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Best Drum Machine for Dubstep Musicians

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  1. Thanks for reading the article and writing this comment to you too, Rick!
    If your tablet is Acer Icona or another one but with similar dimensions, you should really try the stand by ChargerCity. It’s super sturdy and lets you adjust the needed position easily. The holder fits any tablet with a screen from 7” to 12”, so I really hope that your Acer fits in! Be attentive, and don’t say Chad didn’t warn you! Good luck!

  2. Hi, Sully! It’s great to see your comment on my blog!
    I’m happy that my article helped you choose what you really need. I want to confirm that most of the holders described above are capable with iPad 3, although I didn’t mention this exact tablet model. However, you should compare your tablet’s size (width, length, thickness) before ordering a holder as there are always chances that you are looking at the wrong model. Fortunately, most of them are universal! Use yours with pleasure!

  3. Hi there!
    Thank you for your reply! I hope your son becomes a great drummer!
    I can’t even imagine how often I hear about this “real feel” myth. Yet, after years of drumming, the skin on our hands gets only worse. I also noticed that during a performance, gloves help to make the grip tighter since my hands can become slippery. If your son still does not believe your persuasions and my personal experience, you may offer him Meinl Gloves with half fingers. They don’t cover the entire hand, and he will still experience this “real feel” thing. Besides, they are almost weightless, and he actually may forget about them during the performance.
    Anyway, I hope my own experience was helpful to you! And tell your son that the health and strength of our hands are crucial for drummers!
    Take care!

  4. Hi, Jane!
    You are right, I did not include Guda drums on my list here. I totally agree with you about the quality of the drum. However, I tried to give you options that combine high quality with affordable prices. And Guda drums, let’s be honest, are quite pricey. Besides, you can’t find them as easy as those that I’ve mentioned. They are not available on Amazon, but you can visit their own store if you want.
    For those who do not know what Guda is, it is not a pure tongue drum. It is a hybrid, mix of tongue drum and handpan. It has the quality of both musical instruments. I think that the most similar product on my list is Ocarina Wind of 12 inches. I am not here to force you to pick those I recommend. I simply described my favorite options for an affordable price. I have tried these models myself. It is up to you which tongue drum you want to order. Just read the reviews and think about the pros and cons before you order anything.

  5. Hi!
    Do you mean the Rakumi 13 note drum?
    I have played the Rakumi 13 note and described my experience in its review. I like the wide range of tones it provides while I am playing. Almost every note has double, which I believe is helpful for amateurs and professional drummers. I usually match these notes with each other for a unique sound and new timbre. I also enjoy the lotus-shaped design and the fact that it is 12 inches wide.
    As for Sonart, I have also played it but did not include it on my list here. They both have similar prices, and you can find both of them on Amazon. As Rakumi, this one is made of high-quality carbon steel. It can also be used for meditations. It provides 13 notes, and it weighs slightly less than Rakumi. The difference is in 1 pound, actually. Yet, in my personal opinion, Rakumi is the best. I’ve heard many complaints about wrong notes and bad sound. Still, my experience was not that awful. I have just missed the depth of the sound for this money. It is only my opinion, and you can do whatever you like. I only ask to consider all the features of both instruments.

  6. Hi there!
    I feel your pain! I’ve got my first drum mat for an unbelievable price back those days, and since I had no idea how to choose it and what to look for, it was slippery, too small even for my 5 piece set, and I accidentally tore it apart. At least, the first thing you’ve bought was BWDW, which I consider to be the greatest choice possible for its price! I have not tried 8 pedals on it, to be honest. I still use this mat in my so-called musical studio I’ve made in a basement, and I can’t agree with you more about the outstanding quality of this model. And what about its atmospheric design? I believe it suits perfectly the music I play. Perhaps we have similar musical preferences with you. By the way, I’ve heard that the price is going down now. I’ve already bought another one just in case.

  7. Hey! My congratulations on your first Lomuty drum. Don’t worry, this is the legit website of Lomuty company. Yet, if you believe that your receipt is a little bit suspicious, I still recommend you to contact them. They have an email address, which is [email protected], and I recommend you to write them a letter, just in case. Perhaps, by the time you read my answer, the problem is gone.
    Anyway, they also have an active Instagram page which you may check and contact them directly through it. The last time I’ve contacted them through their account, they’ve answered me. Still, you are totally right about double-checking the information. In the era of online fraud, you can’t be too cautious. Let’s wait for an answer together. I hope that everything is alright right now!

  8. Hi, there!
    Now, do you want to confess to me about something shameful? I can already say you have ordered this drum in some unreliable store somewhere abroad with no customer support service. Is it true? Do they sell everything besides steel tongue drums? Your luck, they have not sold you the drum made of papier-mache. Ok, I believe you’ve learned your lesson. Now, I can’t possibly guess which drum you’ve ordered.
    Do you have 6 notes on it in general? In this case, you have to check similar models and find where to place the notes. It probably means that you have only three notes range. Each of them is doubled with a slight difference in timbre. This is a common practice for tongue drums, don’t worry. Check all the tongues for their sound. Some notes may locate close to each other, others on the opposite sides. I also advise you to navigate the website you have made an order on and search for any reviews. I can recommend you to check the 6 inches drums from my reviews and try to find similarities among the stickers and notes for your own drum. If nothing works, just order the drum from a trusted developer via a trusted store.

  9. To be honest, I have never played these drums before. After your reply, I started to dig deeper. The prices are quite high, especially considering that country of origin. I also checked their website and had to wait for a long time till I’ve seen all the drums they offer. Another suspicious thing is that I can’t find them on Amazon. I also have found lots of positive comments and reviews for these drums. They all come from Europe and some from States. Developer offers diameter in cm, not inches, and you may find it hard to decide which one you need the most. Nevertheless, I have not tried any of Kosmosky drums and can’t say for sure whether they are good or not. I hope you will find your ideal drum!

  10. Hi! Thank you for the comment, which was hilarious, by the way. My bad, I did not know it was impossible to read. No, actually, this kit includes 3 cymbals of 10 inches each. You receive a hi-hat, ride cymbal, and crash with choke. If you want to add more cymbals, you can do it in no time by ordering them separately. Alesis sell not only drum sets but drums and cymbals separately, as well as other music instruments. But I’ve heard the legend about one smart ass who was making sharp comments in articles about Alesis Surge Mesh kits, and when he actually ordered one, he received not three cymbals but two. Hm… I guess now I also have to check twice the kit before ordering it.

  11. Thank you for your comment!
    It’s great that you understand the importance of a rug for drumming and look for improving your setup. I love Kashian-like rugs too, they are too cool for the opposite! Did you take Antep Rugs Kashan King or Meinl drum rug from my listing? If you found something else, I’d be grateful if you share it in a comment.
    Have a good time drumming!

  12. Thank you, It’s a pleasure to hear it! I’m glad you found this information as it’s true.
    Acrylic shields are not only the best in high-frequency volume control but also very good for the overall sound control. Besides, acryl is the most durable and lightweight material for the purpose, so it’s not too difficult to install without assistance. Your sun must be happy and proud about the father who helps him with drumming! Good luck to you both! Stay tuned to my blog not to miss anything important as you progress.

  13. Hi! Thank you for the comment!
    I think that these people say this mostly because they don’t see reasons for a beginner to spend the money on an accessory like this. In my opinion, you should experiment regardless of your skill level and drumming purposes. You are 100% true saying that a shield cuts off the excess frequencies. It also adds control over the volume of your entire kit and lets you avoid interferences with other instruments in the studio. That’s extremely important on any level of performance.

  14. Hi, the Heavy Metal guy!
    I’m glad that my articles broaden my horizons and that you’re open to experiments. Good for you! The exceptional sensitivity and unsurpassed frequency make the sound quality exceptional and justify the high price of the model. Now you own some of the best professional in-ear headphones with over 30 years of history behind them.

  15. Hello to you too, Gee!
    Nice nickname for a drummer, by the way. I’m happy that my piece helped you to find the gear you missed. Speaking of your choice, it’s really a universal solution that will help you cover the needs of 95% bands that come to your place or 100% of the bank you work with. It’s sturdy enough to survive tough touring schedules and works great with all popular amplifiers that may be offered by clubs on your tour map. The sound clarity of shielded cables is also perfect, especially if your band uses lots of radio transmitters. Have fun!

  16. Hello, Matt! Thanks for reading the article and for your comment.
    Seismic Audio FL-10MP-PW is actually a great choice for stage monitoring. These speakers have a great frequency response (65 Hz – 20k Hz) and sensitivity (96dB). I also enjoy the separate amplifier control panel with those sturdy knobs on the front panel. They make it super easy to adjust the monitors during the soundcheck. Stay tuned for more reviews!

  17. Hey, Les! Great to see you on my blog and thanks a lot for the comment!
    I agree – Westone offers a cable replacement of exceptional quality for the price. The fact that you can use it with any headphones on my listing is astonishing, while the mic and volume control makes it a lot more versatile than some of the options, especially if you’re using them not only while drumming. The item may indeed appear a bit confusing for beginners. It’s more of an option for those who already have their favorite earphones and needs an improved cable or a replacement for a broken one.

  18. Oh, it is always good to know that I am not the only one who noticed that Kaces rug is compatible with almost all the drum sets. Since it does not have a bottom covered completely with rubber, I had to roll this rug away from my slippery floor, but I’ve heard from one of my friends that he still uses the same model and can’t be happier. Indeed, this rug has a great price and is durable. It still has a rubber trim, so it may be more than enough for many drummers. Anyway, what I am trying to say is the carpet is great, and I was happy to include it in my list.

  19. Hi, Shaun! Thank’s a lot for your comment and interest in my blog!
    Shure SE215-K-E Sound Isolating Earphones is a great choice. The bass response is all due to the Single Dynamic MicroDrive feature combined with a 37dB background noise cutoff. The sturdy construction prevents any sound artifacts from getting it and ensures your headphone sit tight no matter how hard you play.

    What exactly did you dislike about the cables? If you’re talking about the option to disconnect them from the earbuds, I have to say this option has 2 sides. On the one hand, it makes your earphones much easier to store and elongates the lifespan of your set. On the other, you may think that the wires may unplug if you’re being too dynamic. Fortunately, you can avoid the second due to the cable design. Make sure to tighten up the splitter up to your chin and you won’t ever pull the cable.