Make Electronic Music on the Go with Electro Drum Pads 24

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Well, here comes another app by Paul Lipnyagov, the author of the great Drum Pads 24. It seems a no-brainer that this one is a special version of the core app, optimized for making EDM (by the way, its iOS version is called “Electro by Drum Pads 24”). Not entirely my genre, but let’s see what it’s stuffed with and then come to conclusions.

Producer’s Mobile Tools

The app is made for making music on your mobile phone or tablet on the go, and it’s copying drum pad machines (like the original app). The principle is the same too: you tap the tile, and it produces a sound. You combine the tiles (like you do on a piano keyboard) to play music with the samples it contains.

A beginner will appreciate numerous video tutorials one can watch right within the app. Other videos are just ads, but watching them makes sense too: by watching them, you unlock new cool sound kits.

The app also has some pitch effects you can apply in real time, and a recorder that lets you capture all you play. Then you can save the record to your audio library and share it on any social media. Don’t forget the hashtag #drumpads24: the publisher tracks the tracks (pun unintended), and the best one can be rewarded. But there is one thing to consider if you think of a producer’s career with it…

Make It Pro, Bro

And it’s time to tell you a disappointing story. Electro Drum Pads 24, despite being made by the same developer, resembles simulators by Easybrain rather than the famous core app. It completely lacks the feature that got me so delighted about Drum Pads 24: you cannot load your own samples or cut them out of tracks. Now it’s clear why the app is named “Electro Drum Pads 24” – as if one couldn’t make electro in the basic app!

On the other hand, it became easier for those who have made up their minds about the genre. Now they can only have electro sounds, with nothing like hip hop, dubstep, reggae and so on. They have great kicks and snares, hi-hats and rims, basses, wobbles and synths, and, of course, voice samples.

The developer dares the users to record tracks and publish them with the hashtag. But get ready to hear lots of similar tracks when you upload your masterpiece. It’s always the same when the library is limited, and you cannot add anything by yourself. So, alas, this app is rather for fun, while its pricing is quite serious: $1.99/week, $3.99/month, $23.99/year.

Pros and Cons

  • Cool electro sounds and drums;
  • Easy to understand and make out;
  • New sounds and banks arrive every month;
  • Video tutorials available in the app;
  • It’s easy to master Drum
  • Pads 24 when you outgrow this app or want some change.
  • Unlimited access to the library requires a subscription;
  • The free version is ad-supported;
  • You are bound to the sets you are offered to download;
  • There are few effects and no option to add more;
  • Issues with latency on Android.

Do Producers Dream of Electro Drum Pads 24?

If you are searching for a serious producer’s tool (as far as it can go on mobile devices), you better opt for Drum Pads 24 basic version. But Electro Drum Pads 24 for iOS or Android will be a good introduction to this art, if you are an absolute beginner. This app works like a real-time drum machine, and it delivers fun while you’re training.

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