Best Drum Sticks for Rock for Professionals and Amateurs

Choosing the right rock band drumsticks is essential if you’re all serious about your music hobby. There is a great array of products that vary in thickness, density, materials, and other properties. Such characteristics have a drastic influence on the sound and performance of your drums, making them sound better or even worse at times.

I’m strongly determined that the best drumsticks for rock music are a set of Vic Firth As6b. With their lightness, it’s easier than ever to perform both medium and advanced-level techniques. Their calibration prevents the ‘after shake’ that has ruined so many good pieces already. And the drop-shaped bead keeps perfect balance whether you’re a slow or fast drummer. Still not convinced?

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My Top Pick: Vic Firth Classic Drumsticks for Enthusiasts and Masters


Let’s take a better look at Vic Firth As5b – the best professional drumsticks to find online. Here, I’ve prepared a few pros and cons to show you the actual benefits of doing your music with this set.

First, the Vic Firth As5B is the best drumstick for rock music that suit both professional musicians and amateurs. Created to be used either during practicing or performing off the cuff, the drumsticks can become a great compliment to every enthusiast’s drum kit. By combining durability, flex resilience, and comfortability, the product is a reliable companion wherever you go and whatever you do.

Made of Hickory, the drumsticks are stronger than most regular alternatives thanks to the strong core and hardened coating. When beating the drum, the item doesn’t give off the shiver, which is so often produced due to inertia. This provides clarity of the sound and steadiness of the hand for performing the following beat.

The top is equipped with a drop-shaped bead. It causes the stick to produce sharper sounds that don’t mingle with the cymbal’s rattling. To ensure ease and comfortability of use, the manufacturer has shaped the top more like an acorn. This provides swiftness in manipulation and less air friction, which allows you to maintain your most natural tempo without sacrificing speed.

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  • Less air resistance;
  • Ultralight;
  • Splinter-free due to the coating;
  • Minimized trembling;
  • Extreme longevity.
  • Low heat regulation after holding it for too long.

Best Drumsticks for Rock: Alternatives You Should Know About

Of course, it’s nice to have a couple of different options when choosing a set of drumsticks for yourself. But before deciding which sticks to acquire, it’s rather important to keep in mind what effect and, more importantly, what performance you expect from them. To help you out with this, here are a few superb alternatives to consider.

1. Vater Chad Smith’s Funk Drum Sticks — Best Drum Sticks

For those of you who prefer lightness and swiftness of motion, these drumsticks can just do the trick. They are great as secondary or primary beating sticks for practicing or performing. With them, you can improve your favorite techniques and learn even more, solo or in a band.

The Vater manufacturer has been around for long enough to know that a solid set of drumsticks can do better than regular ones. The product is made of top-notch Hickory, which has proved most useful when it comes to the steadiness of a beat. They are no longer than 16 inches and have an average thickness of 2 inches. Such dimensions ensure the strength of grip without having to clench too hard or using the best drumming gloves for practice possible. Also, the length is perfectly suitable for drummers of different heights and ages so that you don’t have to worry about them being too large to hold.

When it comes to the product’s durability, the top layer is covered in a resilient coating to withstand even the heaviest hits. There is no chance of denting or scuffing the coating since it’s well-hardened. The beads on the top of these rock drumsticks are infused with Nylon to prevent them from cracking at any point. Since the accessories are of 5B thickness, they are considered the primary choice for most drummers. This series is the most versatile and handy type of professional drumstick that suits both beginners and masters. It’s balanced and stable, as well as deprived of any additional weight.

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  • Great any-friction coating;
  • Ensure a solid grip;
  • No splinters or toughness;
  • Suit both amateurs and professionals.
  • Give off a faint smell of paint.

2. Vic Firth American Extreme Drumsticks — Hard Rock Drumsticks for Experts

If you’re into classic rock, and you’d rock band drumsticks with old-school accessories, then you might want to take a look at these pretties. They are manufactured with comfort and handiness in mind. Designed for vigorous drummers, the sticks are well-coated to provide long service and high-quality use.

Just like the products of the old, the sticks are a little longer than regular accessories (a bit over 16.4 inches). They provide the drummer with a longer swing to reach all the cymbals and perform all kinds of techniques without any impediments. Also, the rock drum sticks are rather reduced in thickness and allow for faster and more rapid articulating. This results in the purer sounding of the beats and less air resistance.

For those of you who prefer their rock-hard, the sticks are made to be especially durable, no matter the beats. Coated with lacquer, the accessories guarantee smoother slides on the drums without getting stuck or ricochetting, unlike others. Moreover, such a well-contrived coating is meant to prevent the paint from cracking. Now, you don’t have to worry about the paint spoiling the drums or getting into the drum’s gaps.

As for their durability, the 5th series drumsticks are considered the most long-lasting pieces for heavy beats. However, when practicing with these accessories, make sure to avoid placing them under heavy or rough objects. This will help you preserve the sticks’ original integrity without having to maintain them too often or just find your best drum brush for cleaning.

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  • Great for Hard Rock techniques;
  • Pure sounding;
  • No paint-scuffing;
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Heavier than most drumsticks.

3. Zildjian Dave Grohl Drumsticks — Best Drumsticks, Band Favorites

Drummers who are looking for more than just accessories but rather for a compliment to their style might appreciate these ones. The colors and prints on the body have already become a signature of artistry and luxury among drumming enthusiasts. Made of completely organic materials, the sticks are pleasant to the touch and have no repelling odors.

If you prefer thickness, then these sticks won’t do for you since they aren’t heavy drum sticks you might have gotten used to. The main feature here is lightness, which is essential for swift drummers. Easy to hold and even easier to use, the product can impress you with its length; however, not in a bad way. Being around 17 inches long, the sticks are great for getting a better reach throughout the drumming area without having to bend forward or extend the arms too widely.

In case you’re still wondering, ‘What are the best drumsticks for beating power control?’, then you’ve found them. These accessories are very responsive to even the slightest movements and beats, enabling the user to decide the power input for each movement. You will immediately see the difference in performance since now you can balance the weight easily on the tips of your fingers.

The material is again high-quality Hickory with a lacquer coating that protects the wood from scratches and scuffing. The bead on the top is rather reduced to concentrate the weight on the handle for a better balance. Just like any other good drumsticks, these can come in handy for both casual practices and full-blown on-stage performances.

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  • Well-balanced;
  • Tough coating;
  • Suitable for all kinds of drum techniques;
  • No bead overweight.
  • Can be too light for heavy beats.

4. Promark Japanese Shira Kashi Drumsticks — Good Drum Sticks for All Tastes

It’s also possible that if you’re not completely sure which density and dimensions suit you best, then Promark has a solution. The company offers you a whole set of products to choose from, where you can find both plain drumsticks and Hard Rock drumsticks for your practices. Produced with longevity and comfort in mind, these sticks can compete with even the most renowned brands on the market today.

Choose between the diameters (from 2B to 7A) for a good grip and pick your own material (from maple to oak) to find the perfect balance. Also, select the most convenient taper (from rebounding to standard) for swifter or slower movements. All these adjustments can help you pick a set that is truly yours.

Another great thing about the manufacturer is that it doesn’t limit the product with a single coloring scheme. It offers a whole array of colors to choose from that will match your performance style and music taste. This also applies to the coating, which can be bare (coating free), cross-coated with different layers, hardened to increase longevity, etc.

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  • Customizable design;
  • Thickness options;
  • Pleasant to the touch;
  • Ergonomic.
  • Fragile paint.

Rock Drumsticks Manual: from Browsing to Rocking

You must have already done thorough research if you’ve come this far, and you can see the range of products is rather vast. Whether you’re buying the best drumsticks brand favorites for the first time or it’s a routine for you, here are a few things to mind while browsing.


Though you might think that lighter drumsticks call for better performances, it’s not always the case. The weight of a set defines the beat power and strength of each hit. Accordingly, the heavier the sticks are, the louder they sound when touching the cymbals. Therefore, drummers who mainly perform Rock or Hard Rock pieces are more likely to acquire heavier accessories than those who play Jazz or Soft Rock.

If you’re only starting your drumming career, you might want to consider purchasing medium-weight drumsticks. They are more balanced and versatile, thus being suitable for experimenting with power input and various techniques.

Brand choice

No matter whether you’re into Rock or Jazz, or you’re a beginning or advanced drummer, make sure to purchase brand accessories. Yes, they might be more expensive and less versatile than regular, shabby products, but they guarantee time-proven quality and service. Stick with the brands you’ve heard of or at least seen in action; this way, you will never regret buying a thing.

A penny for his thoughts: Brendan Jones

Acclaimed drummer Brendan Jones has said once that it’s about practicing from the head while playing from the heart. In the same way, your drumsticks perform the kind of music you put into them from within. To do it well, the accessories have to be picked out with a purpose in mind and a vision of what kind of service they will do for you and your band. Stop asking around ‘What are the best quality drumsticks to play with?’, pick a set that feels just right and natural in your hands, and start drumming.

Practice makes a drummer

Also, don’t forget to experiment. The best pieces have always been born as a result of a flipped notepad or drunk impros. The same applies to your drumsticks. Change them like guitar strings and daily outfits to find a new sound, whether it’s better or worse. At some point, you’re going to find drumsticks that will be not only comfortable but also right for you.

Drumsticks and Beats: To Drum or Not to Drum

Having followed this article this far, you must have realized that an expensive set of drumsticks is not always the best one. Finding accessories that will suit your drumming style and taste can take a while, let alone the dimensions and characteristics. However, it’s not that difficult if you do know what you’re looking for.

Anyway, I hope you’ve found this article useful and, maybe, you’ve already found what you’ve come here for. Do you think 5B can do for Hard Rock? Have you ever played with non-Hickory sticks? What did it sound like? Comment down below, I’d love to hear what you think!

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