Drum Lessons near Long Beach, CA

Drum lessons are a great way to learn how to play one of the most exciting and dynamic instruments in music. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn about the drums.

Drum Classes are beneficial for people of all ages and skill levels. Learning to play the drums can improve your coordination, rhythm, and musicality. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and have fun.

Drum Lesson near Long Beach, CA

Level Up Drums

Surf City Music School

Music Together At The Beach

Drum Lessons By Scott Rosner

OC Drum School

Long Beach School of Music

Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at Cal State Long Beach

Jammin’ Music

Gilmore Music Store

On Stage Music Academy

Drumville Studios

Joanna’s Drum Lessons

Music Lessons with Davey Pitruzzello

Belmont Music Studio

Applied Music Studio

The Rok Music Academy

More Music LB

Lenny Gee Drum Lessons

Arts Development School of Music

Morey’s Music Store Inc

Dave’s Island Instruments

Guitar Center

West African Dance Class taught by Ndella

School of Rock Huntington Beach

Cal Heights Music


Long Beach, California, boasts a vibrant and diverse musical scene that has made significant contributions across various genres, shaping the cultural landscape of Southern California.

One of the most prominent aspects of Long Beach’s musical heritage is its association with hip-hop and rap. The city has been a breeding ground for influential artists and groups, notably Snoop Dogg, who emerged from Long Beach and became a global icon in the hip-hop world. His unique style and storytelling put Long Beach on the map and influenced the trajectory of West Coast rap.

Reggae music also holds a special place in Long Beach’s musical identity. The city’s love for reggae was propelled by the legendary Bob Marley, who performed his last live concert at the Long Beach Arena in 1980. This performance solidified Long Beach as a hub for reggae culture, leading to the emergence of local reggae bands and the establishment of reggae festivals and events in the area.

Beyond hip-hop and reggae, Long Beach embraces a diverse array of musical genres. The city’s music scene spans rock, punk, jazz, blues, and electronic music, fostering a melting pot of musical expressions. Local venues like the historic Alex’s Bar, the Long Beach Arena, and the Terrace Theater provide platforms for both emerging and established artists, contributing to the city’s musical vibrancy.

Long Beach’s commitment to music education is evident through institutions like the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. This conservatory nurtures musical talent and contributes to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

The city’s annual events, such as the Long Beach Jazz Festival and the Long Beach Funk Fest, celebrate its diverse musical heritage, attracting music enthusiasts and artists from different genres.

Moreover, Long Beach’s music scene intertwines with its cultural diversity and community engagement. Artists use their music to address social issues and celebrate the city’s multicultural identity, fostering unity and inclusivity within the community.

Overall, Long Beach’s musical significance lies in its diverse contributions to hip-hop, reggae, and an array of other genres. Its vibrant music scene continues to evolve, leaving an enduring impact on the local culture and contributing to the broader music landscape of Southern California.

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