow Drum Web was designed by a touring, studio drummer, when used as designed its all the drum mat you need. It holds up to 8 pedals and will not budge an inch if set up properly. Terry Bozzio is one of the few drummers on the planet that can play 8 pedals. Another reason BWDW is so amazing is its portability. As far as toughness , you can literally poke a hole in this thing and it wont tear. 600 grade military denier. The Ultimate Drum Mat Black Widow Drum Web, I paid 69.99 for my first one, now you can get it for 22.00 US are you kidding me! Deal!

    • Hi there!
      I feel your pain! I’ve got my first drum mat for an unbelievable price back those days, and since I had no idea how to choose it and what to look for, it was slippery, too small even for my 5 piece set, and I accidentally tore it apart. At least, the first thing you’ve bought was BWDW, which I consider to be the greatest choice possible for its price! I have not tried 8 pedals on it, to be honest. I still use this mat in my so-called musical studio I’ve made in a basement, and I can’t agree with you more about the outstanding quality of this model. And what about its atmospheric design? I believe it suits perfectly the music I play. Perhaps we have similar musical preferences with you. By the way, I’ve heard that the price is going down now. I’ve already bought another one just in case.

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