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Detailed Guide to Music Contracts

Detailed Guide to Music Contracts

Signing a music contract is a dream come true for most musicians. Many talented aspiring artists believe that once they sign the papers and become new world legends. However, a contract is just the ...

What Is a Drum Machine?

grey little drum machine

A drum machine is a device that creates and plays back drum beats. It typically has a user interface that allows a user to select from a variety of preset drum patterns, or to create their own drum ...

Djembe Rhythms

djembe and hand

Djembe rhythms are polyrhythmic, meaning they contain multiple, interlocking rhythms. They are often played on an African drum called a djembe, although other drums can be used as well. Djembe ...

What Is a Drum Throne?

What Is a Drum Throne?

A drum throne is a seat that is designed specifically for drummers. It is usually higher than a regular chair and has a backrest and armrest for added comfort. In music, a drum throne is a ...