Open Hand Drumming How-to-Guide

When you are learning to play the drums there are many things you will want to learn to play. Open hand drumming is a great place to start. It is easy to learn, rather forgiving on the body, and still sounds great with a small amount of practice. Open hand drumming allows the drummer to achieve a very dynamic and percussive sound. The drummer has to use the side of the hand, the fingers, or the heel of the hand to strike the drum. Open-handed drumming is common in the drumming world, and it is amazing for achieving the desired sound.

How to Play Open-Handed Drums?


Open-handed drumming is a fundamental technique that you need to master. It’s so simple that most beginner drummers don’t give it the attention it deserves. If you want to learn how to play the drums like a pro, you need to play both cross-stick and open-handed. If you’re a beginner or a drumming beginner, it’s important you understand how to play the drums with both drummer’s hands.

Learning how to play the drums open-handed is the basis for developing good drumming habits. Once you start practicing open drumming, you’ll find it easier and easier to play cross-stick. Doing a one-handed drum roll is one of the most rewarding drum rudiments. It is performed by rolling the stick in the right hand over the top of the drumstick in the left hand, with the right hand in a palm-up position and the left hand in a palm-down position. It is performed by bringing the right hand down to the drumstick in a smooth motion, and then going back up to its start position. This is repeated in a smooth, continuous motion. To come to a stop, the right hand is brought back up to the starting position, and then the left hand is brought back up as well.

Also, learning how to play a hand drum can be fun and exciting. The hand drums are the most versatile of all the drums. This technique is very useful, so definitely take the time to master it before moving on to more difficult techniques. Once you have mastered the basics, you’ll be able to create a wide range of percussive sounds on the drums that you’re not really able to create using other techniques.

Step 1

Settle into a comfortable position and place the stick between the fingers of your left hand. The stick should be positioned on top of the first finger and held in place by the thumb. Make sure the stick is angled towards your body with the tip of the stick placed on the floor.

Step 2

Place the stick in the center of your drum. Tilt the stick at an angle that’s comfortable. The closer the angle of the stick to the drum, the harder the grip of the stick on the drum will be.

Step 3

Hold the stick with the tips of your fingers and the pad of your thumb. Apply a slight amount of pressure to the stick to ensure it doesn’t fall out of your hand.

Step 4

Start tapping with your right hand. Make sure your right hand is positioned comfortably with your elbow bent and your wrist straight.

Step 5

Don’t apply too much pressure when tapping. Light taps are usually more effective and precise than forceful taps.

slightly damaged drum sticks

Advantages and Disadvantages

Open-handed drumming has its advantages and disadvantages. Even though you can use them to play any type of drumming, they won’t be as effective as the traditional grip. The sound will be different due to the less precise tuning of the skins. Also, you won’t be able to use a heavy grip on the drumsticks.

And if you’re a beginner, you won’t be able to play as fast or hard as you would be able to if you used the traditional grip. But as you get better, they will allow you to play faster, harder, and with more precision than with the traditional grip.

The main advantage of open-handed drumming is that you can play with a more relaxed grip and more relaxed wrists. This makes the drums a bit easier to play and it’s easier to keep the drumsticks in a straight line.

It’s easy to start playing the drums with your hands. You can use your hands to play, and your feet to support the kick drum. It’s good for fast drumming. It’s great for drumming songs that require fast drumming. You can use your hands to create a variety of beats and patterns.

Another drawback of the open-handed grip is that it’s harder to learn. It will take you a lot longer to master them than it will the traditional grip. The good news is that once you do master it, you’ll be able to play some very cool stuff.

Tips for Open Hand Played Drum

Many drummers try to play drums with closed hands without realizing that they can also get a great sound and feel by playing drums with open hands. If you are new to the world of open hands, these tips will help you learn how to play drums with open hands.

Tip #1

The best way to play drums using open hands is to use soft mallets.

Tip #2

When you play drums with open hands, the best way to get a great sound is to play the drum with a light touch.

Tip #3

When you learn how to play drums with open hands, you will want to make sure that you avoid playing the drum too hard. If you play the drum too hard, you will not get a good sound out of the drum.

Tip #4

Another reason why open hands are used by drummers who play rock, pop, and fusion is that they want to be able to play the drums in a controlled manner. Open hands are used when the drummer wants to play in a controlled manner.

Tip #5

You should always try to use a drum that is not too thick. This is because a drum that is not thick will be easy to play on.

person is playing on thin drums

Way to Improve Hand Speed and Drumming Technique

This is a good exercise to help you improve your hand speed, coordination, and technique. As mentioned, it’s an easy way to practice hand independence, which is an important part of playing drums and other instruments. A hand drum can be a great way to get into the world of music and rhythm. So, if you really want to master the art of playing the drums, then start practicing! Remember to warm up before you get started, give your hands a break every 15 minutes, and don’t forget to finish up with some cool-down exercises to help you relax!

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