Drum Studio: Drum Roll With Cheese

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Drum Studio is another free drum simulator in our series. I have to admit it’s a peculiar dish that leaves a bittersweet aftertaste. On the one hand, I like the authors’ attempt to bring different flavors with different genres. I also appreciate the idea of Sample Mode. But technically, it leaves a lot to be desired. So, let’s dissect.

Drum Constructor

What I really enjoy about Drums Studio is its creative approach. Unlike other apps, here you can rearrange the drum kit the way you personally want it to be. Tap the Move section under Config and align the drummies according to your unique vision of ergonomics.

Another bright idea is the Sample Mode. It plays a demo of what the application can do. You can increase the tempo of the demo drum loop to up to 240 BPM. It’d be awfully cool to have a library of different drum styles— reggae, bluegrass, gospel — so other musicians could use it for practice. But Drum Studio has just one insipid 4×4 loop so far.

The kit collection itself includes Rock, Hi-Hop and Pop genres. Rock offers nothing crazy — just a bundle of standard acoustic sounds. Although, its bass drum obviously needs more healthy fatness, so to speak.

Hip-Hop contains a number of samples, possibly borrowed from an old PSR Yamaha keyboard. Unfortunately, they are poisoned by strange clicks and pops. Finally, there’s the Pop kit. It’s an interesting mixture of acoustic and electronic samples.

Maybe it was inspired by EZDrummmer plug-in series and their creative collection. But again, these kits suffer from flat and weak kicks and overall unsatisfying sound selection.

A Sleepy Drummer on Sedatives

Well, these are the only redeeming qualities of the app. Because it gets ruined by the stubborn latency of the drums. You can barely put a simple beat together. And there’s no chance to lay down a speedy pattern — responsiveness is way too sluggish.

At some point, it feels like your fingers get stuck in jelly. It’s needless to say you can’t boost your rhythm sense or perform live with this app. So, if you’re looking for a drum kit mobile substitute — this application is the last one you’ll want to download.

Pros and Cons

  • thick hi-hats;
  • sample Mode;
  • three different genres present;
  • drum kit elements can be repositioned.
  • banner ads;
  • very strong latency;
  • no recording feature;
  • absent metronome;
  • poor sample selection.

Let’s Wait for the Sequel

I definitely like the idea of diverse content. It’s refreshing to have something else apart from a classic rock kit. I like the Sample Mode — that’s a real treasure for musicians who need an AI drummer for skill boosting.

But Drum Studio’s monstrous latency and weak samples sabotage the good concept. Let’s wait until these mistakes are rehashed and hope for a better update. In the meantime, search somewhere else.

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