Best Drum Practice Pads for Quick Training

I enjoy drumming, and for this reason, I have played in dozens of different bands. I have gained some knowledge about drums and drumming practice pads. Therefore, it is my ultimate pleasure to offer guidance on the best drum practice pad that will make your training a lot faster and easier.

While undertaking drumming practice, you need to choose the appropriate equipment from the drum pads to the sticks. Using the wrong tools will hamper your training process making your progress slow & frustrating.  You will encounter numerous types & brands of drums, drum kits, cymbals, and electronic kits on the market. As such, finding the best practice drum pad for your needs can become quite challenging. 

To assist you in making the right decision and getting the most out of your training, I have curated a list of the ideal practice pads for beginners. I believe that this will give you an easy time choosing the right equipment for your training needs.

Which Factors Should You Consider While Looking for Good Practice Pads?

Continuous training is always a necessity regardless of whether you are a novice, advanced, or seasoned drummer. Even professionals who have garnered numerous years’ worth of experience need to refresh their techniques to stay in top form. The following are some features you need to consider while looking for a drum pad.

Versatility of Sounds

The ideal pad is supposed to be multipurpose, in addition to possessing a user-friendly control surface. This enables you to easily adjust the kit’s sound, depending on the type of music you aim to perform. It is advisable to go for double-sided drum pads to reap the most value for your money. These are excellent for practicing as well as improving your stick techniques.


In case you dwell in a dorm or a small apartment with limited space, you will not be able to carry your drum set with you frequently. Nevertheless, if you have practice pads, you can still practice stick and drum techniques regardless of your location. The lion’s share of drum pads is extremely portable and lightweight. Even children can easily carry them around. For beginners, it is better to start practicing using drum pads before using the fully electronic drum kit or even an acoustic drum set.

Silent Performance

If you have neighbors, family, or even your fellow roommates complaining about your noisy practice sessions, a drum pad will be your best friend. Most practice pads offer a near-silent performance and have much lower noise levels compared to regular drum sets. I like silent drum pads a lot since they cause no disturbance whenever I am training in my apartment, whereby a grumpy old man lives next door.

Top 7 Drum Pad Reviews of the Year 2022

The electronic drum practice pad has become a crucial tool for live performance or drum practice within your studio sessions. Nevertheless, doesn’t an electronic set cost a lot more, particularly in terms of practicing? Why not utilize a less costly device and go for a drum practice pad? Below is a comprehensive beginner drum pad review of the top 7 products:

1. Movement Drums 12” Double-Sided Practice pad, All-in-1 Laminate + Conditioning – Best Marching Snare Practice Pad

Movement drums is a company whose primary aim is to assist percussionists by developing highly complete & versatile practice pads. This company offers a great variety of top-class drum pads for different training requirements.

This is arguably the best option among drum kits. 12″ diameter practice pad is two-sided in addition to having four playing surfaces. These surfaces have 2 differing inserts.

The top surface is realistic. Furthermore, it is composed of long-lasting rubberized silicone that covers an insert and keeps it in laminated form.

To achieve a more rewarding drum-training experience, put on the laminated section. You can as well remove it whenever you want, but ensure that you do not use any pointed tool. This will prevent damages.

Sometimes you might want low rebounding while drumming. To achieve this, insert the quiet conditioning surface, which promotes a highly technical performance. Furthermore, the conditioning surface offers low rebounding. It is also a quiet surface that enhances the performance of the kit. This conditioning surface is an ideal shock absorber while simultaneously maintaining rebound.

This pad also comes with a dual surface whereby the lower side is comprised of a softer rubber that results in a user-friendly surface. This results in fewer rebounds. Therefore, it is appropriate for drummers who either desire a quiet working environment or enhance the development of their muscles.

The 12-inch Double Sided Premium Practice Drum Pad, 4-in-1 Laminate + Conditioning - Fully Rimmed...
527 Reviews
The 12-inch Double Sided Premium Practice Drum Pad, 4-in-1 Laminate + Conditioning - Fully Rimmed...
  • If you're a drum kit, marching snare, and/or concert snare percussionist that can only own one premium practice drum pad, this is the one. The four different hitting surfaces and rim make this pad the most complete and versatile pad in the market. Each of the four different playing surfaces provide different use cases and volume levels (from silent to extra articulate) so you can maximize your practice time and improve across all areas within your craft.
  • Realistic Top Surface - The top features a traditional silicone rubber surface that resembles the feel and rebound of a snare drum. Volume Level: Standard
  • Offers four different 12-inch drumming surfaces;
  • It comes with durable and sturdy construction;
  • One of the sides features a drum with a rim-like structure.
  • The insert that mainly comprises of polycarbonate might dent in the event of excessive drumming through the use of marching sticks.

2. RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad, 6 Inch – RF6GM

The RealFeel by Evans Practice pad offers much convenience when it comes to playing. It comes with a vast surface area providing extra room for play. What’s more, it can fit into most conventional snare drum baskets. I particularly like the gray finishing as well as the fabric that is highly durable & resistant to ordinary wear and tear.

This six-inch one-sided drum pad comes with gum rubber and a threaded insert measuring eight millimeters. The surface consisting of gum rubber offers a highly realistic rebound when hit. As such, this kit provides the best training alternative in contrast to the acoustic drum.  The 8mm thread insert located at the bottom serves in the mounting of the device. What’s more, you can mount it on the majority of the traditional cymbal stands or the ARFSTD Evans practice pad stand. Lastly, RealFeel by Evans is a brand whose pads have been engineered, designed, and created per the most painstaking quality controls across the entire industry.

RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad, 6 Inch - RF6GM
6,528 Reviews
RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad, 6 Inch - RF6GM
  • PRACTICE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Evans RealFeel Drum Practice Pad provides the best practice substitute to acoustic drums, so you can practice rudiments, paradiddles or just drum along to that song on the radio – without disturbing anyone. Portable and quiet, it works on any surface including carpet, table, lap or inside a standard snare basket.
  • SINGLE SIDED DRUM PAD: Features a slightly textured natural gum rubber for realistic stick rebound that provides the best practice substitute to an acoustic drum.
  • Offers a cheap but high-quality experience in training, particularly for amateur drummers;
  • This is the ideal drum pad size. Neither too big nor too little;
  • Fits into any standard size snare basket.
  • Might have some issues, particularly with quality. Such include a repelling chemical odor and insightful glue marks on the rubber and wood areas;
  • Significantly heavier in comparison to most other drum practice pads.

3. Remo RT-0006-00 6” Gray Tunable Practice pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead: A Versatile Beginner Drum Pad

Remo Inc. is among the largest drumhead companies all over the world. For the last six decades, they have set the pace in synthetic shell and drumhead technologies aimed at expanding & enhancing the potential of percussion. The company’s core purpose makes the basic drumming experience include an educational tool, a wellness tool (particularly for retirees), a unifying device, and a tool that brings you a lot of inspiration.

The device is highly tunable & can be fitted anywhere. You do not even need to purchase a stand since the drumhead can be mounted in any location, such as a desk or table. However, the size seems rather small but can offer a perfect start for beginners in drumming.

This RT-0006-00 is the ideal device for amateur or enthusiast drum players trying to boost his/her drumming skills. However, the expert drummer can as well utilize it to keep the skills on point. The physical response of this device is authentic. What’s more, you will enjoy the advantage of using it on your tabletop without scratching or slipping, thanks to the protective rubberized bottom.

In terms of its feel, it can mimic the ideal snare drum. Nevertheless, when it comes to sound, the manufacturer could have used extra improvement strategies. Regardless, I still believe the Remo RT-0006-00 is good enough for starters, particularly if we take a look at the price. Though professional drummers might consider it to be way too tiny, this size offers superior lightness and portability.

Remo RT-0006-00 6' Gray Tunable Practice Pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead
2,918 Reviews
Remo RT-0006-00 6" Gray Tunable Practice Pad with Ambassador Coated Drumhead
  • The perfect tool for the beginning drummer, but also great for the advanced drummer to maintain his/her chops
  • Has the bounce and feel of a real drum, is tunable, and can be mounted on a stand for upright playing
  • It is tunable;
  • It is non-scratch and non-slip in addition to a protective bottom layer comprising rubber;
  • Very simple to mount on any stand, desk, table, or a flat surface .
  • It might be too tiny for your needs;
  • It is a bit noisier compared to other popular brands;
  • It does not sound exactly like a realistic snare drum.

4. Vic Firth 6″ Single-sided practice pad – Best Snare Drum Practice Pad

This is a remarkable twelve-inch double-sided pad and is among the best drum practice pads. In my opinion, it is perfect for both hard and soft practicing. You do not need to purchase separate pads for different purposes. Through the soft rubber, you can quietly practice when all other people are dead asleep. The tough rubber also assists you to enhance the intensity of your performance if the fun becomes too much. The double-sided Vic Firth offers 2 separate intensities. However, this is dependent upon your mood at the moment. 

The non-skid rubberized base offers stability during operation. The 8mm mount thread is suitable for operation through a cymbal stand. This pad has also been constructed using 100 percent original materials. In case you cannot afford an acoustic drum, the Vic Firth 6” offers one of the ideal substitutes for the acoustic drum.

Other features of this device include a thick wooden base for extra support and durability. It is grey in color and measures six inches. This is one of the drums that can offer you the most authentic feeling during your training sessions.

Vic Firth 6' Single-Sided Practice Pad
593 Reviews
Vic Firth 6" Single-Sided Practice Pad
  • Realistic drumhead feel and response
  • Work your wrists and keep your chops sharp
  • Ideal for conducting practice in stick drumming as well as enhancing control & speed;
  • Constructed using the best quality rubber on the two different sides of the pad;
  • High level of versatility due to the double-sided structure.
  • It bounces too much;
  • It is considerably costly compared to other devices of equivalent value;
  • It has several issues in terms of quality, e.g., the pad edges curl after just a few sessions of usage .

5. Ultraportable Practice Pad – 6” Drum Pad

This is another item manufactured by Movement Drum Company and ranks as one of the best pads for drumming amateurs. The 6-inch UPP pad has a weight lower than ½ pounds. It can perfectly fit into nearly all travel and stick bags. This high level of portability makes the pad extremely maneuverable. As such, drumming enthusiasts can utilize it anywhere, and in various conditions. Various drum practice pad reviews have also hailed this feature.

What’s more, it can stick on all surfaces. To restore its stickiness, you need to rinse & dry it using water together with absorbent clothing. It is very simple to clean as it has a high water-resistance ability. Even if the pad gathers dust, it is not a problem. Rinse it with water, and you are good to go.

You will enjoy an eco-friendly feeling just like the snare percussion. This pad comprises neoprene rubber fabric, which greatly lowers the sound intensity enabling you to conduct practice quietly. Insert the conditioning surface to achieve a silent, low-rebounding surface. This will greatly enhance your technical performance. With the conditioning surface, you also receive good shock absorption capability while still maintaining rebound.

This ultra-portable and durable practice pad is suited for all purposes, making it perfect for drum sets, concert snare, and marching percussionists.

Ultra Portable Practice Pad - 6'' Drum Pad (Red) - Case Included
143 Reviews
Ultra Portable Practice Pad - 6'' Drum Pad (Red) - Case Included
  • A 21st century take on the Practice Pad - The 6-inch UPP Pad weighs less than a half pound and fits perfectly into almost any drum stick bag or travel bag
  • Ultra Portability for ultimate maneuverability - The UPP Pad was created to give musicians the ability to practice their paradiddles and strokes anywhere, anytime, and in almost any condition.
  • Varied noise levels offer a high degree of versatility;
  • The surface provides a realistic feel.
  • Laminate is not durable.

6. Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad – Best Analog Drum Machine

Vic Firth is a Massachusetts-based company founded in 1963 and is a mogul in the manufacture of mallets & drumming sticks. In the year 2010, this company formed a merger with the Avedis Zildjian company. As of the year 2012, Vic Firth offered over 300 different products.

The Vic Firth pad is a 12-inch two-sided practice pad. It ranks as one of the best devices for both loud and soft practice sessions. This pad eliminates the requirement to purchase two separate pads, each for a special purpose. The soft rubber enables quiet practice sessions even when everybody else is fast asleep. The tough rubber side enables you to increase the intensity of your performance. As such, you get to decide which side to use, depending on your mood.

The rubber pad is affixed on the 12-inch hardened wooden base. While playing, you will gain an accurate experience that mimics a snare drum or the marching bass/tenor variety. Its size and weight are perfect for fitting into the backpack of a mobile drummer. 

Mylar laminates measuring 4 millimeters are also available for the HH stock pad. This offers more articulation and accuracy to the player. The experience is close to that of a plastic-head drum.

Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad
398 Reviews
Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad
  • Portable hard-surface practice pad for marching drummers
  • 12in Diameter
  • Excellent for practicing various stick techniques;
  • Great for increasing your speed and control skills;
  • It is constructed using top-notch rubber quality on both sides;
  • The double-sidedness offers much versatility.
  • It is significantly costly compared to other products within its caliber;
  • This pad can become too bouncy;
  • Quality issues arise after a few days of usage; the most common one is the formation of side-curls..

7. SUNYIN Practice Drum Pad Set & Drum Sticks, 12 inches-silent practice Training pad

If at all, you are seeking a cost-effective drum-pad option, then the SUNYIN might be your most ideal option. It was constructed using a first-class gum rubber. This provides an almost authentic stick rebound, long-lasting, non-toxic & cozy feel. What’s more, the extremely user-friendly 5A sticks offer you a solid grip, longevity, and sturdiness.

While using this drumming device, you also receive a realistic drumming experience. While using the silicone pad, you will receive an authentic soft & highly bouncy drumming experience. The finishing is also superb due to the top-notch wood that has rounded edges. The 3cm thickness, double surface, lightweight, and both high & low elasticity on different sides enable you to carry out practice drills anywhere & anytime without causing a disturbance.

In terms of the packaging, it includes two sticks and the drum pad itself. The stand is not included, thus if you need one you have to purchase it separately. The manufacturer also offers a free return policy if you are not satisfied with the drum pad.

No products found.

  • Two playing surfaces;
  • An enhanced rhythmic sense;
  • Consists of high-quality silicone;
  • Realistic sound and feel;
  • Produces less noise.
  • The basic package does not include the stand.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Drum Pad for Beginners

Many people have numerous concerns about practice pads. I have managed to answer some of the most common issues.

Can You Learn Drums on a Practice Pad?

Of course. It is a lot easier to learn to drum using the practice pad.

What Do You Practice on a Practice Pad?

On a drum pad, you get to practice various drumming skills quietly. You can even use it to warm up before performances. To benefit the most, you need to undertake thorough research about the different ways of practicing with drum practice pads.

What Is a Drum Practice Pad Made Of?

Most contemporary pads are constructed using a thin elastomer layer. This layer can comprise synthetic or natural gum rubber. The density of this layer varies across different models and brands. Different densities lead to different sound intensities.

How Can I Practice Drumming Quietly?

The best way to quietly practice your drumming sessions is through the use of a practice drum kit. There is a variety of specialized practice sets, electronic drum sets, drum practice pads, low volume cymbals, and other devices such as silent stroke heads used in acoustic drum sets — all these aids in lowering noise during your practice session.

What Is theBest Drum Practice Pad?

In my opinion, the #1 practice drum pad is the Movement Drums 12” Double-Sided Practice pad. You can use it straight out of the box, as well as carry it with you wherever you go. What’s more, you do not need to have a stand to use it. Different drummers have different preferences when it comes to the ideal set. Your choice of a drum can be affected by other factors such as your drumming techniques, whether you prefer noisy or silent practice, size preferences, etc. What’s more, some people prefer the products of a particular company to other drum manufacturers.

Nevertheless, I believe that the mentioned above review is adequate to guide you effectively in case you do not know where to begin. Is there any brand that you have tried and found to be best for you? Why did you like it? Share your views by commenting below.

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