Drum Lessons near Milwaukee, WI

Drum lessons are a great way to learn how to play one of the most exciting and dynamic instruments in music. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn about the drums.

Drum lessons are beneficial for people of all ages and skill levels. Learning to play the drums can improve your coordination, rhythm, and musicality. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and have fun.

Drum Lessons near Milwaukee, WI

Be Sound Music Studio

Top Shelf Guitar Shop

Milwaukee Music Academy

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

UWM String Academy

Mike Fenner Music – Guitar and Ukulele Teacher, Performer, Composer

Allegro Academy of Music, LLC

Family Music Center, Inc.

Wauwatosa School of Music

White House of Music

Abbey Music Lessons

Fueling Your Fire Music Academy

Lincoln Music House

Sound Check Studios

Lakefront Drum Lessons

Music Lessons for Life

Rockhaus Guitars & Drums

School of Rock

Brass Bell Music Store


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, holds a rich and diverse musical heritage that encompasses various genres and has contributed significantly to the city’s cultural identity.

The city’s music scene is notably steeped in its history of jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll. Milwaukee’s jazz roots date back to the early 20th century, with legendary musicians like pianist Buddy Montgomery and trumpeter Bunny Berigan hailing from the city. The historic jazz clubs along Walnut Street (now known as Martin Luther King Jr. Drive) were vital in nurturing the local jazz scene.

Milwaukee also has a strong tradition in blues music, with iconic figures like guitarist Hubert Sumlin, known for his work with Howlin’ Wolf, originating from the city. Blues clubs and venues provided platforms for local blues musicians to showcase their talent and contributed to the city’s blues legacy.

In the realm of rock ‘n’ roll, Milwaukee has seen the rise of influential bands and artists. The city’s music venues, including the Rave/Eagles Club and the Pabst Theater, have hosted performances by renowned rock acts, fostering a lively rock music scene.

Moreover, Milwaukee’s music landscape extends to other genres, such as hip-hop, indie, and polka, reflecting the city’s cultural diversity. The annual Summerfest, one of the world’s largest music festivals, showcases a diverse lineup of artists across various genres, drawing music enthusiasts from around the region.

The city’s commitment to music education is evident through institutions like the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, which offers programs to support music education and nurture local talent.

Milwaukee’s music scene continues to evolve, embracing new sounds and fostering a sense of community among local artists and music lovers. Its contributions across jazz, blues, rock, and various other genres reflect a vibrant and diverse musical heritage within the Midwest.

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