Must Watch Drum videos

let me tell you about Shiva Mani—this guy was a total wizard when it came to rhythm. Born in India, he practically had rhythm in his DNA. He started jamming on the tabla when he was barely knee-high and it was like he found his superpower.

But here’s the thing that made him stand out—he didn’t just stick to one beat. Nah, he went on a rhythm safari, exploring every percussion instrument he could get his hands on. From the classical tabla to drums you didn’t even know existed, he was the maestro of beats.

What set him apart wasn’t just his mad skills—though those were epic—it was the vibe he brought. When Shiva Mani played, it was like he was telling stories through his beats. You could feel joy, pain, and every emotion in between just by listening to his rhythm speak.

And guess what? He didn’t keep all that knowledge to himself. Nope, he became this mentor dude, passing on his rhythm secrets to anyone eager to learn. He wasn’t just teaching technique; he was passing on the rhythm of life itself.

Here are some amazing videos of Sivamani:















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