10 extraordinary musical instruments

Music is an inevitable part of our life. It allows us to express our feelings, splash out emotions and express ourselves.

All musical instruments have a special sound, and their combination sometimes simply captivates. Professional musicians for many years to learn this art, learn the notes, train their ears, and get acquainted with the strangest types of instruments. And which of these instruments do you know?

10 Unusual Musical Instruments

People always invent something, I am sure you already heard a sweet sound of a kalimba, filling a connection with space through a hang, and saw how one rocker plays the guitar with two fingerboards. These tools used to be uncommon, but now everyone knows about them. Who knows maybe some musical instruments from our lists will become famous in the world too.

  • Glass Armonica. It was invented in 1761 by Benjamin Franklin. It is a long wooden construction. Pedals at the bottom of the instrument rotate dozens of bowls of different sizes. To produce a melody, the musician must touch the bowl with wet fingers, and its rotation and friction produce a beautiful ringing sound.
  • Berimbau. Is a single-string percussion instrument. Was invented in the XVII century in Africa, but now it is used in Brazil for capoeira. The berimbau basically has three sounds: the open string sound, the high sound, and the buzz sound. The uniqueness of this instrument lies in its design, its basis is…. pumpkin!
  • Zeusaphone. I bet you have never heard it before. It was founded in 2007 by Zeusaphone™. In general, it is a kind of solid coil Tesla, which was modified to create such extraordinary music. You must hear it!
  • Hydraulophone. Another amazing tool was invented in 2005 by Steve Mann. It is an acoustic musical instrument that uses water to create sound. The basis of the musical sound is water; the musician must cover the streams of water flowing from the iron pipe with his hand. This redirects it into the mechanism of sound production, thus creating a magical sound.
  • Singing Ringing Tree. Actually, this is a sculpture and one tool in our list where the player isn’t a human, it’s a wind! Completed in 2006 in England by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu, it is a 3-meter (10 ft) tall construction comprising pipes. 
  • Theremin. This musical instrument can be played without even touching it. Inventor Leon Theremin patented it in 1928. The principle of operation, in simple words, is by moving your hands along an electromagnetic circuit, thereby adjusting the volume and pitch of the tone depending on your position.
  • The vegetable orchestrawas founded in 1998 in Vienna, these guys have their own invoice template for musicians for all occasions! Just imagine, they all use vegetables as an instrument, incredible!
  • Pyrophone. This unusually musician tool also produces sounds with the help of the elements of nature, this time is fire. It was invented by physicist and musician Georges Frédéric Eugène Kastner Sounds in the pyrophon are produced in special tubes, where the heat of the air is generated. And it looks just as effective. As for the sound, it is really wonderful.
  • Trembita. Is a very old musical instrument and was used as a “messenger” between villages. It is said that the trembita was mentioned as early as the XI century on the territory of present-day Ukraine. This is an alpine horn made of wood and its length can reach from 2.5 to 8 meters!
  • The fence. Yes, just the fence, that is what was used by Jon Rose as a musician tool. He is an Australian artist, who is centered on experimental music. Rose uses both his hair and his violoncello stick and bass smiths to sound the wire fences.

There were the most extraordinary musical instruments. Which one impressed you most?

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