Cardio Drumming – Detailed Review of the Current Trend

This new fitness trend combines physical exercise and music. It is called cardio drumming, and it is currently on-demand around the States. By playing the drums intensively, you may not only create music but help yourself stay fit. It doesn’t even matter whether you have played the drums before or not. The cardio drum class welcomes everyone who wants to exercise. They can even provide you with the instrument for the first time. Every strike you make is much more than cardio exercise; it is music. Many creative people can finally love sports, especially the one that combines music and cardio. This fitness does not have any age or gender limits.

Guide to Cardio Drumming


The new trend in sports is a mix of intense strokes and the music they create. This drum aerobics can be performed by everyone, even the person who has neither exercised nor played drums before. While this mysterious fitness type wins a bigger audience, I decided to tell you more about it.

What is cardio drumming?

Cardio drumming is a set of physical exercises with drumsticks, balls, and ball stands. This is a workout that involves lots of music and fun. The participants perform exercise ball drumming, holding the cardio drumming ball on the floor as the drum and hitting it with the specific rhythm arranged by the teacher. As an aspiring drummer, you can also master your skills by taking cardio drumming classes.

Cardio drumming equipment

You don’t need much equipment to perform these exercises. Many people prefer to do cardio drumming for beginners at home since all you need is:

  • Drumsticks, which you can buy in any music store or order online. They don’t cost much;
  • Exercise ball. It can be ordered online via the sports store. This is probably the most expensive gear for your fitness lessons;
  • Ball stand. You can buy it in the same sports store, together with the ball. However, you can make it by yourself, using a simple plastic bucket of the proper size.

If you want to train at home, you need to buy a cardio drumming workout DVD or watch some free lessons on YouTube. I recommend finding the lessons appropriate for your level in advance. This way, you can understand how much free space you will need for the workout and whether you will require some additional equipment like a yoga mat or a towel. Make sure that exercises suit your physical health perfectly. If you want to exercise with friends, you may need to take care of a bigger room, or you may sign up for classes in your area.

Is drumming good exercise?

There are numerous benefits of cardio drumming calories burned exercises. However, before I name the major attractions of cardio drumming, I have to warn you that no matter how easy it may seem, you still have to consult with your doctor, especially if you have health issues. Now, let’s move to the benefits you receive from having fun with drumming:

people doing cardio drumming

  • Have you seen an obese drummer? Ok, probably you have. But what about an energetic, constantly jumping up and down overweight drummer with a rubber ball? Probably, you haven’t encountered one. The moves are drumming out fat, burning the calories from the moment you start till the end of the lesson;
  • These simple moves help you to improve your coordination since you have to strike the ball in a particular place with a particular rhythm;
  • It teaches you to focus your attention. If you have problems with concentration, sign up for a few lessons and see the result;
  • It helps you to forget all your worries at once. You are staying concentrated on the ball and the breath, leaving all your problems behind. By creating the music you like, you receive more endorphins pumping into your head, healing your nerves;
  • While hitting the ball with drumsticks, you strengthen your core and numerous muscle groups you had no idea existed in your body. Don’t worry if you feel all these muscles the very next morning.

Apart from the benefits for your physical and mental health, you can also become a better drummer. These simple moves you repeat one after another help you to stay in touch with the music and feel the rhythm. You will learn how to hear and follow it, creating something entirely unique.

Taking care of health

Although I admire this new kind of sport and music training, I believe you have to keep in mind that this is still a cardio exercise. If you have any heart problems, you may need to consult a specialist before you come to the class or start your workouts at home. Don’t pick a level that is too complicated for you, and always watch the trainer.

Popular Questions About Cardio Drumming

Since this type of activity is still new for a lot of people, I find numerous questions about it on the Internet. I decided to answer some of them here, hoping it may help you. If you have some extra information I haven’t mentioned, you can share it in the comments below.

How many calories does drumming burn?

Even the average drumming session without any cardio may help you burn 400 – 600 calories. One hour of cardio drumming can offer you up to 900 calories burned in one hour. However, this number is not exact. It depends on how fast you move, how active you are, your body type, and your weight. The average amount of calories you can burn during one lesson is somewhere between 600 and up to 900 calories. The rhythm your teacher chooses is also incredibly important for calorie burning. The more you practice, the more new exercises you need to keep the calorie-burning high.

people doing cardio drumming exercises

What is cardio drumming?

Cardio drumming is a newly created type of exercise that combines physical activity and playing drums. This is a perfect solution for both fans of sports and drummers. You can lose weight while playing drums vigorously. This is a beneficial solution for your home workouts since it does not require much equipment. If you already have a fitness ball in your house, all you need is to buy a drumstick, which is not a problem for any drummer.

What is a drumming exercise?

Drumming exercise is a set of moves you perform with drumsticks in your hands and the ball on the ball stand. It takes 1 hour on average to reach the goal you want and trains all your muscles. While it may seem like pure fun without any advantage for your muscles, truth to be told, it is a great way to train your heart, with mild cardio and lots of excitement from your ability to create music.

Starting the Cardio Drumming Routine

There is nothing hard in learning how to perform cardio drumming exercises. In no time, you will feel yourself a natural-born drummer slash fitness star. You will be able to create the music with a ball and a few sticks in your hands. Even though this activity looks like a party you were welcomed to, you perform physical exercises as well.
Despite the fact that this type of fitness is still relatively new, I wonder whether you have tried it. If you know about it, please share your thoughts in the comments. Have you ever performed cardio drumming? Do you work out at home? Do you see the results of the exercise?

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